Kid walks in the shop have never seen him before in my life. Says he is just looking around and we have air his van don’t. I stand there why he looks……

Him I like your shirt. Have you found love yet?

Me. No

Him me either. Goes back to looking at knives.

Few minutes later I could be your boyfriend if you wanted me to.

Me. Nope to busy with work and 4 kids.

Him oh oh you got kids oh well then looks some more finally leaves.


who the he’ll just walks in a store and thinks some random person is going to want you to be their boyfriend when they have never met you? 😬😬😬😬😬 he was probably in his 20’s lol how old did he think I was he looked floored I said I have kids.

The shirt that started it all πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


{March 28, 2017}   Perfect Stranger

I am siting here on my bed messing around on my laptop and messaging a friend when a message pops up asking me to do something between 830 am and 1130 am. They said sorry they knew it was late but was I available, it was about 11 pm at the time. I didn’t click into it show it wouldn’t show I had seen it or read it and did not reply for a little bit. I thought it was the lady at school who’s out daughter. I am supposed to go in tomorrow after noon to do crafts be there all day Thursday and Friday. I finally messaged her back and said I don’t even have my little ones to school by 830 and I have something to do for school, I am supposed to be there tomorrow afternoon I can come around 1230. I have to rewrite a paper for school and get it turned in. I should have had it done long ago but this teacher is lax but was asking everyone about it today. I told him I send it to him today but didn’t get to it. He said just get it in soon.

I never heard back from her and I thought it was odd they wanted me there at 930 when most days they are not there before 855. I went back to the message and noticed that there was stuff above what I had written tonight. I knew I had never talked to her daughter on there before. I pulled down to see what else was there thinking I missed part of the earlier message. I hadn’t, when I went up and read what was there I figured out it wasn’t who I thought it was. It was some lady I didn’t even know.

I guess about two weeks ago I messaged a lady on a site who was looking for a sitter for her two kids. I don’t normally do that I don’t like watching kids I don’t know but she seem to be in a jam and needing someone all the time. I figured maybe that would help me too. I looked at her page and things and she seemed okay. I didn’t look her up I figured I would if I thought I was going to be watching the kids. I messaged her asking what days times and things like that. I told her I went to school two mornings a week so that might be a problem. I didn’t hear back from her at all.

Now here we are a few weeks maybe even a month later thinking about it and she out of the blue wants to know if she can drop her child off at my house at 830 am. Again I have never met her, she has never met me, nor have me and the children met or have they had time to meet me and get to know me some. We don’t even have any of the same friends nothing at all other than a two second message I may be interested in watching your kids what times, ages, days things like that with no answer back. But now I can just get them tomorrow and start watching them. I could not believe that she would even do that not knowing me.

I just messaged her back and said I’m sorry I did not know who this way I just glanced at it and thought you were someone else, I can not I have to be at the school with my kids and do something for school for myself tomorrow. I need more notice than that. But, like I told my friend I will not be watching them if she wanted me to later even all the time at this point. Knowing that she doesn’t check people out and will just pick random people out of the blue who asked about watching her kid to just dump them with never meeting them or anything. What could or has happen to that kid already that no one know about then when I comes out who are they going to be looking at me because I am the one watching them now.

There is not way in hell I would randomly pick some stranger off facebook and let them watch my kids without checking them out, meeting them, getting to know them a little, let the kids all get to now each other and all that. Job or no Job I would take my kids to work with me before I left them with some stranger like that or just not go. There is no job worth leaving your kids with someone you don’t know at all. I feel bad for the kids I just hope that the ones who do take them are good to them and nothing happens to them because of the way she is doing things.

I can’t wait to get my truck back and not have to drive this van. It has so many little problems with it, it’s not even funny any more. The side door is messed up it was getting stuck closed or half open, we took it off and thought we had it fixed but for whatever reason half the time when I close it it don’t close right and sticks still. There is something wrong with the oil pressure when I have to stop for a light I have to double foot it or it drops to nothing then the check engine light comes on after so many times, at least I think that is why it comes one. It has this thing where if you park on a incline it don’t want to start and no one knows why. It has done that every since my dad got it. He just wanted something to get him from point a to pint b and for just him or just me would be fine but not for my kids to get around in all the time. The gas gauge also don’t work. I think this is the worst of all things that are wrong with it.

Well today I went to pick up my friend J and we were just driving around. I had to call the card people and see if they showed if I would get my money tonight or not. I was talking to them and not even thinking about anything. We turned off the main road onto this side street and the van died. I got it off the side and she said what we have a flat. I said nope worse we are out of gas. She was like what are we going to do. She has a broke ankle and I had the two little ones with us. I said yall are going to sit her I am going to walk up to the main road and go down the station we passed a little ways back. I walk all the way down there people flying by me left and right see her sitting there with the kids and not one person stopped to ask if we needed help. I get to the station and ask the guy if they sell gas cans because I don’t see them anywhere. He said yes I looked again he had none and nothing to give me to put gas in. I looked outside and seen this little old truck sitting there by the pump with a gas can sitting beside it. I turned around and looked around the store and seen a guy in line looked like he was waiting to pay for gas. I asked him if he had a gas can with him to see if it was his truck or not. He said yes. I told him I would give him $10 if I could get some gas and he could take me up to where the van was. He looked kind of funny at first he said ok. He started out the door. I told him I would be there in a minute I had to get money from the atm. I did that and got change from the guy in the store. I got out there he was pumping it but didn’t have a funnel or a spout on the can he brought. He said he used it to put gas in his other smaller cans. I went back in and found the paper funnels for oil and asked the guy if i could take one. I walked back out he was still putting gas in the can and his truck. We were standing there a minute, he looks at me and says your not going to kill me are you? I laughed I said no I just need to get this gas to the van so my kids aren’t sitting in the heat your not going to kill me are you? I said as long as you don’t try do anything to me we are good and laughed. He laughed we went on. We got to the van and had to find something to push the little flap out of the way on the tank he put seemed like a lot of gas in. I said that should get me to the station to get more. He said what’s it say when you start it. I said I don’t know because I guess it’s broke too. But it started so I told him I be ok to get that far. I started to take the funnel and things out he said wait let me put some more in it and dumped more in it. I took the funnel and things out put it in the van, he was behind his truck putting the can in. I walked back there to pay him. I was asking him if $15 was enough since I told him I give him $10 for helping me then the gas I figured $5 would get me to the station or $20 since he gave me a good amount of gas. He said get out of here and put that away. I said no I told you I would pay you to help me and you used your gas you have to get more. He said no I don’t want your money just get to the station and get gas in it so it don’t run out again. He said you going to turn around and go back out that way. I said no I’m going to go back around this way just in case since you showed me I can go that way. He said ok I’m going to follow you back to the station make sure you get there. He did he followed me until I turned into the station then turned around and went on. I was so thankful he had a can and was willing to help. I don’t know what I would have done if he hadn’t that’s for sure.

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