{August 13, 2015}   Went to My Big Interview

I went to my big interview that I have been waiting for today. I feel it went really well, it wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable like a lot of them are. I found it really easy to talk to the guy and I don’t have to do much talking. He did most the talking telling me all about the job. I don’t think he left anything out but how to work the handled computer its self.

He gave me the application when I got there had me sit in one area to fill it out and said to come over to the other area when I was done. After he told me all about it we talked for a few minutes about the route and hours dress code and things. Then he acted as if we were done and he was going to get up. I picked my purse ¬†up and started to get up and he turned around started going through these folders. He gave me another stack of papers to fill out. He said he didn’t normally have people fill this packet out unless he made an offer of employment, but he was going to go ahead and have me fill it out since he wasn’t from here and they decided to call me back. He said that way he could just send over the paper work for drug testing and we could go from there.

I asked if he wanted me to go over to where I filled out the application and bring it back in case he had someone coming after me. He said no just do it there, no one is here yet and they wouldn’t be ready anyway if they were. I sat there and filled out and we talked a little more while I did.

I asked if a lot of people applied for the job. He said he had 6 interviews. He said well I had a lot apply but only 6 that I wanted to talk to. I just said oh I figured you had a lot, most jobs in this county are in the south end of the county. I can see them listed tonight apply in the morning they say they had 30 or 40 people sometimes more apply. I was just fishing for information see how many people he was considering. So I made it to the top 6. I figure a few of them may not even show up for the interview either.

I am really hoping he calls me back, it seems like a really decent job. It is the it starts out at good salary and then you get a $25 a week raise after 90 days if they keep you. He said you get bounce for safety as well every so often if you don’t have any accidents or damage property at places.

I figured it out and even without the $25 increase, I can pay all my bills and daycare for the month and still have money left over. Not a ton but it’s better than most I am applying for where I will nearly break-even or end up owing money in the end. This is the job I have been wanting and looking for.

I told my mom the other day I was going to apply for it and she started with her 101 reasons why I shouldn’t. Then today we were talking about it and she started. It works out to $11 or more a hour depending on how many hours it takes to do it. He said around 10 hours probably with the two days out of town being my longest two. If I am right here close to my house in my county, I think once I get it down I can have it done in 6 to 8. I would’t do it and all that driving, it’s a hard job, and you have to go out of town, lifting stuff. She just went on and on. Then she says when you were talking about it before it was going to cost you to work full time. I said yeah but this job pays almost twice what most jobs I am finding pays so yeah I can pay daycare not have to worry. I also do not have to worry about wear and tear on my car or gas because I will have the company truck to go to and from. I will save in gas.

She just gets on my nerves, always something negative to say or 100 reasons why you shouldn’t. Then when I said that to her before she acts like she don’t know what I am talking about or why I would say such a thing.

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