{April 9, 2020}   Drug and Rehab Centers

I forget to check my spam comments sometimes so it can be pretty full when I do. I get like the rest of you sale’s this, porn that, scams and so on. Your run of the mill colorful mix.

I am not sure how these comments come about how they decide what to post where. But today was interesting I went in and had 10 comments, rather lite considering I have hardly been on in a while. But then again maybe that is why. Again I don’t know what makes them comment or why or when. But for some reason today everyone I had was for some drug treatment center and rehab. I guess the spam bots feel I have some drug problem that it is time to go to rehab for. Like if I did an advertisement for one would convince me to go.

{August 6, 2018}   Spam Comments

I noticed last night my spam comments said I had a bunch waiting for me to do something with them. I do not normally check it because it is all junk or nothing there.

I thought it was odd so I went and checked it out. I found a bunch of comments from you all that had been sent there the last few weeks. So if you commented and I didn’t like it or respond back I am sorry I probably just got them. I did approve all that needed it. Hopefully that won’t happen anymore. I don’t know. I will try to remember to keep a check on it.

It is odd because most were from people who comment a lot of times. And some have commented since they were sent to spam and they went through but others went to spam. Was like every other one or something was going through.

I don’t know but hopefully they will come in right now. I can remember to check it more now this is happening. Because i will always at least like a commen even if i do not have time to reply or what.

Don’t think I am ignoring you and stop commenting. I love to hear from you all.

{January 21, 2018}   Spam

Am I the only one getting a ton of spam comments the last few days? I just clicked through about 6 comments that were all spam from 3 or 4 people. Some who commented already and I marked as spam last time. I have never had so much spam in such a short time. A few everyone once in a while and none in a long time. Maybe it was just my turn since I had not had any in a long time I don’t know. They all say the same things just about even when they are from different names. Some form of two different comments. Like that isn’t a red flag from the start.


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