{December 20, 2020}   A Mentally Stressful Night

Saturday I worked so my check wouldn’t be so short because of Christmas. I didn’t get there til 11 because I had to go to the north end of the county before I could head to the south end. The place I needed to go didn’t open until 10:30 an hour after I am supposed to be at work. But it is okay it is Saturday they know I don’t come in early and who knows how many hours I will work. Maybe 4, maybe 8 and possibly 10. I don’t have to be there I am coming because I want to and we all have keys so that isn’t a big deal.

I went in did my 6 hours or so and left. It was already 5 and I wanted to do my normal Sunday shopping on the way home. That way me and JW could just worry about getting everything done for Christmas today.

I stopped by his job as I came by since there was no one there. I figured they were sitting outback. They were he came around as soon as I pulled in. They can hear my truck coming. I talked to him a few and left.

I stopped by his house to let the dog out and to just sit and relax for a few minutes. I needed to check my bank and figure a few things out. I needed to check the mail.

I had his gift I picked up before work in the car and my mothers I picked up after work Friday. I wanted to put them up. I was going to hide his why he wasn’t there.

I decide I am ready to go I go get the dog from outside, make sure they have food and water everything is alright. Now to get the gifts. I go out the door lock and close it and reach for my keys as I am walking to the truck. I locked my keys in the house! You see I locked them in the truck a few weeks ago at Wal-Mart his friend brought me the one he has so I could get in. And now I lock myself out of his house and my truck.

I knew he said the guy next to him had a key. He use to manage the places and then he would let workers in after he stop doing that. So I walked over and ask him if I could get the key. He knows me, knows we are together and I am over there all the time with or without JW. That I was staying there for a bit. Even though we don’t know each other well he knows of me enough to know I belong there he can let me in.

As I said we don’t know each other well just seeing each other in the yard talk for a bit or how are you kind of thing. I have never been in his house nothing like that. I am polite but I don’t get good feeling about him. It bothered me he had a key when I was staying there. I always had the thought he could come in on me at anytime. He knew JW worked 9am to 7/8 pm he wouldn’t be home in between for anything. The way our places sit back no one would know or hear if anything happen. I don’t know why I have the feeling I do around him or about him. He could be fine and nothing to worry about. If JW knew anything I should know he would tell me. But you never know people.

I didn’t want to even go ask him but I did. I knew that was the first thing JW was going to say when I called him. So I went to ask him. I knocked and he ask who it was I told him it was me. It took him a few to open the door. He had on a long white sleep shirt. Down to his feet. Like a gown like guys use to wear way back. Before my time. It wasn’t even 6 pm yet. It seemed odd it seem odd it took him so long to open the door after I told him who it was.

But he open the door I told him what I needed. He said he didn’t know if he still had a key he had to look. He said come in. I didn’t want to be rude but I didn’t want to be in his house either. This feeling was just so strong at this point. I just wanted the key and be out of there done dealing with him. I stepped right inside the door and closed the screen. Stood there with my hand on it. He said it’s dirty in here. I’m dirty in here. He had stuff everywhere. The coffee table was covered you couldn’t see it. I can’t tell you what the rest of the room looked like because I just stood right there watching him. I don’t think I ever took my eyes off of him. I just wanted the key.

Then he says to me I am going to need your help. I just need you to look around on the table tell me if you see any keys. My eyes the way they are I can’t really see. I am thinking in my head does he normally wear glasses? Maybe contacts? But I don’t see him wearing contacts. I can’t remember if he wears glasses or not. But thinking I have seen him enough I should know. Again all that goes through your head in a matter of seconds. I am not liking this at all.

I walk over to the table he says you don’t have to touch anything just tell me if you see keys. He starts moving stuff around. I said right here picked them up before I thought. He says oh ok I think this one or this one is it. I go over try them it isn’t the right ones. There are other keys on there I try them all and nothing works. At this point I am not going back in his house to help look anymore. I call get JW on the phone before I walk over there. He was at the door. I tell him none of the keys work he ask if I am sure says I did something wrong! I am almost 40 I have locked and unlocked doors with keys a million times over. I do it at work every time I come and go through the day. But your right I did something wrong. I did not say this to him just thought it. All the while I just want to leave and away from him. He goes over and tries. He can’t get in either and decides they must of changed the locks. Or whatever just please go home I will figure something out. Again did not say it out loud but just thought it. They have not changed the locks. We have never been given new keys. But at the same time I was kind of glad his key did not work. I feel a little better knowing he has lost the key and can’t get in his place.

I still have JW on the phone we are talking. Buy now guy is walking back to his place. He says look I don’t want you to be stuck he is right up the street. Take my van and go get the key from him. I didn’t really want to even do that but was stuck. I didn’t want JW friend from work to have to bring me a key they are working. So I said okay. At least he isn’t going I am just taking his car and going alone.

I tell JW and he says I don’t know I guess if you are COMFORTABLE doing that. This struck me as odd the way he said it.

I just said yeah I guess he said if your sure okay. His friend said something he told him i was coming to get it. Guess he was going to bring it.. He told him what we were doing. At this point I am in the van moving the seat so I can reach the peddles. This guy is tall and big. JW is still on the phone him his friend are talking. After he tells him what we are doing he tells me his friend is bringing me the key. I said I am in the van about to start it I be there in a few minutes. He said his friend would rather just bring me the key he will be here in a bit. Insistent he was bringing me the key.

I got out took he came back out he been standing at the door. He said something. I said so and so already left to bring me the key. We will just pass each other but thank you and gave him the key back. I started walking back to the house. He asked if I was okay or would be. I said yes. He asked again. I just said yeah he should be here any minute i was going to go wait for him. He said okay.

I wasn’t going over there to hangout until he got there. He hadn’t even left yet if something happen and it took longer. I went back sat on the chair we have by the door. It just seemed odd that he would rather bring me the key then me come and get it. His friend knows this guy pretty well I think. I think they are related some how or he is just a really good friend to some of his family. It just makes me wonder what made him ring it when he found out I was going to come get it. JW said he would rather bring it to you. JW even seemed a little confused as of why.

They say listen to your gut feeling it is telling you something and mine was on high. I have gotten into trucks with guys I just met 2 seconds before two or three times. Let some get in and ride with me before. And never have I felt the way I did yesterday dealing with him.

I am going to say something to JW about it when we get together today. Tell him how I feel about him and ask him not to give him another key. Something just isn’t right with that.

I finally get in the house get my keys and leave. Only to find I forgot and left the packages in the truck. I didn’t care at that point I wasn’t going back. I had the list for the store finally I just wanted to get that done. I go in check on a few things and then get my shopping done.

I come out to get moves from the box and a cop is walking in and going into the little room where they hold shop lifters when they catch them. This is important later. I get my movies and head to the truck.

I get to the truck and I am loading everything into the back. I am parked out on the end of the row furthest from the store. I again am behind my truck. When all of a sudden I hear the worse screaming, crying and yelling. I start looking around and over half way up the row where I am parked is a dark color suv. It is not parked in a space but it is parked in the lane behind the parked cars. There are two people (looked like guys) fighting with a girl/woman trying to shove her in this suv. I am at first just in shock at what I am seeing. She keeps falling on the ground she is managing to keep them from getting her in the car.

I start thinking what do I do call 911 but by the time they get here they may have her in and gone. Go say something maybe others will help. I thought of the cop I seen go in the store. I called 911 and as soon as the lady answered i said I am at x place and one of your guys is in the store to handle something else you need to get him in the parking lot right away. There are people trying to put a woman/girl into a suv.

She started asking me questions and where I was in the parking lot color of suv all that. I told here where I was but it was to dark and i was to far away to tell what color make or anything. By this point the girl is laying on the ground on her side not moving or making a sound. One person is gone one is just standing there. The parking lot is empty. Everyone walked by and went inside or got in their cars and left. Looking the other why as they did. No one said anything or tried to do anything. I was just shocked. I was still trying to load the truck and still on the phone with 911. In a minute the officer was out there she still just laying there.

The 911 lady comes back on and says it is a CHILD throwing a fit and her parents are trying to get her in the car. I said I didn’t know. She said no my officer is there made contact i am telling this is what is going on. I said okay thank you.

What was I supposed to do? Not call go home like everyone else? Then what when I see later someone is missing or found killed. It seems highly unlikely someone would do that right there in the open with people around. But you never know with some people. They are pushed to a point they don’t care. Even if I could of seen it was a man and woman with a child. The way the child was screaming crying and fighting. How am i to know if this is really the mother and father? Even if it was this was to big and gone to far someone needed to step in and calm things down between the three. I would rather call it be nothing than see something bad happen later.

Think about it everyone walked by went in or left no one said anything. This went on for 5 minutes before cops came out. If no one is saying anything even if it wasn’t her parents they could of gotten away because no one thought twice about it. If the cops had not been there already I would of walked up there and said something. Because when you call it takes the cops forever to get to you. By then they could of been gone. I figure at least if you say something and try maybe you can scare them off without taking the kid or at least keep them there until the cops get there. I will cause a bigger scene until others stop and get involved if i have to.

When I left the girl was standing behind the suv talking to the cop. Hopefully they got things worked out.

By the time I got done and got in the truck I just felt mentally wiped out. I just wanted to cry. Between dealing with him and being locked out. My feelings through that and then this happening. I hope today is a better day.

{April 12, 2020}   Blew Up My Car

On the 5th of March on my way to my night job I blew up my car. I was able to get off the off ramp of the interstate and it died on me. I was blocking traffic and everyone was having a fit and honking. It was 5 something in the evening time everyone was getting off work. Do you know how many so called “guys” honked and yelled at me and never offered to help? Mostly the ones who were was guys. One lady in scrubs pulled over and helped me push it out of the road. Good thing it was my little car. I was mad and done at that point. I couldn’t find anyone to help me. I called bff she was working no to far away so she came and picked me up. But my car was still stuck there.

I had been talking back and fourth to J.W and he called his best friend to see if he could come get me and it off the side of the road. He was all worried about the transmission and messing it up. He said your not supposed to tow cars like that with a rope. I told him I was not worried about that it was probably shot any way and I just needed it off the side of the road. I told him to tell him I didn’t care if it messed it up and would not hold him responsiable or want him to fix it. I just wanted him to get it off the side of the road. He said he would do it but he was out on the boat fishing he wasn’t sure when he would be back. I figured he was saying it because he still didn’t want to do it but didn’t want to tell J.W no. I called my Good Friend and asked him about it and why we shouldn’t tow it like that. He said really you shouldn’t tow any car like that it has always been said not to. But that if you weren’t flying and took it easy it should be fine. I said oh well hell I have towed so many cars like that it isn’t even funny. I even towed my one truck that way it was 4 wheel drive. That I found out later you are not supposed to tow like that at all. I didn’t know that at the time.

I called Mr. Responsible I wanted to see if his friend with the truck would come tow it for me. His old roommate. He couldn’t because he was already having transmission problems and couldn’t even work because he couldn’t tow his trailer with it.

J.W called and messaged around and was trying to find someone else but couldn’t find anyone either. I went with Bff and headed back toward home with her. By the time we were getting close to my area J.W called and asked where I was at and said he found someone to come get it for me. I told him I was almost back home. I asked him if I should get dropped off at his job or his house then? He said go ahead to his house the guy was on his way to his job to get him they would stop and pick me up. That is what we did.

We got there he hooked it up with a chain and we got turned around and back on the road. I thought we were going to go down the other road or other main road that would not have much traffic. We got back out on 95. Well he had me chained really close to him. I felt like I was against the tailgate of his truck and then he had his flashers on and they were reflecting off my car and his tailgate blinding me. Something else was wrong. I started to tell J.W to call him and tell him to stop I couldn’t do this we needed to fix somethings. Oh the fact he used a chain not a strap or rope was really bothering me as well. I don’t like to use chains to tow things and as close as I was to the back of the truck being on a chain bothered me. And the fact that I was chained so close behind him I could not see around him to see what was going on or what was coming up. It was a huge mess.

J.W did not have his phone number and couldn’t call him to get him to stop, turn his flashers off or anything else. We were coming off the on ramp as he is telling me this and I have semi trucks and everything else flying around me and by me. I started to go into full blown panic attack. I could’t help it everything was so wrong and I couldn’t get him to stop. It was like being on a fair ride that you couldn’t get them to stop and let you off of. But you were responsible for stopping both of you but only when the time came and they were ready. But you can’t see what is going on to know when you need to start stopping everything.

Poor J.W, was trying to help and calm me down and telling me this and that. I yelled at him, I can’t, you don’t understand. He tried to say something else and I yelled at him to just stop and not say or do anything. He just looked at me like he didn’t know what to do or say and started to say sorry. I just said I can’t you have to stop. He just sat there. All this is happening with in seconds or minutes as I am being drug down the on ramp and snatched out onto the road.

Once we got out there everything was past us, I was able to calm myself down and come to terms with it all and figure out how to work with what was happening. I am shocked I was able to calm myself down enough so fast to be able to do what I needed to do. I was able then to talk to J.W the rest of the way and he helped me some once I figured out what I needed. My friend was at work I couldn’t take it to his shop. I didn’t want it at my house because I didn’t know what I was going to do with it or who was going to work on it or what. I didn’t want it done here. I have enough issues with the people complaining and starting about whatever they can around here. We took it to JW’s house and I got a ride home from there.

I dropped the kids at school and started walking over to his house to get some things and to either walk to work or go catch the bus and get to work. My Good Friend messaged asked where I was at. I told him walking and where. He said he would be there in a bit he was on his way to the car to look at it. A few minutes or less later JW’s friend pulls up and picked me up. I guess he was on his way to go somewhere before work and seen me. He took me over and dropped me off and my friend met me there. He said he was pretty sure it was to far gone to make it worth fixing. But they would come get it take it to the shop and figure it out from there. I told him just leave it there i didn’t know what I was going to do I wasn’t fixing it if it was that big of a problem. JW’s friend picked him up for work. He dropped us of there and went to do some other things and then came and took me to work. I think I called in to my night job that night.

I called around to scrap yard and junkyards and found a place that said they would come pick it up and give me $300 for it. That was twice what anywhere around me wanted to give me. Good Friends said his brother would maybe buy it from me but he only wanted to give me scrap price and said that he called the junk yard and they said $125 to $150. I told him I found the place for $300 he said if I could get that to jump on it and take it because that was really good right now and twice what others wanted to give. I told him I knew I had been calling and that they were supposed to come get it the next day at 12.

I don’t know if I got a ride or walked to J.W’s house but I got over there and they came and gave me the money and took it. I cleaned it all out before they got there so it was ready to go. My friend drove me to Melbourne to look at one Mr. Responsible friend had but then the friend wasn’t there when we got there. It was getting late I just went home. I got up the next day and rented a truck for the week so that I could get to and from work and not lose a job or hours. Then Saturday I took it and went to find something Saturday. I came home with one too. I got a good deal and a really nice truck.

It is the same as my other just different motor and it isn’t 4 wheel drive. But the guy who bought it new was Ford mechanic and the guy I bought it from had money to keep it up and make sure it had no problems. New tires less than 10,000 miles on them, new a/c newer front end a year or two old and other things. Anything known to be a problem or go out has been fixed. The heat even works on in it. I haven’t had heat in a car in 10 years probably. I am so much happier with it than my little car. I really need the extra room. The kids are so much happier too.

I can’t right now but I want to have it painted. I am thinking about this color green……

I want to fix it up nice. It is in great shape, no rust two tiny dents thats it really. Few little things inside i want changed thats it really. I want to fix it because it is in such good shape. I don’t want it to be something that in a few years from now is a mess because the little things were let go not taken care of. I want to finally take one and do it just how I want it done. Paint seats everything. My project. Do little things when i have extra to spend on me. It has rims the grill guard. I want to paint it, get my seat covers for it. Maybe a few other things here and there as i go.

All J.W friends are like oh wow, we knew she wanted an suv. We thought she was getting a little Mountaineer or something small like that. Not something big and tuff badass like that. He just laughs says no she wanted something big with room. She had one before her car wanted another one. They can not believe what I paid for it. They blown away I gave so little for it.

J.W teases me all time about wanting a big truck. Me and big trucks. Then I told him I found something and pulled up in it. He just laughed was talking about how nice it was and then looked worried. He said how much did you pay for it? I told him he was like what? Really? That’s all or a down payment? You’re not making payments are you? I said yes that is all no payments. The title is right there. Not that it really mattered if I was making payments. But he knows it would be a stretch for me and not give me any wiggle room with hours. And i would be stressed out until it was paid off. That if i had to make payments i would end up way over paying for it.

We did some repo’s i parked them at his house to make it easier for them to be picked up. I needed my truck moved so i could park the repo. I gave him the key asked him to move it. He backed up and turned pulled around the yard and parked. I parked the repo got out to go inside he got out. He said wow I really like driving that. I want a big truck now. I busted out laughing. He said what? I said you drove it a few feet through the yard and listen to you. Your hooked already. He just smiled said what i like it.

I told him he can take it in his trip at Christmas tine if he wants to. He wants to state hope and pick up his kids. All go see his mom. He laughs. I mean it. I had already told him before he could.

Okay for now that is one of the big changes since this stay home lockdown, might be locked down mess started. Stay turned more big adventurers to come soon.

{July 18, 2019}   Ripped Off

I don’t know what I am going to do, how I feel, how I should feel or what I am going to do. I have been in one of those don’t feel anything, something happen oh well moods. Then Saturday after the 4th of July I went and bought a car.

As you all know, well I think you do, I have been looking for a vehicle for months. I finally found one. Not what I wanted but something I would be okay with and like. It is a 2009 Explorer, with only 115,000 miles on it. It was about 50 or so miles from home. I went over to look at it thinking that I would be able to buy it and bring it home. I wasn’t. It needed an oil change and something else done to it and the guy that owns the lot, sells the cars was over an hour away. I had other things to get done and couldn’t do anything with it I left and told them I would come back the next day and look at it and decide from there. I had a few questions I wanted answered as well before i bought it. But it wan’t leaking anything, it looks good inside and out and it ran good. I did test drive it why I was there. You can’t even hear it run hardly.

My sister took me back over to get it and we test drove it and checked it out again. It seemed fine. I noticed it sounded like water leaking when you open the hood and I figured out it was coming from the radiator cap. He went and got a new one and it was fine after that. I figured a bad cap or wrong cap. Everything still seemed fine. The questions I had I got answers to before I went back and the guys all told me how much to try and get it for and everything. I talked to the guy got him down to what the guys all said to try and get it for and bought it.

I drove it home and left it, so I could go and pick my car up from my sisters. When I got home me and the girls went out and drove around for a while. We were trying to figure out what we were going to do for dinner because it was getting so late and just riding around in the new car. we decided to get pizza. We called ordered it drove around and then stopped to get it. I left it running why oldest ran in to get the pizza and then we left. I went to go the back way home. As soon as I turned the corner the truck didn’t want to go. I looked down and it was hot. I pulled into a parking lot and shut it off. Bff came with Sleeping Beauty and he took the cap off the radiator and we put 3 two liter bottles of water in it. The over flow was full. I tried and tried to call the guy I bought it from while I was stuck on the side of the road. He didn’t answer. I just cried sat there and cried before Bff and Sleeping beauty got there. Little bitty was rubbing my back and telling me it was okay I didn’t do anything wrong, I was trying to do the best I could for them and the guy was bad and he sold us a broken car.

I finally got the truck home and parked it in the driveway. He messaged me at like 5 in the morning and said he went to bed early blah blah whatever. I tried to call him again he didn’t answer, tried to message him nothing. Then he called or messaged me again another day and then again I couldn’t get him. I never finally got to talk to him until this past Saturday. Then he swears he had no idea blah blah he wouldn’t of sold it to me he wanted to get it over there and help me get it fixed. Did I have road side he had a friend he see what he would charge to pick it up and let me know how much he wanted me to pay. Yep that is right how much he wants me to pay to get it back to him. Help me get it fixed.

I had already had my friend pick it up and take it to his shop and check it out. He said it had the wrong coolant in it, the wrong cap and the head gasket had been glass sealed and it had let lose that is why it over heated. I thought it needed a thermostat and cap. It needed it alright, it wasn’t messing up and causing the problem well not all of it I guess. It didn’t have one because it was glass sealed  and you can’t do that and put one in it. So they had taken it out. I said it was taking a while before it got to a normal riding temp. One reason we thought it wasn’t working or only working sometimes.

I tell him all this when I talk to him he tells me he wants his guy to look at it. He isn’t open again until Monday he been out of town the week and just got back. He said he would call me by 1 Monday. This Monday that just passed. He didn’t call I didn’t get a hold of him. I messaged him didn’t hear from him. I called Tuesday he messaged said he was on the phone. Then messaged me again in a few and said his guys tow truck was in the shop he would get it back Wednesday and was going out of town he would pick the truck up probably today Thursday. Well here we are Thursday 12:30 and I haven’t heard from him. I got triple A and can send it back to him tomorrow.

I called a lawyer she said she would send him a letter to try to get him to fix it but it would cost me $300. She said there wasn’t much else I could do other than take him to court if he don’t. I have a 100% labor 50% parts he gave me but now I don’t have money to pay for 50% of a motor that it most likely needs or of a head job even and how do I know if he fixed it right and don’t just doctor it up like he did before he sold it to me? It isn’t like I drove it weeks and something happen, it isn’t like it just happen. They screwed with it, patched it up and sold it this way. I got like 80 miles on it and it did this. I had it a few hours that is it.

The last week being in that I know I should be pissed off and mad and saying more mood has made it really hard to deal with all this. Last night I have kind of started coming out of it. But I don’t know what to do or how to handle it really. I still feel like I have no fight in me, but that is nothing new. I have felt like this for a while now as you all know.

I wish there was someone that could argue with this guy and get him to fix this truck right and get it back to me. Its been a week since I bought this truck and haven’t gotten to drive it. I said something the other day to Pops here at work that even shocked me when I said it. I told him I wished Little Bitty’s dad was around or still here. This guy would of had my truck back last week and it would be back fixed or I would have my money back. I wouldn’t be sitting here like this. He don’t play he dealt with things like this before and knows what to do.

I can’t believe I am in this spot, I was there two days checking it out, talked to a bunch of the guys about things I had questions about everything. Looked for leaks, checked the oil to see if it looked like it had water in it, if it was burnt or been kept up, the oil looked clean. the water looked good. nothing leaking it was in really good shape. I looked and looked pasted up stuff I didn’t think was very good, stayed away from lots that I knew or worried would be rip off places, wait to find the best for the money I had, so that it would last me and the kids a while because I don’t have money to throw at repairs and things. I told the guy this when I bought it was worried about it and everything. That i use to sell cars and stopped because I didn’t want to rip people off and the last one I got stuck with I did nothing but drop money into and walk. He assured me this truck was great and would be good for us. There was nothing to worry about. I was worried, I would have been about any car because it was all the money I had. This is probably the biggest screw up I have made ever. Well besides getting married. That is a different ballgame. I have no idea what to do or how to fix this. Today coming out of that I just don’t feel anything mood I have been in the last week or two I now just want to cry. I want to just walk away from everything and give up. I feel like I am failing on such a level that I don’t even know how to fix it. I have had thoughts the last few days that I can’t believe I have had, I never thought I would think such a thing. I am sitting at work and don’t want to be here. I want to quit just walk away and from both and say fuck it all fuck life start just being like everyone else.

I posted the other day, may as well become lying, manipulating, two faced and shady like the rest. What do they say if what you’er doing isn’t working……….

That is just how I feel.

It sucks because again wonderful Florida don’t have lemon laws and about the only thing I have to stand on is my warranty that I don’t have the money to even help fix the truck. When I agreed to it I didn’t know it had been patched up to sell. I thought maybe a starter, aulanator, water pump or something like that. To be expected not a motor or head job and not something that was covered up and patched up. I need a lawyer that knows Florida law and that could help me out and make him pay for it.

{July 11, 2019}   Other SUV’s vs. Mine

It has been hell trying to find another vehical, I have looked in 4 states trying to find something I want or would be happy with. The smaller and newer suv’s I just don’t like. I couldn’t figure out why.

The next one down from mine are nice I have had 2 in the past. But the new motors are horrible. They have problems, expensive to fix if they can be. Bff has had 2 and my friend with the car lot has one he put a ton of money into and still can’t get it fixed.

I figured out with the new suv’s most are smaller, hatchbacks and have one back seat. If it has a 3rd it is right against the back hatch. Even if you do not have the 3rd seat there is next to no cargo room if you don’t put the back seat down. You can’t with kids in the car.

In my truck I have enough room behind my 3rd row I could put a 4th seat back there, so lots of cargo room. I have it without folding seats or taking them out or losing seating. If I need more I can take one or two seats out or fold them and have a ton of cargo room. I have had a washer and drier in my truck and still had room I could put other stuff.

In the new ones I lose 2 to 3 seating space and still don’t have cargo room without folding the seat down again how do you do that if you have kids. I would be happy if I just had room for me all 4 kids and one extra person if they wanted to go.

I decided I would rather have a 4 door F150 or F250 with bench seat in the front and back. Then I would have seating for one extra person and cargo room. Best of all I wouldn’t have to always be putting seats up and down.

But finding a truck with 4 full doors that is in good shape inside and out and decent miles is impossible with the money I am working with. Even another truck like mine with a different motor is hard to find at a decent price and they are 2005 or older since they stop making them.

Everything is trashed or has 200,000 miles or more. Or they are both.

{December 27, 2015}   Twenty Seven Thousand Dollars

I hadn’t heard anything at all about the accident I had in September until the last couple weeks. Then I got a notice in the mail saying I needed to pick up a letter and sign for it and I got a call from the lady handling the claim. I tried to call her back but she didn’t leave her last name or all over her extinction so I couldn’t get a hold of her. Finally after calling and waiting on hold three different days I got some one who gave me the information for her. They transferred me over to her but of course she wasn’t in or answering the phone who knows. I called back and left a message telling her when I would be able to answer the phone so she could call me back. But I never heard back from her.

Then last week I got a couple letters in the mail and a big package of information. The letter just said that they know there was an accident this was who would be handling it and that was about it. The big package told me that they had three claims against me from the accident. His insurance company, AT&T, and a guys name. I am not sure if the guys name is the name of the guy who I hit or the guy that was in the car with him. I am thinking probably the guy in the car with him, but really not sure.

It shows that someone ended up going to the er and being checked out, that they gave him a rental car and that cost almost a grand, that his car was totaled ( I already knew that when it happen, he didn’t think so) and that the phone company wants a grand for the box that he ended up landing on. They bought him a new car came to around fifty thousand or more. They are showing something salvage for over eleven thousand, I am thinking that is what they ended up selling the totaled car for. It looks like they took that off and something else because it is showing thirty seven thousand still owed and my insurance is only good for ten thousand.

It says they are going to do all that they can to settle this without anything being left owed on it but they don’t know what is going to happen and there maybe meeting and things that I will need to or should be present at. That if they can not settle then they will be asking what I can contribute toward the amount owed and try to settle with that amount.

I have nothing extra right now I can give them toward it, so I will probably be sued by the other insurance company or this guy for the twenty seven thousand dollars that is left owed on it. All I can do is wait and see what happens and when they decide to go to court. It sucks because I am going to end up missing work in order to go to court. Then who knows what they will say once we get in court. It’s not like I have all this extra money at the end of the week or the month to do anything with. By the time I pay my bills I have just enough to get gas and some food for the next two weeks. I had to borrow a big chunk of money last week to get threw to this week and have nothing left. All I have they can take is my truck and at one time it was worth a little bit but now that I had the accident and put it back together it probably isn’t worth much now. It still needs the hood fixed, it needs to be painted because it wasn’t blended, it has some mechanical things wrong with it I still have to figure out and get fixed as well. If insurance had paid out it would have been totaled as well so that should tell them something. If it is like it is with a lot of things around here when it comes to vehicles, I am not the only one who depends on that vehicle to get around so they can’t take it if it is the only one I have. My kids depend on it to get to doctors, the store and other places they need to go. Even though I am the driver they still have places they have to get to. That being their only way then they do not take it out of the home it would cause a hardship for them. Those two things maybe the only things that save my truck and not leave me walking.

I don’t know what’s going to happen all I know is that I can’t stress over it until whats going to happen, happens. I am just going to do what I have to do tell them what they need to know and show up when and where I am supposed to show up. Once they decide what is going to happen and what I am going to have to do or not have to do then I will worry about it and take care of it from there. I had my license and insurance that is required by the state so I can’t get in trouble for that at least.

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