{July 25, 2019}   The Excitement Never Ends

Last night Bff called me while I was at work. I was able to answer and talk to her sitting there at my desk. I have horrible reception in the building and have to go outside most the time to use my phone. She starts telling me how old boss isn’t paying her or taking the kids, something about Sleeping Beauty and fighting with him. It was after 10:30 I clocked out to go home. The bosses son had come in to do something with the computers, there was nothing to do and the other guy that works with me had come back.

I talked to bff on the way home she tells me how she been fighting with Sleeping Beauty, how he didn’t have the money to pay her truck payment like he was supposed to. That he had been talking to his boss about trying to sell her old truck and get money and he was talking about selling the mud truck. That he took her new truck to go talk to his boss about all this. I said he WHAT? You let him TAKE your TRUCK? She said yes he was supposed to be back in an hour. He promised he be back he wasn’t going to steal her truck. Some how it came up that today is like the 3rd or 5th year of his dad passing. He passed right before or right after mine.

I told her he did not go to talk to his boss, that his boss would not of told him to come over to talk about what to do about her truck or lending him money. I said just like when he was talking to him two different times about my truck at night like this. He would tell him to send him pictures of it and that he would give him a price or tell him what he was willing or able to do and that they would talk more tomorrow. I said he went to get a fix. I said I bet he is sitting at that guys house or that girls house with her and her girlfriend. If he isn’t over on A lane getting him what he needs his self. She said no I don’t think so and he is supposed to be back in an hour.

She messaged him and they were going back and forth he kept telling her he was with his boss. I went by the guys house and there is a camper out there and a bunch of cars. There was a suv pulled up right by the camper and this guys truck. All tucked up in there. I went by a few times, but it was dark and I wasn’t able to see what make of suv it said it was or the plate. I told her that I was sure it was hers but it was in shadows and dark and I wasn’t able to see for sure. I told her I would come get her and take her by there she said no. Then she asked him when he was coming back he told her in an hour. Then it was in 30 more minutes. She asked where her truck was and where he was and that she needed to go to bed he needed to bring it home. He told her he was in in such and such town he be there in a bit if she was going to report the truck stolen he wasn’t going to drive it to give him a few minutes. They were going back and forth about him bringing her truck home her wanting to talk to him and things.

I went back by the house and the guys truck was gone. She was talking to Sleeping Beauty she asked him where her truck was and said she wanted it home she had to be at work and needed to go to bed.

He told her it was “parked” it would be in her driveway but he wouldn’t be there.

I told her yeah he isn’t with it, it’s parked because it is at his buddy’s house and they left in his truck to go get their stuff. He had no plan to bring it home in an hour when he left with it, he figured he just sneak home drop it off or sneak home go to bed you would get up and go to work in the morning and everything would go on as normal be okay. I said it is parked is not something you say when you have someone’s truck and they ask where it is, if you are with it. you say i’m here or there or it’s here or there where I told you or something like that. It’s parked to me means I’m not with it but it’s okay.

I headed to her house to get her she told him she would get a ride and come get it to tell her where it was. He said he would park it with keys in the gas lid but he wasn’t going to be with it he didn’t want to fight was telling her how it is her fault and shit. By the time he gave her an address I had done picked her up and we were a few blocks away from this guys house where I told her the truck was sitting. Sure enough he gave her that street. He pulled it out of where it was tucked in at and parked it on the edge of the yard by the road. I pulled in dropped her off. She was getting in her truck I rolled my window down and said and not time to go home and clean out the fucking house.

Then he told her he was going to call the cops on her because she was in his room and looked through his stuff. Before she could do whatever she wanted in there he didn’t care.

I told her he is bad, he has gotten really bad and now he is threatening cops. I said you need to change your locks tonight so he can’t get back in and you need to put his stuff on the front porch and tell your kids not to let him in for any reason at all. I said tell him he better come and get it and not come back around there. Tell him if he don’t give you the title to the other truck and takes t you will report it stolen. Go to the guy you bought it from have him write you a bill of sales and call the police and tell them he took the title and will not give it to you and now he is trying to take the truck. I said because the guy knows who gave him the money for it and as long as you have the bill of sales then it is yours unless he can show where he paid for it. My cousin bought tires for her ex boyfriends truck one time. They were splitting up and he did something to her and she slit all 4 tires. He called the police she said right here you see this I paid for them it is right here on my credit card statement. They are mine. They looked at him and said can you showed you paid for them? He said no but they are on my truck. They said the truck is yours the tires are hers she has proof of paying for them she can do what she wants to do with or to them. As long as you can show it is your property all it takes.

She got her truck she went home and I went home she went to bed I didn’t hear from her. I didn’t get to bed until like 4 this morning. I woke up at 7 and looked to see what time it was. When I seen 7 I said oh thank god I can sleep 2 more hours and rolled over. About that time the dogs started raising hell one of the kids was up and was getting them. Then I hear a knock on the door, I look out and it was a cop. I’m couldn’t figure out what they would be doing at my door and not at that time. I went and answered the door he was standing there.

I said can I help you? He said who are you? I said is something wrong? He again rude who are you? I told him my name and ask him if something was wrong. He said go get a piece of paper. I said what is this about? What is going on? Is something wrong? He said I told you to go get a piece of paper. I am really pissed at this point don’t come to my door this time of the morning wake my whole house up then start barking orders at me and demanding answers and you haven’t even told me why you are here.

The whole time I am thinking what the fuck has he done? Did he take her truck and something happen? Did he call and say we did something to him? Did he go home and something happen or him do something to her? This cop won’t talk to me tell me what is going on.

I at this point said something else and he says to me they found your car. I said found my car? My car is right there and pointed to the driveway. I am thinking “car” not a truck or suv when he says car. He says you don’t own another? I said a explorer and it is at X 50 miles away I know where it is what are you talking about. He starts writing something. I said oh I have a excursion as well it is at x over there. I know where they are so what do you mean they found my car? He pulls a pad out of his pocket and starts writing something down. Then he says here just call this number they can tell you more.

I called the number and no one answered so I left a message it was the sheriff’s office. I was on my way back down the hall trying to figure out what was going on when my phone started ringing it was my boss from my day job. He said that they called him and said there was a vehicle fire at the shop my truck was involved and damaged and they needed me to come down take passion of the vehicle. I told him I was going to get dressed and head over here. Somewhere in there I missed a call from the sheriff so I called them back on my way he said that another car had been on fire and my mirror melted on one side and something else. It wasn’t much damage at all. They just needed me to come over there.

I got there and someone had pulled a car up on the passenger side of my truck almost against it and set it on fire. They had just enough room between them to open the door good and get out. The car was burnt to the frame there was nothing left in the car. There was plastic melted on the mirror and the hood but not bad. The cop said it was suspisuse they couldn’t get a hold of the owners and he didn’t’ think they had insurance even probably. They were here for hours investigating and taking pictures and things. He asked if I knew the car or who’s it was, if it was here often or what. I told him it wasn’t one I knew or seen around.

I went to leave and called my boss who had called me and asked him if he knew who it was or what. He said no and asked me about the office upstairs. He said they told him it had been broken into. I looked up the door is right over my office door and you could see it had been. His girlfriend works at the salon at the other end of the plaza and she said she thought someone was living in one of the offices upstairs. I told them that she said she thought someone was living up there and who all I knew was up there and that one had just moved out last week. I don’t know if they ever got a hold of the owner of the car or what. They did everything they had to do and he tow truck finally took it around 11.

When they were talking the car a couple came by and stopped were talking to me. She said she cleans upstairs and things. She said that in the office they said they broke into there were chairs that were moved around and footprints on the floor. They thought it was odd because the chairs are never moved around up there and there is just personal files and records up there. I don’t know if they thought they were going to be able to get into the other offices or what. It seems they knew what they were looking for or where they were going because if not why not break into our office or one of the others down here. But why do that and then set the car on fire? How did they get away or what? Why did they park in the middle of the area you drive and right against my truck when they did it? Why wouldn’t they par it in a space or further over in the back?

My boss said maybe because the cameras don’t get you in that area or something I don’t know. If there are cameras why don’t they look at them and see what they show? Did they tell the cops about them? I still wonder if it isn’t something to do with me and my truck too. But how or why, I don’t know anyone around here other than the girls at the salon. I really don’t know them we see each other and say hi and they know the guys bosses girlfriend works down there so they all really know each other. It’s all so weird.

It is crazy it all seems like a bad dream or something. I don’t know, you can’t make this shit up and it seems to always happen to me.


Why is that so hard to do these days, everyone feels like they can just mess with other peoples things and take them if they want it. I know it has always been that way but seems to be getting worse and worse. Before I could even wake up and get out of bed this morning I got a text from the girl across the street they stole her husbands truck out of their yard last night. She wondered if I seen or heard anything.

I text Father of the Year and ask him if he seen it when he left to go home, he was here late with the kids after I got home making them eat and clean up. He said he was sure it was not there when he left between 145 and 2 am to go home. They said they last seen it at 11 when they were outside then I guess went in to bed. My kids went to bed between 12 and 1 probably around 1230. Right before they went to bed the dogs wanted out and they took them out. I don’t normally let them go out by their self that late but I was sitting right by the door with it open they were right there in the yard. I could see them moving around through the windows where the blinds were up a little bit. Father of the year was sitting there too so I didn’t think much of it. All of a sudden I heard the dogs start barking and this slamming sound like a truck hood or door. The kids come and brought the dogs inside. I guess they were headed in already because they said they weren’t sure where it came from but the dogs were barking over that way pointed toward the road between the houses. It not being to late I figured it was someone doing something at their car or what. When we closed the door turned the light off a car left from over that way. At times different houses will have people come and go late once in a while.

Then she text me this morning and said this and he said it wasn’t there when he left I bet that is when they got it. They probably seen the kids and the dogs, the dogs started barking figuring because they didn’t know them jumped in it and closed the door to get lights off them before anyone seen them and then left when we came in. But my dog barks at everyone rather she knows them or not.

I told her someone is targeting them twice now they have stolen money out of her car and now took the truck. I think it is whoever has been messing around my house as well because the last time the night after Christmas when they got the money was the night they turned the lights and things on in my yard. I am going to morrow and getting camreas to put up. I just have to get someone to put them up or figure out how to get them up myself. Everyone says not to get the wireless ones because people can tap into them and watch your house but I do not have anyone to put them up or a lot to pay someone to put them up. I can probably put the others up because they don’t have to have wires ran for them just stick them up and your done. I may ask the girl who had their truck stolen if her husband could do it for me what he would charge to run the wired ones. I also am thinking the ones that are not wired so it would be easier to move when I move because I am not leaving them here. I am going to have to see what I can work out. He may help me out since we can fix one to point on their cars and things too.

It sucks because they just bought one right before Christmas the steering collume fell out and they got this one. Now this happens. I wonder if it isn’t someone they know or if it is just someone who got lucky the first time got some money they mess around here and tried it again and got the money and decided to take the truck this time. But I kind of think whoever stole the truck probably is not the same one who just stole the money last two times. What make them take the truck this time if their thing was just going around taking money out of unlocked cars. Who knows I so wish I had put them up earlier so we would know because it could have just as easily been mine or could be mine once I get it fixed or get another one.

This is why I keep mine locked up tight night and day in my yard at the little store or anywhere at all it is locked. At this point who wants mine when it’s tore up and trashed lol.

Grandma's Angel

Grandma’s Angel

I got my mom and my grandma this angel about 13 years ago for Christmas. My grandma seen hers but didn’t know it was hers and went on and on about how pretty it was and how much she liked it. It reminded me of her because she always had the kids at her house grandkids great grandkids were always running around.

Well my Grandma had a heart attack in October then december she had another really bad one and was in the hospital for a long time in and out. She was there at Christmas time and was out didn’t know anything. She ended up passing a way the next day on my 20th birthday. She never got to open her angel or even know that it had been for her all that time. I had bought them in July and put them up for Christmas.

Last year when I was staying with RC I had my stuff stored at a “friends” house. She let her grandkids come in go through my stuff and the only things that went missing were this and a couple other things I had she knew ment anything to me. She asked me to move the stuff she had some people coming. I told her that RC was at work and that he had burnt his foot really bad the day before on hot charcoal when we were watching fireworks on the 4th of July. I told her I would talk to some of the guys around there that we knew and see if I paid them if they would move it for me but it would be that evening when they got off work. She knew I had all the kids and couldn’t do it plus with my back and neck I can’t. She got mad called the manager told her I said I wouldn’t move it and all kinds of stuff. Then called her granddaughters to come over there. Well I guess they just went through it got what they wanted and left the rest. There was nothing I could do about it I couldn’t prove they got it and she wasn’t going to admit it.  That was the end of our friendship. I couldn’t believe she would do such a thing because I didn’t rush over as soon as she called with 5 kids and move it was still weeks before she even needed the room but I was willing to pay people to move it that night. This is a women who 98% of the time came over and had dinner with us I took her or gave her left overs to have for lunch and everything else. We took her out with us a few times. I had taken her to the doctor because she was afraid to go that far in her car and drive didn’t really know where she was going and her grandkids wouldn’t take her. I had taken her friend about 80 miles away for a SSI meeting because she don’t drive and again her car wouldn’t make it and she was afraid to get out there and drive in the traffic to get there. Everyone was shocked and surprised when she did us that way and when I went off on her. I was so mad I don’t have a lot of stuff like that sitting around I had one little shelf with stuff on it in my house and that was it that had nic nacks and things on it. They were things that meant something to be that was it. Then she went and let someone take all of them.

I know it isn’t the same as having the one I got and have had all these years. But I would love to find another one like it to have. If anyone knows where I could find another I would love to try and get one. I just think she is so pretty and then all the kids around her. My grandma had 60 and 70 kids, grandkids and great grandkids this just seemed so fitting for her. Everyone always commented on her when they would come over and see her. I called her grandma’s angel.

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