{May 1, 2019}   WaWa and Coffee

After my ride called at 4:30 and said they would not be there to take me to work and drop me off I caved.

I messaged bff’s aunt and ask if she could take me but her hubby had the car. I called another friend and she was at work. I tried to get a hold of Special K but couldn’t. He said he probably couldn’t take me today already so wasn’t surprised.

I finally broke down and called my sister and she came and picked me up and brought me. I was way later than normal she went a different way than I do so it took a little longer. Then I had her stop at WaWa so I could grab something to eat and drink.

That is when I gave in and bought an ice coffee. I wish I hadn’t it is not good at all. It is like the stuff you get in the carton at the store. It is thick and super sweet and just not good. I also got a flatbread sub thing to eat. Then finally made it to work.

Let me just say we just in the last few years or so started getting WaWa stores and the closes one was over 20 miles away so I wasn’t breaking my neck to get there like so many I know. Needless to say this evening was the first time I had ever been in one. I was not impressed at all. I do not know what the rave is over them at all. The coffee isn’t that good as I said. I went to order my sub and you do it by computer it was alright but the way it is set up wasn’t great. The selection was unimpressive. They did not hardly have anything to pick from. The price I paid for what I got I should of been about half that. What I got was equivalent to some thing you would find cold at another little store at twice the price. Needless to say from what I seen and the pain in the ass that it is to get in and out of at the two locations that that I would use, I will just stick with my Cumberland Farms store and leave WaWa for the rest of you who so enjoy it. Even the lay out and set up was just very odd and off. The staff was not friendly at all. I do not think that any of the three I had any interaction with ever smiled or said hi or anything. Everyone customer’s a like just walked around like they were the only ones in the store. And the way you have to walk around people sitting and eating to even get in the place was just off putting. Why not have it to the side where it is more comfortable for the people eating and the ones trying to go in the store? Of course I was stopped and ask for a ride as I was trying to go in by someone sitting out there.

Anyways off my WaWa rant and back to the important matter at hand my coffee, haha. But really I feel better after drinking my cup of thick coffee like beverage. I have been dragging ass this week and I think it is not having the coffee. It could just be the sugar buzz that is doing it as well. I guess we will know soon enough if I crash in a little bit or I just go as normal like any other time. I think that my daily 12 or 16 oz coffee is going to have to stay. At least it isn’t the big 30 or 40 oz like I had been drinking all this time. I just hope they keep the small cups at my store. Since all drinks are $1 they just have the big size most the time. Guess I can just fill it half full.

I can’t deprive myself of everything either if you really think about it. I have cut out all coke and cutting out all tea. That leaves me with coffee and water other than the juice or mixed drink I have once in a while. Add in I was drinking no water before and will now be drinking mostly all water other than my coffee, and I cut my coffee in half, I think over all it still comes out to a win. I won’t be drinking 95% of my calories or drinking a ton of sugar. That is a plus as well.

{May 1, 2019}   No Coffee

I have had no coffee since Saturday and I don’t know how I feel about that. I want it but have not been able to get to my store to get it. I go to the one little store on my way to work that has a nice coffee area, they have ice coffee, hot coffee, and all the creamers or what that you want for them and they are only $1 for any size. The other stores don’t have the ice coffee and all that.

Since my truck has been broke down I haven’t been able to get one. The bus goes right buy there and I was going to get off and get one then catch the next bus that came by but I wasn’t sure what time it would be coming back if I would have enough time to get to the bus station and catch my bus that came over to the island so I didn’t. I got to work an hour and a half early.

Today I was going to go and catch a later bus but then decided to catch the early bus and get off at the store and then catch it when it came back around. The early bus was 7 minutes late so that means they will now be late when they come back around. I knew the other bus I needed to catch would be gone by the time I got there if I got off. I went on to the station in hopes of going ahead and catching my other bus early. Nope it was gone already when we got there. I figured it would be but held out hope. So we had to sit and wait about half an hour for the other bus to come. I got to work 45 minutes early today riding the same bus that I rode yesterday and go there and hour and half early. All because one bus was running 7 minutes late. You wouldn’t think 7 minutes would make that big of a difference but the other buses aren’t going to wait for that late bus because then it throws them all off and sets them behind for the day.

So I didn’t get my daily coffee today either. I am starting to think maybe I should just not stop and get it anymore once I get my truck fixed since I haven’t had it all this time. I did break down and buy a tea Monday when I walked all that way but I haven’t had any since. That one made me feel so sick and messed with my stomach right away. I have been drinking water. I bought the big 24 oz bottles and drink both of them yesterday and then one the day before and the big bottle of tea. I got a litter bottle today see if I drink all that I will probably need to stop at the store and get me one on the way to my other job if I can find a ride there so I will have something to drink tonight. I don’t know why I didn’t buy two of they others instead.

Maybe it will be easier to start drinking mostly water after all.

{April 25, 2019}   Coffee & Water Day 4

I should not be drinking tea and started drinking it again to long ago. The last few weeks my stomach has been bothering me again. I know that my coffee isn’t helping either but I’m not 100% ready ready or able to give that up yet. So I compromising, I have down sized my large like 32 oz coffee to my 12 oz coffee. I have not had any tea since Friday.

Monday I started my day with my small coffee and two big bottles of water. I drank all the coffee and probably not even a quarter of the bottle of water if that. I have a huge problem with water. I can not drink water to save my life. I want flavor, and then I have a problem with having flavor in water because I have a problem with things tasting like things that they aren’t. Because lets face it, flavored water is to me just kool aid without sugar.

Tuesday I had the idea that orange juice would be better. I bought two and my coffee, I had no problem drinking all that. But yesterday I decided I needed to suck it up and drink the water. I can’t drink a ton of juice everyday all day. I went and got the other bottle of water from Tuesday and drink some of it but not a lot. I went to Applebee’s with BFF and her aunt. I didn’t order a tea or any drinks. I wanted to order a screwdriver or something but I didn’t. When we left there I finished the rest of the bottle of the water. It wasn’t to bad but it was hard.

It is 3:30 and I still have a little bit of my coffee left and two bottles of water I bought today in there. I am going to try and drink one of them this afternoon/evening. I don’t know how well that will go over but I hope that it goes over as good or better than yesterday. I hope that by next week it will get better. Because I am always dehydrated I should be drinking water every day and don’t so hopefully I will get use to it and start drinking more than just one bottle in a day and be able to just drink my one coffee and water after that.

Bff said just get a tea and just have a tea on Wednesday nights. But like I told her I just stopped having it Friday if I drink it I will just keep on. That is how I got started back drinking it was I will just have one when I am out to eat or out with them and then started drinking it all the time when I stopped drinking the soda and just replaced the soda with the tea. Really they are the only sugar I have as well most the time so that I think will be good getting rid of all that sugar I have been getting. It will also cut out a lot of calories and I will start losing weight again because I am at a stand still right now it seems. I haven’t weighed myself in a while so I dont’ know where I am now. I should be at 140 or less. I think I have lost some since I checked last a month or so ago because my pants seem to be a lot loser.

{November 9, 2016}   No Coke

I have not drank any coke in 5 days, I drank a glass on the 2nd and have not had anymore since then. The great thing is I haven’t even missed it or wanted it. I have had a few tea’s and a couple coffee’s.

I will give up drinking the coke but not the tea or coffee now and then. The only time I drank tea is if we go out to eat or if I can find the one brand I like in a plastic or glass bottle. That is hard to do as most places only carry it in a can.

Coffee is an odd one, I will drink it every day for days or weeks sometimes all day, other times just a cup. Then there are times that I will go day, weeks or months without drinking any at all.

I have drink at least a bottle of water a day as well. I know that isn’t much at all but, it’s huge for me. I never drink water not even a half a cup a day normally. I been drinking kool aid with the kids but am trying to get to drinking more water. I don’t know what it is I am very weird, I can’t just pour a cup of water and drink it. I will never get it down. I tried putting it in my glass bottle before, but I just couldn’t get through it. But if I buy the little bottles then I can drank them with no problem. I hate to buy the little bottles all the time it is such a waste. I am going to try putting it in my water bottle again but giving it some time. Maybe once I start drinking more than one little bottle or maybe once I start drinking just water instead of other stuff most the time. I guess we shall see.

I am going to go try to get a nap in before I have to pick the kids up. I didn’t get to bed until 330 this morning and was up by 7. I wanted to come straight home after dropping the kids off and get a nap but that didn’t happen. I could not get myself to go lay down and go back to sleep for a little bit. Knowing that I would be so tired later I wouldn’t be able to hardly hold my eyes open. It is early release day so I have less time than normal to get a nap in as well because of it. They big kids get out at one today instead of two. Now I have two hours for a nap and I am passing out.

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