{July 23, 2018}   Thankful For Friends

I finally got to my friends house a little after 9 yesterday morning. I had no problems getting it there it has held water for days now again. I don’t understand, I know the pump only leaks under pressure so guess that would explain some.

I explained they had toborder the one part and I had no way to pick it up so I needed to go get it. He got his little girl up we went and picked the part up. We stopped on the way back to get gas. She ask for a muffin he told her yes. We all got out went in the store. They had the tea I like in the bottle I like instead of a can. I grabbed one for work and a drink. I asked her if she wanted a drink and told her to go get it. He looked funny said you getting that? I laughed and said of course. He said I wouldn’t care but I only have a few dollars until payday I had pay bills and get stuff for the truck. I said I wouldn’t tell her to get something if I wasn’t going to pay. I ask if he wanted something he said no. We went to pay I paid for it all. It wasn’t that much few dollars.

We got home he said lets see if we can get this started or broke down see what I am getting into. First thing the tools he had were to small for the bolts. I had told him we could get the tools if he wanted. He said he could do it a different way. I told his how ever he wanted to do it it didn’t matter whatever would be the easiest fastest way for him was all I was looking at. When the tool didn’t work, I said lets go to the part store here by your house see if we can get what you need or just rent the tool from them. He said okay. We just rented the tool that it called for and was done.

Me and his little girl was sitting in the truck why he was doing something McDonald’s was right there. I said you want a cheese burger? She said I like nuggets and fries. I said okay. But it was just hit lunch time and they were packed so I didn’t ask him to stop. I did tell him by that point it was so late he had everything he needed he could drop me off at work instead of coming back out in just a few minutes. He said that would be good. We got close to work I ask him stop fast I could grab a sandwich. I ask if he wanted anything he said no. I ordered my food it took them 20 minutes to get me our food. I went ahead got him a burger and fries since I got her something.

He dropped me at work soon as he was out of sight i noticed i had my key for the truck. I had call tell him come back. Then when he picked me up I had to turn and go back because I forgot to send the phones. I was like I messed up I am so sorry. He like its alright don’t worry about it. I just felt so bad everything happen the way it did. But its all good. We went back to his place and talked a while. And things and I went home. It is so nice to have my truck back today. I went and filled it up with gas and went to take care of somethings I needed to take care of. Now it is home to make dinner.

{November 22, 2017}   What They Are Thankful For

Every year this time my kids have to do their Fall Writes on what they are thankful for. My youngest and oldest had me in tears with what they wrote right in the start of their papers. I had to share.

This is my oldest son 12 years old.



This one is my Little Guy 7 years old


This is my oldest daughters 13 years old

{December 26, 2014}   If Your An Elk Member

If your a member of the Elks lodge in your area I just want to say thank you so much for what you do for the families in your area.

My oldest son started getting OT through the Elks clubs months back. They send someone here to our home to work with him a hour each week. It is so nice to not have another appointment to run to and the other kids to have to sit through. We just make sure we are home and she shows up.

In October they had a big camping trip for the families of the kids they help. We went and stayed at camp the kids stay at over the summer. We stayed in the cabins they stay in and met the staff that are always there and run things. It was very nice and a lot of fun for the kids and family. In the summer the kids and their siblings who are old enough to go will get to go and stay a week at the camp.

One day a few weeks ago she was here and I asked her if she had a family that could use some clothes. I had a bunch of new jeans and shorts I had just bought him the last few months he wore a few times and out grew. She took them. Later she texted and asked what size the kids wore and I told her thinking she wanted to know if she came across someone getting rid of stuff. Then she was talking to the kids about Christmas and what they wanted.

He last day with us until after the new year was last week. She said why he was working on his stuff that she would be off the next two weeks for the holidays but she would be back this week with a car load of stuff for us. I looked at her funny she said really I have a bunch of stuff for the kids. She said that’s why I asked about what their sizes were and things. She gives the club she is part of the names of the kids in her families and they shop for the kids.

She wasn’t kidding when she showed up she had a bunch of stuff for all the kids not just my son that she works with. She also gave me an envelope with a bunch of gift cards they all purchased and gave her to give us.

The kids were so surprised and blown a way when they seen all that they brought and gave them. They are so thankful as well. They are writing letters to her and the Elks club to let them know.

We always do for others and help when we can. We use to do toys for tots every year this year we decided to buy for a little boy we know who we didn’t know if he would have Christmas or not. His family is going through a hard time. They are always asking where they can take their old toys to or to help people we see who are homeless. My son will ask mom can I have some money to give that person he will go up give it to them and talk to them and things. I see things come around to us a lot here and there, some big some little things that I don’t think they really notice. It is mostly things that don’t have to do with them or them directly so they really wouldn’t. But for them to do this just for them really made their day.

They hadn’t ask for much this year just a few smaller things and nothing outrages or costly like they have in the past. Well if you don’t count the motorcycle or real reindeer my 4 year old ask for. That’s another post. The last two years we were homeless before and during Christmas. I think it really made them think about things and what really matters and that we can’t get a ton of things and larger gifts. Not only are we on a budget but we also have 4 of them to buy for. They asked for things they would really use not just because they seen it on tv or the kid down the street has one. We only do about 3 to 5 gifts each depending on what the “bigger” or “nicer” gift is they get. They get stuff from extended family as well so they still end up with a lot of stuff. But for them to have all the extra stuff under the tree this year was fun for them and nice. It was a nice change for once instead of something else not so good happening.

I just want them to know how much it meant to me and our family to receive such a blessing from them this year. To say thank you so very much. I can’t express enough how grateful we are or say thank you enough. It may not seem like such a big deal but like I said it was to the kids.

We were able to get something a little nicer for the little boy we decided to get for and do a little extra for him as well. Like she said when she gave me the envelope with the cards in it she knew we would be grateful and pay it forward and we did.

Why I was gone and in the middle of running around taking care of everything we had a big rain storm. Thought we were going to have tornado at one point it got so bad. We had come home once for a few minutes after we picked farther of the year up from work. The kids sat down here in the living room and watched part of a show and we left. By the time we got done dropping the washer off to be looked at and getting home it was about 10:30 pm. We went in the playroom to put the dog in her cage so we could go back out. We were going to drop the trailer we rented off and get something to eat. The cover over the window was down. Father of the year asked how it got there and that way. I had no idea because we weren’t home and the few minutes we were no one had went in there. He picked it up to put it back up and said it was wet. Of course we check the window to make sure it is closed it is locked tight. He starts feeling the wall and the roof. It is wet, we have a roof leak!

There is nothing I can do about it tonight. It has stopped raining I pray it don’t start again tonight. It isn’t dripping in my floor. Yet anyway, but I think that it is worse that it is ran down in the wall than if it was just the roof and leaking on the floor. Because now that wall is all wet and I have to worry about them fixing it right. If they don’t then it can rot, mildew and mold. I am dreading calling them in the morning and having to tell them this after they just put the new a/c in but this is bad it isn’t something that I can say oh it isn’t a big deal and for get about. They have to be told.

So now I am supposed to be up running around cleaning and moving everything out of the way so that they can get in here when I call them. I don’t even feel like moving. I sat down on the couch to prop my foot and leg up for a few minutes. To try and get the swelling to go down and some of the pain to go a way but I know it won’t. I have been on it going none stop for 3 1/2 days none stop just about. I am going to have to go to bed and really get some sleep and rest it. Maybe this weekend I will be able to do that. I sat down here telling myself I was going to get up in a few minutes that was over 2 hours ago. It just hurts so bad I dread the thought of getting up and doing all this stuff. my house looks like a tornado went through it from the kids being out of school and us being so busy the last few day. Things haven’t been getting done. The leak is in the backroom that’s the playroom and father of the years room. I need to move all that stuff to the other side of the room so they have room to get in there and work. I have this truck I just sold full of stuff I have to take out and put somewhere. It was supposed to go in the play room. We are going to have a yard sale next week. Now I have no clue where to put it.

Father of the year is out there working on the trucks still at 3 am. Because he was supposed to do the stuff with it yesterday evening and he didn’t knowing we had all this to do today. We didn’t get home til late. Now the roof on top of it all and he wants to be an ass. I told him he may just have to call and tell them we have this wrong with the roof and tell them he isn’t going to be in til after lunch tomorrow. He is going to be the only one on all weekend and the other guy just told them he was taken off for a few days or week and was gone for two weeks just about. He can’t help the roof leak.

Ah that’s what I forgot in my other post. Everything else that has happened. Work is starting to pick back up the last week and they say it should get really busy probably by the end of next week and stay that way for a while over the summer. And tips have picked up he hadn’t been getting any tips really for a while. The last week he hasn’t gotten a lot but the ones who have tipped him have given him really good tips so that has been helping too. Maybe someone is praying for me or my family at least. It’s all paying off. Things have been going to good I’m not going to let a little roof leak rain on my blessings. That’s one big reason I prefer renting vs having my own place. I don’t have to worry about when things like this happen I can just call someone and tell them it’s broke and they send someone to fix it.

{June 13, 2014}   So Very Blessed

My family has been so blessed the last couple days I have been running none stop haven’t really had time to sit down and post. In fact I am running on less than 6 hours of sleep since I got up Tuesday Morning. Between trying to take care of everything and haven a sick baby who isn’t sleeping at night.

I am trying so hard to stretch the money and make it pay everything and make it last but it is hard enough with what we make in a month as it is with out his job being slow as I have ever seen it the last month. This why I need to go back to work as well. I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul and just going in a huge circle ever month. I big thing that really got us is we had to take a pay day loan and now we are paying it back to turn around and borrow it again. It is such a horrible cycle to get into. I would say to anyone who is thinking about doing that DON”T it is the hardest thing to get a way from. Trust me on this if nothing else.

Well with work being slow and not being able to get caught up we are barely floating. I have had to borrow money this last week from my mom and my dad. My sister has helped me with a few things. We had something unexpected happen. There was nothing we could do about it and had to take care of it. I was so upset and stressing. I had said to father of the year what if we sell the other truck and take the money from that to help us just get everything back on track. He said no he wanted it and all this.

I am making payment on a washer and drier because I don’t have one. Something happen it mine. I really couldn’t tell you for the life of me what happen to the ones I had. Oh the house I was in before this one had one. The one I had before that was a extra one my mom had and I gave it to my sister. The drier decided to stop working and I junked it. But anyway. With every thing going on I said I was going to have to tell them to come get them because I just can’t make the payment on them this time. I didn’t know what I was going to do.

My truck needs tires they are bad or wore is a understatement. There is no tread left on them it really isn’t safe to be driving around. But I sure don’t have close to $1000 for new ones and used one in the size it needs are next to impossible to get. Called all over today and one place said they had 4 good ones. Got there they were no good.

Yesterday I see this guy slow down in front of my house, then he stops and gets out. I went out to see what he wanted. He starts asking me about the truck I have sitting in my front yard that we don’t drive. He wants to buy it. I told him what all it needed and that I didn’t know if he would sell it or not. Told him to give me a price. He wouldn’t give me a price he kept asking what I wanted for it. I think he thought I didn’t know that much about it and it needed so much I would give it to him for nothing. About that time father of the year called I told him. He said to tell him $2000. I told him that was way to much for it so he said $1000. I told him he said that was high for it and what all it needed. It was and it wasn’t. I got off the phone and told him to make me an offer he said it was ok to sell it but I was the one that really had the final say because it was still in my name. I was the one that would or wouldn’t sign the title. He only wanted to give me $600. I told him I couldn’t let it go for that. I would talk to father of the year when he got home see what he thought and call him later that night or the next morning. I just wanted him to go I had my sons therapist here and didn’t have time to deal with it. He kept looking at it and looking at it. I finally ask him if he would give me $800 for it. He said yes to talk to him and get back with him.

Later father of the year reminded me that the air didn’t work in it when I parked it. I figured when I told him that he wouldn’t want it or he would say he only wanted to give me the A$600 or less then. The air to just have the front parts replaced is $2000 and a 10 hour job. So cost to him would be probably about $600 just for parts and then to get it filled. I was going to call him today it was getting to be dinner time and things. He showed back up at my door said that something was wrong with his phone so he wanted make sure I hadn’t called him. I told him no. But that I needed to talk to him.

I told him all about the air and that right about the time I parted it it had started blowing hot. I told him I hadn’t had it checked and didn’t know what was wrong with it. He said that was fine she could roll the windows down. It is for his wife. So he went and got her and brought her back she loved it. She asked how much and I told her $800 she was like oh my god what no. She said I have $700. I just said I got to get $800 and he told her he already told me and we agreed on the $800. She said ok. I told him we could go to the tag office today and I would transfer everything and he could pay me and have it. But it be after 11. He was at my door at 8:45. I had fallen a sleep for a couple hours didn’t wake up. He had been at my house about 6 times since he stopped and asked me about it. I wanted to scream at him today forget it I’m keeping it you won’t stop hounding me and being pus-hie. I didn’t he wanted to give me money and wanted a bill of sales and the key. I just told him we had to go to the tag office first I wasn’t doing all that.

In the mean time in between all this I found a washer and drier on a swap shop. They said they wanted $50 for the drier and $20 for the washer it didn’t rise not sure what was wrong with it. But they are only two years old probably easy fix. I got a hold of the lady and told her I really wanted them that I really needed them not just want. Because I was going to have to send mine back. But that I couldn’t pick them up until he got off work tonight. I told her I needed them because I wanted her to know if she held them I would be there to get them. She said ok that was fine.

This evening we get there to get them they are on base she met us and had to ride in with us because we don’t have pass to get on base. On the way back to her place she tells me my husband said to just give you the washer so it will only be $50. I of course told her thank you and everything. We were talking why the guys were loading them and things she said on here I have some clothes for your daughter you can have, gave me a little bag of clothes. Then she gave me this big bag that was over flowing and said here this may fit your son you can have it too.

Then she asked if I coupon. I told her I had in the past before it got big and everyone started doing it and into it. That I was starting to get back into it again. She gave me 6 coupons for $5 off of your order of $30 or more. These are coupons that everyone is searching for and trying to get any way they can and buying. If you coupon you probably know the one I am talking about. Most people want you to buy them or trade them other coupons or something. She gave me the 6 of them that came to $35 off. Then she also gave me a bag for of inserts that I forgot and left there. (kicking self in ass) for that one. Then when we left she said she was going to have her husband take her back to the gate to get her car. I told her we didn’t mind she said no it was ok. Then as we were going out the door to the truck she said I will just ride with you. we get up by the gate to leave and she said you can pull over here so your out of the way. She went to get out and she turned around to me and handed me 2 $25 gift cards for Apple bees’s and said enjoy take the kids and enjoy a dinner with your family sometime. I told her no that was ok I didn’t want to do that I had all ready got a great deal on the washer and drier. She said no to take them and left them on the seat.

I dropped the washer at my grandpa’s for him to look at for me. I can decide if it is fixable and worth fixing. But when they unloaded it from the trailer he said the bottom under it was full of lent and a bunch of stuff. He said the newer ones have a filter under there somewhere and that if they get full they won’t work. He had two jobs there he is working on he said it would probably be Monday before he got to try it out and really see what was wrong because he had to get them done and out. Just depends on the rain and how long the other jobs take. So it is probably a easy fix and I will have a washer and drier and not have to make that monthly payment. I am having them pick up the drier tomorrow going to pull out enough to pay for the washer for two weeks and give him time to check the other, decide if it’s what he thinks. If not what it is and fix it and get it home or get rid of it. Even if I just have to pay on the washer for now it will be a lot cheaper. They are only like 2 years old. They are military getting ready to move across the country. Like he said he they were flying out tonight to be a way for a week and when he gets home they get in the car to drive across country a week trip. He don’t have time to mess with it and don’t want to haul it across country with it not working.

The alternator when on my truck the other week I pulled the one off the parked on and put on it because I didn’t have a way to get anywhere and they said they couldn’t take it back because I didn’t have my paperwork. Today since I was selling the truck and that is now one of the things it needed I decided to take it over and see if I could get them to trade it since it was supposed to have life time on it. Me and the kids took it in he asked if I had the paper told him no the kids cleaned the truck out and got rid of it by accident. Mine didn’t but the people that I sold it to for a while kids did. He took it over talked to the other guy came back and said ok let me go see if we have one. He came back gave me a new one put a new sticker on it and we were on our way.

I am happy that they did because now I can put the other one back on the other truck and have my new one. But also the other truck will have one on it for the guy who bought it. Because he has to get a radiator for it, fix the air, replace all the front end parts under it, get a battery and all 4 tires plus the spare because the tires are shot on that one too. I put old ones on it put the good ones on my truck. It still has my new radiator in it but mine is leaking and needs replaced I can’t get a new one. I told him that it had one but it needed a new one it leaked. Father of the year is out there now trading them and putting the alternator back on. I still can’t believe he bought it not hearing it run and it needing all these parts. But he is putting all the parts on his self and if he gets used it won’t cost him as much as it would me. Because I don’t really have anyone one to put them in for me anymore and I try to buy new when I have to replace things because I can’t be taking chances on getting stuck with the kids and not having people to call and money to buy more parts. I know for what he is paying me and and for parts and the money he is saving doing the work himself he is still getting a pretty good deal. Because the truck will be worth more than what he has in it when he gets it running again and the body and inside are in really good shape. I don’t know when I would have gotten to it to fix it and it has already sat for a year. It isn’t good to let them sit like that more goes wrong with them. But even with all that it needed and the parts I already got off of it I had to get at least what I did because I had at least that much and more in parts that I could take off and use for my truck. It has $500 in new parts that only have a years worth of wear on them. The windshield is another $100. I need one for my truck but it isn’t a must right now. I know I could have pulled all the stuff I still need or want for mine and sold the rest and came out with more. But I need the cash I really want it out of the way and I don’t have time to mess with it. I don’t need the parts right now for mine so not even going to bother with it. He also brought me some stuff for us and the kids that we could use to that was really nice of him. He is coming tomorrow to give me the other half of the money and take it.

It truly has been a few days filled with blessing for our family. Everything that we needed or was having problems with just about has been taken care of. Maybe not the way I was hoping or completely but there is still time and I am sure that things with work them selves out and everything is going to be alright. I can say I am truly just over whelmed with it all and thankful because for once it seems that things are really turning around for us. And I just pray that they keep turning and it is sign of even bigger things to come. I don’t know why but in dealing with the things that have been happening the last few days I have this one thing that keeps coming to my mind and nagging. Nothing bad but something else that would be a awesome blessing I have been trying to figure out how to make it happen. Maybe it is the next blessing to happen. Well two things really. So we shall see.

Because god has really been talking and showing me things the last few weeks. I was kind of half listening the first week and this week he kind of showed me I guess. I have been where I need to be with my faith and things for a while I try to get there and then fall a way for a while. There has been a lady coming here to the house and talking to me every since I moved in. I missed her the last two weeks with everything going on with the kids. We aren’t the same faith but believe some of the same.

{November 22, 2012}   Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all have a great day with friends a family.

I am thankful for my kids, friends and family. I am thankful for all my readers as well.




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