{March 20, 2019}   If I die Tonight

A new song I found the other day. Not sure where or how but I find myself listening to it often.

I don’t own this song or rights to it.

{February 26, 2019}   Day 23 Song a Day

A song I want played at my wedding. I do not know why this song popped in my head when I read this prompt but it did. Why not, not like I really plan to do that again anyway so I don’t have anything else in mind.

I do not own this song or rights to it.

{February 21, 2019}   Day 18 Song Challenge

A song that I wish was on the radio. This one use to be but not very much anymore.

I do not own this song or rights to it.

{February 15, 2019}   Song a Day, Day 12

A band I hate, I don’t really hate any band or artist but this is one I don’t care for. He has some good songs but him as a person there is just something that bothers me. I can’t watch interviews of him or shows he is on.


I do not own this song or rights to it.

{February 13, 2019}   Day 10 Song a Day Challenge

Not a song but this is my go to wjen I can’t sleep and think of it.

I do not own this or rights to it.

{February 11, 2019}   Day 8 Song a Day Challenge

A song I know all the words to was a hard one because I don’t remember what I did 5 minutes ago half the time. But this one I know the words to. I think just because I had to explain it to Peter Pan and he was so mad over it.


I do not own this song or rights to it.

{February 9, 2019}   Day 6 A Song A Day

A little late but I was off today and just relaxing with the kids and getting a few things done.

A song that reminds me of somewhere. I wanted to use another song and different place but can’t remember the name or words for the life of me. It isn’t one i normally listen to but it always reminds me of this place even 9 years later. So he is what I decided to use and why.

This reminds me of being at my old friends house and being there spending time with him.


I do not own this song or rights to it.

{February 8, 2019}   A Song A Day, Day 5

Day 5 a song that reminds me of someone. This song seem to be fitting since today marks 4 years since my dad passed. This has always been a favorite. I can remember riding around with my dad and listening to this on the radio.

R.I.P. Daddy

I do not own this song or any rights to it.

{February 7, 2019}   Song Challenge Day 4

This song is one that makes me sad. It makes me think of when I was with RC. We only ever had one real right or disagreement whatever you want to call it. Because he would leave and go for a drive or walk or something if something was getting to him. Once he had time to think about it and clear his head he come talk to me about it. We would work it out. I was getting better about it myself. One reason I am the way I am today and was with Sleeping Beauty no point in fighting lets talk about it work it out. I really like the song but can’t listen to it anymore because it hurts to much to think about what we had.


I do not own this song or any rights to it.

{February 5, 2019}   Song A Day 30 Day Challenge Day 2

Let me try this again because it posted the wrong song last time. This song I am not a huge fan of, I know a lot of people who like it but I just can’t get into it. I understand what she is singing about and why but I still just don’t care for it.




I do not own this song or any rights to it.

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