{January 12, 2017}   Much Easier to Care For

When I dropped the little kids off at school today my Big Guys teacher and one of the kids in his class parents was talking about my hair and how much they liked it. Then when we got outside going back to my truck the other kids mom stopped me and was talking about it. She was saying how good it looked and how nice it looked on me. Then she said it is so much easier to take care of to you are going to love it.

When I sent the picture to my good friend he said the same thing it will be a lot easier to take care of now.

When I picked the big kids up the teachers and everyone were talking about it and how good it looked and how they liked it. They started talking about how easy it will be to take care of.

When I took the kids to therapy the lady at the shop down stairs stopped me and was telling me how good it looked and how it would be so easy to take care of now that it is shorter.

I started wondering did everyone think I spent a ton of time on my hair and styled it every day when it was long? Did it really look like I spent time on it and styled it? Or are they saying I didn’t spend enough time on it and didn’t style it and it was a hot mess all the time? I really think it was the first that maybe they think I took time to do it every morning because they say it will take you less time and will be like I would get a break now.

What do you think?

I think it is rather funny because I never styled my hair ever when it was long. I washed towel dried and sometimes got to brush it and went. I never put any spray, moose, gel or anything like that in it. I never thought it looked all that great but didn’t think it looked bad either. It was just hair and it was just there. I wasn’t trying to really do anything with it but grow it out. Kind of defeated my purpose yesterday when I cut it all off.

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