{March 28, 2019}   What I Signed Up For

Last night one of the drivers called and had a problem with the load he was picking up. It was a return he needed to pick up and drop somewhere. Part of the load was picked up by another driver because neither driver had room for it all. There was papers for each but none of it was going to match up for either one because the way the load was packed and it couldn’t be split up for it to match the paperwork. They just needed something to show where it was going and to be signed off on.

This guy was all bent out of shape because his papers didn’t match his load. What was he supposed to be picking up and he didn’t think it matched. The guy training me told him it wasn’t going to match it was just to be signed it wasn’t a big deal. He kept going on about it and that it said he had this but it wasn’t there. Then he had so many of this and he had more then he had less then he didn’t know. He asked how many bags were on each pallet and he told him you can’t count them because of the way they are packed. They go back and forth for another 5 minutes or more. Then the guy starts counting the bags that are on each pallet after telling us he couldn’t and you couldn’t. I busted up laughing I said hey look Buttercup learned to count. Finally he got him to understand that all he needed to do was pick the stuff up and drop it where he was told and have the paper he has signed and that is it. It don’t matter at this point what is on the pallets as long as it is something off that paper. He said okay and hung up.

I was just shaking my head and laughing. The guy training me turned around and said this, this is what you signed up for! You signed up for this right here. This is going to be the biggest part of what you do and laughed. I laughed I said that’s alright I think I can handle it. I could be doing a lot worse for a lot less. This is nothing.

I met a lot more of the guys, we had a lot more trucks come in than I remember coming in last week on Wednesday. Tuesday and Wednesdays are our busy nights. A bunch of the trucks are coming and going from the yard and meeting up and coming and going from our other yards and distributors.

I don’t know how I am ever going to remember all their names. I told Bff last night I am going to just call them all Buttercup. I know a few of them but not many, until I figure out who everyone is (probably 6 months a year from now) they all can be buttercup. I can’t give them all nick names because that would require remembering who they all are again and it takes a while to do that. I would say I know who about 8 of them are out of the 60 or so. I have always been horrible with names. I take that back maybe 12 of them so far I know. That is between the guys that work inside with me the owner the yard guys and the drivers. But there are 60 divers alone.

I met one last night when I went out to the office where the yard guys are. He said do you have thick skin, because you are going to need it to work here. I said I’m good I’m use to it. He said there are three languages spoken around here, trucker, something else and sarcasm. If you don’t have thick skin you won’t make it. I said oh sarcasm, I have a shirt that says sarcasm level expert. He said what who? I said I do. He said oh really now, game on, challenge accepted. I said okay. He said I got to go but I will be seeing you around or talking to you on the phone. We will see how it plays out. I just laughed.

Wait until I start calling him Buttercup, I may have to come up with something even better for him, because I couldn’t tell you his name when I walked away. I shook his hand told him nice to meet you. He said you say that now but you don’t know you just met me. The guy over the yard said oh no it’s alright she is being trained very well and she already knows more than some we have had here for years. More common sense than most.

The other night we sat down and went over a bunch of our trucks and where they leave from and their rout. Now that I have this all written out and can see it, it is all starting to click and make a little more sense to me. As far as how to load, weights, and dealing with all the other little whatever problems come up I think I can handle that all pretty well. It is just the knowing where the trucks are and going and the order. Also learning all of our stops and their names will help. Once I have that I should be okay. I think by the end of next week I should have most of it down pretty good. I think for the most part if I was thrown in there and had to handle it I could get by and do alright. I think I would learn a little more a little faster as well. But at least I should be able to handle it. I may have to make some calls and ask some questions but the guy training me is making calls and asking questions all the time because like they said your not going to know a lot of times and have to find the answer or figure one out if there is no one to ask. I can do that.

{December 14, 2018}   2 Days In and It’s Dead

I started my 2nd job at the car lot last night and it was dead. One or two calls that is about it. The one guy that works there had a friend come in to look at a car. He said he was going to come back this morning to buy it. That was it.

I worked with the owners son last night. He was the main one staring me down that 2nd day I went back to talk to them. I got there last night he told me we were going to be closing together and he would show me things. I thought oh boy this should be a great night.

But he ended up being pretty nice. He showed me a few things and said the other lady there would show me better tonight when I came in. We talked off and on through the night. He pretty decent.

Tonight I got there and I seen the owner in the other guys office. I walked back there. I said am I supposed to clock in or anything? He said you just did your good. I said okay. Last week he had me write down a number but it hadn’t come back up. Last night when we were locking up he ask if I had a code for the alarm? I said no. Then I thought I said I gave him a number last week that is probably what it is for. So when I asked about clocking in I ask if that was what the number was for he said yes. But that I didn’t have a key so. I said I know not worried about it. Was just asked I thought of that wanted to make sure I don’t forget if it is.

They told me I would be working with the other guy that was out there last week with the owners son. He would show me more if anything happen tonight. It was slow again. He called him in introduced us and told us the other girl would work with us. I guess he is new at the selling part too so she was there to help. I am not really sure. We talked a little but part of the night she sat and showed me how to put payments and things in. Then the guy from last night came back and the owner told me and the guy to work it together and we would split what was made. He would take care of the other guy because he was supposed to translate for us. They say they don’t speak english. But the guy did he was helping his son in law buy the car. We spent a while with them and they ended up not buying it. He said it was to much over all the interest rate was to high. He had good credit and all this. But he did not want to have his credit checked or anything like that. He was not willing to give his social or anything. He kept saying his credit was good we act like it isn’t and aren’t giving him a fair deal.

I looked at him and said but you are not using your credit. You do not want this to be tied to your credit in anyway. So we are not using it we can’t assume anything without proof you just doing buy here pay here. He looked at it told son in law no it is to much and they left. I knew he wasn’t going to take it to start with. He was mad they wouldn’t haggle price with him bring price down. But he wasn’t giving us the full down payment even. Some now some in 6 weeks. They didn’t want to give their number wanted the kid who is 17 to sign for it all instead of him. It was all a shady mess from the time they walked in.

But the time of the year that it is I know it is going to be dead the next few weeks. Until after the new year. Like they said. I just want to get it all over with. I want to be able to walk through it all with someone and know what I am doing so I can be on my own and not have someone over my shoulder all the time. I just want to fall into a routine and not be “new” anymore. Like my job now I know how everything works and on my own Ibdon’t have a someone holding my hand watching every move and questioning everything. They really aren’t it is just that feel like your being watched. The guy I was closing with Thursday night said man I hated asking the boss questions when I started be would yell at me and everything. I never wanted to ask him stuff but I had to. I guess he thought about what he was saying he said but he won’t do you that way. He be nice to you. I just grinned. I tell him same thing I tell anyone else, I am not going to be treated that way talk to like that. You don’t have enough money to pay me if you wanted to. I don’t care.

After walking through payments I think I can handle them on my own. We were halfway through putting a mock deal in amd it was time to go home. But it is pretty much fill in the box and your just taking information from the forms they are giving you. So I think I will be okay. I have to see how we work getting the tags, temp tags, insurance and things like that. I close with Mr. Auto tonight so I figure he will show me more maybe I don’t know. He has not said a lot to me the last few nights. I go in get my stuff then

The guy I worked with tonight I know from somewhere. I had been trying to figure it out since I seen him the other day. I never said anything. Later tonight after the people left he came over and said I know you and I can’t figureout from where. I laughed, I said I have been trying to figure out the samething. We talked a little never could figure out where from. It is going to drive me crazy until one of us figures it out. Normally it wouldn’t but it is like I should really know who this is and from where and have no idea. The fact niether of us have common names and the name don’t seem femilure to me. It does but it don’t. But his face and voice seems like someone I have known or been around at least offten even if I didn’t get to know him at the time. I knew of him. If that makes since.

Writing this I am wondering if he maybe worked with my dad or ex or if I know one of his ex. I was thinking maybe my step dads family too. Just can’t figure it out.


I got to work late today because it was just a drag ass kind of day. We had our first really cold night/morning my drier didn’t want to work and the kids missed their ride. Then we got to school and had to come home for stuff that was forgot. I got to work, clocked in and then went through and pulled up all my sites and places that I needed to pull up in order to do my job. There are about 6 or more and each one has a log in name and password and each one is different or slightly different than the others. Half of them I had to try and try to log in because the system gets so bogged down I think that it just kicks it back and says it is wrong. As soon as I logged on the phone and put myself in to get calls I heard them calling my name. I went to see why, they told me to put my phone on training and go down to the conference room and tell them I just got there. I said I been here for about 45 minutes or more I didn’t just get here. They well just go down there. I go in there and there is already about 25 people or more in there. There is no where to sit the room is freezing and there is this guy standing in the front at this screen talking about this and that. One guy got up said he was going on break. I said I am going to sit here until you get back then you can have your seat back and sat down. the guy who is supposed to be training says I have this or that to do I will be back in a few minutes. We all start talking and everyone is talking about how this is crazy we have no where to sit they keep stopping we are sitting her looking at the wall and talking to each other like the other training class. Then these people are telling us how they got there at 7 am, they came in over the weekend for training and they were in training Friday. They said they called them and told them to come in or asked them to come in. It’s 10 we just got into this class. He comes back in starts telling us about a few other things. I stopped him asked a question he half ass answered it. Before I could say anything someone else asked him about it and to explain it more. He says well that isn’t really what we are here to learn just raise your hand when your on the phone and ask them about that later. Then goes on, someone stopped ask about something else and where to find what he was showing us and telling us to use. Again we were told we weren’t covering that we didn’t have time just raise our hand when we were on the floor and had a call. Someone stopped him and ask about what he was explaining to us and how that was and what about this or that. He stands there looking completely stupid and then says well we don’t have time to go over that we will come back to that later we need to get through this and have to move on. Um what are you teaching us if we are telling you we have questions and we don’t understand what you are talking about because that isn’t what we were told? Isn’t this training and don’t you want us to learn what you are teaching us why we are here?  He then says everyone go on your first 15 minute break. We are all standing around talking about this and how they just spring all this on us others have been here for days going over this stuff others hours before us and we all are expected to take this test and pass in a little bit. We go back in he tells us a few more things turns the “class” over to two other people that are agents on the phone like the rest of us and says I have to go for about 20 minutes so they are going to go over the stuff we did and try to explain it some to you all. Then in walks another girl and she is up there trying to help them out. We are asking her this stuff we been asking and asking about this test and she is asking us questions that are like the ones that are supposed to be on the test. We are saying that isn’t what we were told the answer was, this isn’t what they showed us to do, that isn’t how they are telling us out there to do this. We didn’t learn that, we didn’t learn to do it like that. This other girl that came in after he left to help these other two out says you all pasted this test and this test the last thing you did before you came out to the floor you have to know some of this and should know this stuff. You all shouldn’t have all these questions you passed the test or you wouldn’t be out on the floor. I was mad at this point. I said you want to know how we past the test? I was locked out of the system for a week straight. Everyone else had a 3 or 4 days maybe more to work on all that training and do them test. I was logged in on Monday under someone else information told to do the training on my own and then to take the test. I said I did one test on Monday and when I walked in on Tuesday I was told this had to be done today and to hurry up get through the work and get the test done. I said and then they told us do the test but don’t turn it in on the computer, let us look at it first. I said then they came over looked at every question and would say number such and such are you sure that is the answer you want to put for that and then say think about this or that I don’t know if that is right either until you picked the answer they felt was right. I said so that is how we past the test and got on the floor. I said as far as the rest of this stuff when your locked out and can’t do anything them coming over clicking here there and where ever between a bunch of sites and pages why you are in the middle of a phone call isn’t training or giving us a chance to learn the system and understand what they are doing or even have an idea of what they are doing or where they are supposed to go to do what. So no why you sit here and say we had training and passed this test or that test no we really didn’t so it isn’t our fault that we do not know this stuff and when we were in training we spent about 48 hours (a week) or more sitting there looking at the walls roof or what ever and talking to each other about whatever because no one was showing us and teaching or training us on anything. Everyone was like yes she is right and everything she is saying is true and the training wasn’t done right blah blah. She did not like it at all when I got done and then started back peddling and saying well instead of sitting here talking about how bad training was and what they didn’t do lets just move on and get this done and something else. After that she never asked me nothing talked to me or even acted like I was in the room. Me and the other guy were talking to some of them after we took the test and he said no one will come help me when I am on the phone or talk to me or even look at me most the time now because they know I haven’t been pain at all in a month. I said yep me to, they avoid me and will not say anything to me or walk past me. The other lady said you all need to call a lawyer. I said oh I plan on it tomorrow. I am going to call a lawyer the news medicare blue cross of Minnesota and everyone else I can think of to call and get something done about this and take care of it. 4:30 rolled around I said I got to go. Someone said you have a break to take? I said nope somewhere to take my son I got to go home. They started to say something, I said not like I am getting paid to be here anyway so it shouldn’t matter. They were like oh yeah that is true. The lady doing the class and another one was sitting right there a few seats away from me and I seen one look up and start to say something and when I said something about getting paid she looked down and never said anything.  I don’t even know if I passed my test or not. They couldn’t decide on the right answer for a few of them and was complaining that so many missed a lot of them and that everyone was missing different stuff not like we were missing the same things. I don’t care I am just there hoping to get paid if I show up a few days this week so that I can cover bills. I am applying for other jobs the days I am not there and starting my hours for school as well. I am not letting my schooling go this close to being done with two certificates. Oh and before it was over we had over 30 people shoved in this room half without chairs to sit in standing around getting tripped over and everything else doing this so called training. While half of them are sitting around talking about something that has nothing to do with what we are doing he is standing up there talking about stuff no one can hear him and everything else before he left. When he left and said he be back in 25 minutes or whatever it was he never came back he left it to someone else. He finally came in got half the people and took them to test. When our group took the test half of us had come in between 8 and 9 the others came at 12 11 or 10. By 245 we had taken both test and were waiting for our grades. But we were trained. Even the ones that got there later were saying wait what we have to take the test and we just got here. We were like wait we have only had bits and pieces of training because every time we come in we are sent on another break and then half of the people are still in there going on with training we leave come back in the middle of something different then we sent out again and miss stuff come back to something else different. They are out when we are in no one got all the training. I am contacting blue cross telling them all this.

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