{April 3, 2017}   Feeling Behind

I feel that I am so far behind on posting and reading on here. I just posted stuff that happen last Wednesday I guess yesterday because it is now after midnight. I have just been so tired lately and then with everything that has been going on for the last week or more. I have a challenge that I haven’t done yet I am going to get to it I promise. Today I thought about a couple post I started writing back in February and didn’t finish and it is already April. I don’t know if or when I will get to them, maybe when the right mood hits.

I am still sore and swollen from the last three days. I thought it would go down some since I slept almost 12 hours straight and everyone else in the house slept 12 or more hours straight last night. I woke up at 1030 and everyone was still sleeping. I went to bed at 11 or a little before and was out in no time. The girls where in bed before that and the boys went to bed when I did. They slept another 20 or so minutes and then started getting up. Little Bitty had came in and got in my bed again sometime in the night or this morning I don’t even know when because I didn’t hear or feel her. I did feel her get up a few times get a drink from her cup by the bed and get back in bed and go to sleep. I was surprised because most time once she wakes up and it is day light forget it she isn’t laying back down.

Father of the year decided to show up tonight, he showed up at 950 PM!, go figure. I wanted to tell him to go home it was to late but I needed to go pay the rent so I let him stay since the kids had slept so late today and were watching a movie. I took his truck and paid the rent since I still need a light for mine.

When I got home I maid everyone go to bed about 11, he finally left. He asked me why my legs and feet where so swollen. I told him from what happen at the school Thursday, going hiking with the school on Friday and standing/walking around the 4h fair all day yesterday. He just said oh your at the school a lot now aren’t you? I said when they need me and I can be. Not like I have anywhere else to be or place to go.

I haven’t talk to my poor friend in days I have been so busy she is probably wondering if I am mad at her. I am going to have to go see her tomorrow when I get out of school. I have to go food shopping too. I am going to be so tired because it is 2 am and I am still not sleepy. I have class tomorrow. Guess I will get caught up on some post.

{March 9, 2016}   Waste of Time

I went to the doctor Monday and it was a waste of time, as soon as he seen that I had teeth that needed to be pulled he brushed it all off as an infection. I told him that wasn’t it at all, that I had no infection the hospital did bloodwork that didn’t show infection that is why they did the ct. There was no infection they wanted to find out what was in there once and for all. He acted like I was lying abut how bad it was swollen up and everything. The nurse finally got the report and he read it. Then he says oh you had a 3 cm mass in there. I said yes I know it has went down but it is still there and I have this place along my jaw that has come up. He says he don’t think that the right side is that much different than the left and don’t see anything to be worried about. Even though it has been this way since December and the doctors all say it needs to come out if it stays that way more than 2 weeks. Never mind the size it got compared to most peoples. I kept asking him then why this or that he finally just said well we can do the CT over and see what it looks like compared to the last one and go from there. So I still have this place under my neck and on my jaw and I am losing my coverage to get anything done in a few weeks. I waited to see him because I thought he was a good doctor but I am not feeling that way now. Anyone who knows anything knows that if had an infection that bad in my body for over a month my blood work would show infection. Plus if it was that bad I think I would have been physically sick in other ways not just swollen and in pain. I also told him that they looked at my teeth and pushed around on them and that there was no pain or sign of infection. He said well your just not feeling it because they are dead teeth. I know that is not true either because they will hurt once in a while if I get something hot or cold on them or stuck in them. If it was dead and the nerve was dead like he is saying I wouldn’t feel any of it they would be turning not white.

I guess I will go get the CT scan just to see what it says and then go back to my doctor and see what he thinks. I have to go back to my doctor anyway to get something done for the thyroid and see what they think about it. But doctors like this one I seen Monday is a big reason I don’t waste my time going they say everything is fine and do nothing. Or blow it off and wait and see what happens instead of doing something about things. You take time out of your day and sit in there office and wait forever on them why they do whatever like you have all the time in the world to wait for them. I don’t have all day to wait on them for them to do nothing for me and have to start over or just forget it.

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