{April 20, 2019}   He Was Minding My Own Business

Me: Miss 6  why did you hit Mr. 8?

Miss 6: because I was on this end of the couch he was on that end I was laying down wasn’t touching him. He started and was minding my own business so I punched him. If he had minded his own business he wouldn’t of got punched. I told him not to start and not to say nothing and he couldn’t listen. Maybe he will mind his own next time and not mine.

Me: 😳😬😆😂 glad she was in the backseat of the truck and couldn’t see me.

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{September 10, 2018}   Not Heard anything From The Job

I am debating if I should try to get a hold of them and work something out or just forget it and keep looking. I am not going to do it for that kind of money.

Do you ever wish you could go back do things over? I do because I would of said something right there. I was just off because it was a unexpected thing and I been told something else. I am going to talk to bff in a little bit see if boss has said anything to her. I just need money coming in like right now because I am starting to fall behind.

This is also right across the street from where my “friend” works so if something hapoen I could get a ride most likely. But it isn’t to horribly far to walk or try to get a bus.

{January 10, 2017}   Leaving

My therapist told me today when I seen her that she is leaving, she will still be with the company but she got a different position. She is going to be over the drug treatment and rehab now and in the office south of me. She asked if I wanted to keep coming or stop coming where I felt I was and what I needed. I told her I thought I should probably still come since I just started back in school and been off my medications for a little bit and starting back on them hopefully tonight. She said she thought that was a good idea too as well. She said she didn’t want me to keep coming just because I felt I had to and that she didn’t want me to stop coming because I was worried about having to see someone new. But that she felt it was working for me and that she thought I needed to get back on my medication as too. She asked if I seen a difference or felt a difference since I hadn’t been taking them and when I was. I told her I did and that I did want to get back on them that I had stopped taking them because the kids were home I was staying up later in the evening with them so that we could play games and do things after the little ones went to bed. I told her a lot of nights we didn’t go to bed until 2 or 3 sometimes almost day light I wanted to be able to sleep a few hours and get up not sleep all day because of the pill. That I didn’t want to take it then fall a sleep right away and not be able to do things with the kids but that I felt better on them and planed to start taking them again today. She said she could see a difference in how I was on them and how I was now that I stopped taking them. She seen me before I started when I was on them and now after being off them a little bit and she felt I needed to be on them. I will see her in two weeks she said if I need anything between now and then to give her a call and that in two weeks will be our last meeting because she goes to her new office then. She said she had a few people she was going to check with to see what one she was going to put me with. She said she thought she was going to give me to the direct of the program at that office and that she was really good. She said I have a few options she said then some are out. She said one I thought about but she is very touchy feely and I just don’t see that being a good match I can see you now like yeah this isn’t going to work why are you touching me. I kind of laughed she said your like me its like no it’s okay I’m good. She asked if I prefer a women I told her yes, I don’t know if I do or not really thinking about it later. I didn’t get asked when I set it up to talk to someone. I wasn’t sure then either. I get a long better with guys most the time when it comes to talking and things. But then I got her and I was ok with her because she is a lot like me and she is only two years older than I am. But I don’t know if I am going to be like that with the next it will depend on how she is I guess. But she says she is really cool and like her or me so I think it should be okay. She said they only had one guy she mostly sent her little boys she got to him because they needed some kind of male roll model other than what they had. But I guess she thought I might do okay with him as well since she asked. Then she was thinking about others and she was like oh yeah no i don’t send anyone to them they are stupid. I was like okay yeah I don’t think that will work either than. So I don’t know how things are going to go but I guess we will find-out in 4 weeks. I figure that she will maybe, probably bring her in for me to meet next week so that we at least know who each other are and fill her in on everything but who knows maybe not. I guess I should really get off of here and go to bed since I really do need to take my pill and it is almost 1130 already. I normally take it at 1030 sometimes 1130. When I take it, it will take about 45 minutes to an hour for me to fall a sleep. So if I take it by 1030 then I will be a sleep by 1130 instead of taking it then and waiting another hour before I fall a sleep.

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