{October 14, 2019}   Picking up My Truck

I guess I have to bite the bullet and go pick up my truck in the morning. I haven’t heard from the guy in almost a month. I have been trying to get someone to go with me but of course no one can or will. I have avoided it for far to long. One of the owners is going to be in at my day job doing some work I told him today I am going to be late that I had to go pick it up and see what to do from there. I am in one of those weird moods where I don’t not care but that I just don’t want to deal with it and I’m okay with not dealing with it and it just hanging out there. Even though I know it is most likely just getting worse. I care but not enough to do anything about it. Even though I told them I am going to be late tomorrow I am going to have to force myself to go over there.

You know some things you can do without or pay to get done. But there are somethings you can’t just pay someone to do. I know that I know you can’t but I don’t know I thought I could figure out some way to take care of this but I can’t.

Sitting here writing this and thinking about it I don’t know if it is the situation that I am in that bothers me more or the fact that here I sit again alone to handle it all on top of everything else I already take care of alone.

{August 5, 2019}   Traded My Truck

I finally traded my truck today. I stopped and talked to good friend and ask him if I just gave him my truck how much more would I need to give him to fix my other truck? He said it be a lot to do that job. I would be better off to do the motor if he was going to do it.

He said with the set up of not paying labor and half of parts then I am better off doing the heads because I would have basically a new motor not just a used motor in who knows what kind of shape.

But if I was going to have to pay for it all out of pocket I am better off letting him replace the motor. He said he could find me a good motor with right about the same miles that are on it now. It would save me a lot of money.

It makes since because the motor would be 16 hours of labor the head job is 28.

After I left he called and said if I wanted to give him my truck he would put me on the books for $800 worth of labor credit. I can use that on anything that I want. My new truck or getting the black car fixed or if I get another one and need something. Or need something later for one of these if this guy comes through.

I told him okay because if not I am only going to get $350 to $500. It has $500 worth of tires on it. That is my biggest problem when something happens is paying labor. So now all I have to do is get the parts and get it fixed. It’s 20 hours of labor at his charge but that’s alright. Most things only take an hour or two. He mostly only charges me the hours he works. So if book says 5 hours and it takes 2 he only charges 2 unlike other shops. Or he does for other people.

I really don’t care I just wanted to be done dealing with it and looking at it and it sitting there at my job. I better do something before something else happens at work and it is involved.

If I had to put a motor in the other truck it would cover that. I have to come up with $800 to $1000 for a motor.

I think they are about to take father of the year back to court and he is $1472 behind. If it ends up coming to me having to pay for it get it done I will take that and get a motor with it.

{October 11, 2018}   To Sell or Not To Sell

I have been checking out trucks from one end of the state to the other, one side to the other and everything in between. I can not find anything under like $6000. If I do they are not in good shape.

I found one for $4280 what an odd price, but anyway it was a few miles from my house so I went to look at it. Me and oldest went, and checked it out. We pulled up there it sat we looked at it in it around it. It was nice for the price. No one ever came out to help us so we walked inside. There was an old guy and younger guy at a desk together. I ask him about it and the old guy started right away. Telling me it was his sons truck, how great it was, all the places he had been and how it wasn’t 4wd but it still hauled a boat like it was nothing. I heard boat and I almost left but I didn’t, but I should of. I had not gotten under to look for rust or anything like that yet but had decided I wanted to hear it run, so we went in then he said that. We took the key he said feel free to test drive it, so we did.

Thank god we were on back streets but they are still pretty busy and a lot of big trucks around. I went to stop and the break peddle sunk to the floor all the way and we were still going zoom down the street a few blocks. I stepped down it moved a tiny bit more but not much. By now i am standing on it and it feels like i am going to push it thorough the floorboard. But we stopped. But when we did there was a metal ripping away from metal sound. Not even a grinding like it needs breaks and the metal is grinding on the rotors. This was like metal ripping from metal. We easied it back to the old man’s lot and parked it. Oh and the check engine light was on and it had a miss like maybe a coil pak or something.

We walked back inside, I gave him his key back and ask him why the check engine light was on and what was the miss? He had no idea what I was talking about. Yeah right, wanted to know what I meant. Then I said and it has no breaks. What yes it does good ones I just checked it out a few days ago thats my sons truck or was I know its in top shape and breaks are good. I said look it has none, when I touch the peddle it slams to the floor in about half a second and I am still saling down the road. If I stand on it and almost push it through the truck it finally stops. But then it sounds like metal ripping away from metal not even like grinding like the rotors would sound. He got mad but was trying not to lose his cool you could tell. The younger guy sitting across the desk from him looked like he could not believe I just called him out on all this went into detail what it sounded like and didn’t sound like and that I knew what it all was. He look at the floor and me and look like he was trying not to laugh at the old guy getting called out by a women. Old guy said come back in a few days I am going to have it looked at there was nothing wrong with it a couple days ago. I laughed said bye.

We got outside oldest said he seem like he got mad. I said yeah because he seen women easy target money maker. When a women came back told him all the problems he did not like it. His easy target wasn’t so easy now she knows her stuff. I said you notice he said come back in a few days he have it looked at? I said he don’t want me to come back and he isn’t going to have it looked at. If he did and was and there were truely no problems and it ran so good he been all over about how sorry he was we were out there with no breaks and things and saying he was going to get it looked at right away. He would of wanted to take my number and let me know as soon as they figured out the problem and fixed it in hopes I would come back and buy it.

I knew something was up it says in his add it is worth over $6000 but selling for $4280 what a great deal just don’t need it anymore. If you know it is worth that much more and your a lot then why would you not try to get at least that for it then have room to haggle when people come but still make some money. Needles to say we won’t be going back. Other than that they are all a lot.

I am going to turn my application in then message the guy who wants mine tell him after looking I can’t find privet owner under $6000 and dealer most are more. See what he says.

If I could find a decent one for around $3000 to $3500 and I could get the ranger for $500 to $900, I would say give me $5000 call it even. The guy has had the ranger for about 2 weeks. If he still has it I bet he would take $500 for it. I have a feeling it must have something wrong with it or someone would jump on it for that price. But maybe because we are going into holidays people just aren’t buying. And right now things are up there in price. Most the time this time of the year things are cheap because people aren’t buying because of holidays. But at $900 I would think someone would jump on it that is looking and need something. I don’t know.

I am going to also ask him if he has anything for me to do for work tomorrow so I can make some money to pay my phone bill and car insurance.


{October 9, 2018}   Your’re Starfish’s Friend

Saturday I was coming in from the store and I passed this trailer down the road and three guys had just come out. They started waving like crazy at me and motioning me to turn around and come back. I had to drop something at the house so I did that and went back out to go to the store. By this point I am figuring they have the car stuck and want pulled out. They were down behind the cars on the back of the lot when I went by and nothing was stuck and they didn’t try to stop me. I ran to the little store around the corner and headed back home. I got close again this guy come running to the road and out in it just about to get me to stop. I did and pulled over there. The guy said your, your um Starfish’s friend you wanted to sell your truck, what happen? See you got it going again. As he said this I reliased who he was. He was the guy from the car lot. I said I did but he said you didn’t get a hold of him. He said i ask him when and he said you was always working.

We talked a little and he gave me his card and said he may have some work for me as well. He said give him a call this week. He had to go finish looking at those properties.

I am going to message him this morning try to go talk to him before work. I found a little Ranger I would like to have if he really wants it. I found another truck like mine that seems to be in decent shape. Not one with all I want but decent priice still a nice truck. I am interested in what work he may have as well. Its not a lot I know but if I get in there maybe I can pick up something more or maybe some of the repos he needs done.

Here it is 4am and I am awake when I should be sleeping. Was woken up by something can’t sleep now. Least I got some decent sleep tonight.

{July 19, 2018}   Thinking Out Loud

Bff and her aunt picked me up from work tonight. We decided to stop for our girls night since we haven’t seen eachother in weeks really.

We sat and talked a while and joked around. I was talking about needing to get my truck fixed and wanting to move and things. I said if I don’t get it fixed I would just put me and the kids on a bus and go with no truck. Bff said what about the dogs? I said I have do what I had to do.  We got to  talking about one of her girls and working at the truck stop. When I said it, it hit me. My friends husband is a truck driver. I said shit i ask him take us give him some money and be done.

Later on the way home one of them said something about my truck and selling it if I go and things. I said if I can’t get it fixed I will scrap it take what I can get. One said wouldn’t I get more selling it? I said probably but I am not getting ripped off by these people that is all I am getting. I said I will give it away first to someone who needs it. It hit me, he drives a rig. I am not taking a lot if he would take me the kids, dogs and the little bit of crap we want to take, I would give him and his son my truck for doing it for me. They can do all the work theirself if they were willing to do that for me then they could have it for sure. I can put the $230 in it and get it back on the road but it needs other work before I can take a trip like that in it. But then when I get there I have inspections and things to pass. I am not sure what they look for and think it should pass but if it don’t im in trouble. This maybe a better idea all around.

I have to get a hold of the one talk to him and go from there. But this is most likely what I will do if i go and if her husband would be willing to do that. He owns his rig and everything so he has flexibility. If he can’t take us. If be would take our stuff and animals i would still do it.

{July 17, 2018}   Was Able To See My Bff

My bff picked me up and I rode to the store with her. We talked and she shopped. We were talking about my truck and I told her what boss said about trading for the blazer. She said yeah he told her she never said anything because it wasn’t right and to small. She knew I wouldn’t go for it. I told her no I knew he make a lot more it was taking advantage of the situation. That I would drive it until it blew up before i did that just because of the fact of the matter. She said yeah she knew I was right.

{July 13, 2018}   2005 Chevy Trailblazer

Last night I posted about not having a ride and needing to do things. A friend commented and then boss from the shop did. He said he told bff to tell me he would traid an 05 Trailblazer with 3rd row seat for my truck.

That from what I can remember is about the size of a Ford Explorer. Hardly any room with 2 seats and now they added a 3rd. It’s 2 steps down than what I have now and a Chevy. I had an explorer when my older two were little it was ok but cramped then. I can not see putting 4 kids in one. Plus dogs and things. I know it is worth about half of what my truck is right now as it sits and a quarter of what its worth or less if it was fixed.

Now I see why he hasn’t offered to help fix it. Any other time he tell me bring it in he get the parts help me fix it. Pay him when I could and things. But now he wants it and figures I am in a jam I will trade him. He has been buying a bunch of suv’s the last few months to fix and sell. Thinking about opening a lot instead of the shop. He figures he get my truck for nothing fix it for next to nothing because it don’t need that much in parts and he don’t pay the guys labor pay he pays them next to nothing and the same if they are working or not so he losing nothing that way. He only paid a few $100 for the one he is trying to give me. So he would walk away with all most all profit.

Thats pretty sorry but not surprising where it is coming from. When he knows I’m working my ass off and need a ride. Explains why he got mad at bff for giving me rides too. He never before and we are together all the time go everywhere. Since my truck broke down he been giving her shit for being with me giving me rides. And i been giving her gas money if we go anywhere unplanned like taking me to from work, the bank or something. That explains it right there. If I am stuck and desperate I am more likely to jump on the trade.

It sucks if I could turn the tag in and drop the insurence for a month and get to and from work for that month I could buy the parts. I could use the $200 I pay on it every month to buy the parts. My “friend” could put them in for me. Then I could use next months payment and start it again. But i can’t park it with no tag at my house. If I drop insurance don’t turn tag in they can take my license. Its due any day so I have to do it fast.

I haven’t said anything to boss. If he says anything I am just going to tell him I need something bigger than that. I’m going tell him also that I would be giving my truck away and it make more since for me to fix it than do that. I know he bought a bunch that are a step down from mine i may have considered one of them. But I don’t know that I trust him to of fixed it not just rigged whatever was wrong with them. Be stuck walking again.

{June 30, 2018}   There May Be Hope Still

I seen a Expedtion sitting on the lot that Starfishes boss owns today. I messaged him and ask him about it. Tonight he messaged me back and said he would findout about it and let me know. He said honestly it is a really good strong running truck with cold a/c. He said he had been trying to get him to give him a down payment price so he could but it. I guess he messaged his boss asked him he told him $4000 cash. He asked if I wanted to sell mine or what. I told him yes I thought so. He said send him pictures. He ask what I wanted. I told him i did not know what a fair price would be. I knew it needed x amount of parts. I said you know my truck as good as me what do you think? He said I don’t know. I told him the other was to much way more than I wanted to spend. He said he make a deal give me something for my truck. I told him no because I did not want to have that much tied up in that truck. For that I could have one like I have in better shape. He said but he will make a deal with you on yours too. I said no i dont want to do that. He said you still want to sell yours? I said if the price is right. Few minutes he came back and said he said unseen nust with pictures knowing what he told him he said $1500. I said no way I may as well keep it and fix it for that.

He said I can go ask the guy at the other lot for you. He said honestly you could probably still get about $5000 out of it. I said yeah i know these lots will get a good amount out of it even with the work it needs put into it. He said yeah he said he is going to call Rob tomorrow. He was the one talking about giving me $7000 for it before then I didn’t do it. He is close with them I think they are better to deal with than where he is now. He knows. He knows I know prices and cost and things too. But he was just beinng the messenger. Why when I said no he said i can ask over here. He said he wish he had the money buy it and put the work into it. I work something out with him if I did not need money so badly.

He said the other guy who he is going to talk to tomorrow has a Ford Ranger too. But he wants way to much for his trucks and cars. I am going to just tell him if you want to buy okay lets do it. Then if I decide to buy I will do that in a different transaction. Not doing it all together or as a trade in. Get ripped off really badly that way. If he gives me that much I will take the money pay my mom off and buy another truck like I have.

I hope he finds something out tomorrow one way or another. I was a little surprised he ask about wanting to sell it and trying to help me. I think like me he thought the guy would offer more. I think that is one reason he didn’t want to say a price me ask for that and then findout the guy would of gave more. But we know what was offered over here when it didn’t need work. So $5000 is still good to ask or expect because he still have less than $7000 once he puts the work into it. So he will make money i will we can all be happy.

{June 29, 2018}   Starting To Get To Me

Not having my truck is really starting to get to me. I need to go see about a loan to take care of things. I need to get my check, go to the other bank, and go pay on my guns. I also have somewhere to go tomorrow. But can’t do any of it. I have no idea how I will get to and from work tomorrow or Sunday or anything else at this point either. This really sucks.

I do not even know how I feel about it being broken over all. I mean I care I don’t have a ride but other than that I don’t really feel anything about it all. I kind of feel a peace about it all and oh well. I haven’t been trying to figure out how to fix it, or stressing over getting it fixed or anything like that. It’s almost as if it isn’t even there. Idon’t know why I feel that way. Maybe subconsciously I am just glad to not be dealing with it and figuring out what it needs or trying to make it last. Maybe because I just feel this is the time to just move on and my chance. I never wanted that truck. I wanted one like it but not that one. I was forced into that one by Peter Pan. Maybe I just feel now is my chance to be done with anything that had to do with him. I want to start new and fresh start there.

I just pray I am able to work something out. I don’t know what or how but I have to work out a ride some way.

I wonder what I could trade it for? Instead of selling it list it to trade. Or list for trade or sell. Hum…….

{November 20, 2017}   Nice Car

Tonight me and the girls went to the store to grab something for dinner and a few things we needed. I went to park where I normally do and it was full so I went around and parked in a different area of the lot. We went in and killed some time looking at toys and a few things before we went to get our stuff, trying to avoid someone who’s car we seen in the parking lot.

I came out and put Little Bitty in while my oldest loaded the couple bags of things we had. I open my door and got in and noticed a paper sticking up on my windshield. I still had the parking papers on my dash from where we went to the fair I thought it was one of them. I was about to say to my oldest as she got in that someone had been in the truck and was turning around to look in the very back and the back seat. As I turned I noticed that the papers were still laying there where they were. I then thought it was a reflection of them but I seen in the reflection it said nice car on it. I was like what? The light in the lot was shining right in the the windshield so it was hard to tell really. I figured out it was on the outside so I got out and took it off. It said nice car if you want to sell or trade give me a call and left a phone number on it.

My first thought was the guy who owns the body shop and a local car lot in the area. He has been trying to get my truck for about a year now. He has asked me about it a few times. Once when the front end was all messed up on it again when I was calling around about paint jobs and another time. When I called about paint job he knew what truck I was talking about right away he ask me if it was this or that before I could even tell him what kind or anything. So he has been watching and knows my truck. I find it kind of thinking about it now. I want and want it painted, I thought that maybe if I was able to get another I would make a deal with him to paint my new one for a trade of my old one for payment or something like that. He has three on his lot right now that I would like to go look at but I don’t have the money. I thought at the time I was going to have this job it was going to be decent I was going to get paid and with in a couple months I could be caught up, paid a lawyer and replace my truck.

When I got home I went to look the number up and see if I could find out who it was. When I looked at it to see what it was I noticed it was not a local area code. When I looked it up its hours away from me, down south of me. But just said it was a cell phone. Then I went over to facebook and looked it up. I seen someone said a while back you could put numbers in and they would come up sometimes. Sure enough it came up with a guy local but was not who I was expecting it to be at all. He is a sales guy at a local large dealership close by here. I do not think I am going to follow up o it right now. I know if they run any kind of report on it they are going to buy it. I also know they are not going to give me enough to buy another one out right or trade me out right and I can’t get into payments.

It’s crazy the last three trucks this one and the two before it everyone stops me and wants to buy it. I have been stopped in gas stations, parking lots, school and all over and asked about selling my trucks or trading them.

et cetera
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