All of Mondays fun just kept rolling, right into Tuesday. I wake up to an alert on my phone. I figure it is the one I get every morning and didn’t look. Something said to but I fell back to sleep. Then I wake up at 7 to my phone wringing. And to see the alert came to early to be the one I thought it was. It is Bff calling. I answer to see what she wants.

The guy she is seeing his boss lives across the street from my ex and they cut their yard sometimes. But I guess they aren’t friendly with them. Well they had to stop at the bosses house for something Monday evening. They told her that Father of The Year’s wife came over there and tried her poor me I need whatever you should give me money bullshit. Boss was already not in a good mood and told her where she could go. But when she was giving her “sob story”, she told them he had a stroke about a month before. He wasn’t able to work.

The boss said they have not been seeing the work truck there or them coming and going in it. He also said they had hardly seen him lately and when they do he is walking hunched over with his head down. From what they say pretty slow.

Him having this kind of health problems and could pass a way but no one has contacted my children to let them know. To see if they may want to see him before something happens. I think what is worse is him his self knows what kind of shape he is in and has not bothered to reach out. Tell them and try to change things between them all. Not that I want him back in the picture but you would think going through something like that would make you think about things. But I guess not when you are like him. Just like not telling them their grandma died. I told JW I bet if something happens to him or at whatever point it does, no one will in form my kids and let them know. I will find out from Bff when her man’s boss finds out. That is if they are still living there.

I have decided he has not told my kids I am not going to tell them either. He don’t feel it is important enough to and still don’t want anything to do with them. And he don’t care to know if they are alive and well and have what they need. Why should I tell them and have them upset and worried and they can’t even get updates on him. I do not think the older two will care to much if at all. But Mr.10 now will and will be upset, worry about him and want to go see him. It will trigger his anxiety I am sure. Why do I want to do that to him?

I can’t say I feel sorry for him. Karma you know what they say about her, she is and she has come full force. You know I said before I wish him dead for all that he did to me. Then I said no just crippled where he can’t do for himself would be better. Because she will not take care of him like he needs to be and all he can do is sit and think about all he has done And put me and these kids through. He knows if we were still together and things were good between us he would be taken care of right. He can just think about the bed he had and the one he made for himself.

That all maybe horrible to say but if you have followed me for a while or read old post you will see how bad he was and the things he did to me and my kids.

{June 17, 2018}   Praying For Grandpa

Tonight while I was at work I get a phone call from my oldest saying my grandpa is being rushed to the hospital by ambulance. I text my boss and the girl who went home sick told them i had to leave now go to the hospital my boss text said he be there in ten minutes.

I had all the rooms a mess I just gotten everyone out and was in a room working when I got the call. I had made my way into the 2nd room when my boss came in told me get out of there go. I got home to get my mom and the kids and we finally were able to talk to him. They had him stable and doing test on him. I guess this is the 2nd time of him being at the er since 5 Friday. But no one bothered to say anything until this happen tonight. He said come tomorrow for now he is stable and going to get test.

They said he went for something in his eye about 5 Friday and just came home at 4 this afternoon (Saturday) it was 9 something Saturday night I was getting the call they had to call 911. They said Friday they were letting him come home but why the doctor was talking to him his blood pressure started going up and went to over 200. He don’t have problems with it never has. They gave him something and kept him. Let him go home Saturday at 4. He went to sleep on the couch at some point said all of a sudden he put his hands up was shaking and not responding. They called 911. When they got there his blood pressure was 40 and 60 or flipped. But bottomed out very low. They rushed him to the er and took him to the heart floor.

Sounds like a seizure to me with the shaking and things. But I guess they are thinking heart attack or stroke. Waiting to see what test say. Just praying everythings okay. But he is in his 80’s with a heart problem. I just pray he is okay they can help him.

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