I know it is still a ways away but I have been thinking about the two. The boys really want a PS4 and oldest really wants a laptop still. Little Bitty wants everything and nothinng. A bunch of little things nothing as high price as the other three.

I am looking at getting the boys the ps4 together and a game to share. Try to find oldest a decent laptop. I will probably get Little Bitty a tablet and a few things.

I have made my mind up that if I can swing it and get what they want I am putting a side $150 to $200 for me for Christmas and My Birthday since it is the next day. I want another tattoo or two or three. It will depend on how much I can put away and what ones I decide to go ahead and get as to how many I will be able to get.

None of the ones I want are really all that big, but some are detailed and that can cost more than a larger piece at times. I am not sure if I still want the bird and cage on my foot or not. That will cost a decent amount probably close to $125 give or take. Probably give more than take. Unless I can get my friends guy to do them he does really good work at really good prices. He does them from home so he don’t have all the overhead to worry about. If I can’t get him for some reason then I hope the guy that did my quarter is still at the same shop and I can get him.

For the most part I want my ankle braclet, probably my bird and cage and I still want something for the little two. There are a few more that I have been tossing around but I will wait and see.

With the guy my friend uses I should be able to get all 3 and have money left depending how much I get.

I was thinking about what I would like to have and how everything gets messed up forgotten, lost or just sits to be looked at. I thought this is something I want and have wanted for a long time now. I work my ass off to make sure bills, rent and everything else is paid. The kids may not have everything they want but they have everything they need. So if I can give them what they want for Christmas why not give myself something for a change?

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