{December 24, 2019}   Christmas Tree Disaster

It is now Christmas Eve and we just finished with putting the tree up. I started this post late Monday night early Tuesday morning. I went met him and got the tree Monday night after work.


We still have not put a tree up. We were going to Sunday evening and that blew up.

Little Bitty was all excited when I said it was time to put the tree up. She ran to my room and brought it out.

I opened the box and there was no tree. All that was in the box was a house, metal tree thing and few other odds and ends. But closed in the box it was just enough weight it felt like the tree. I figured he was probably looking for that stuff and has no idea where it is.

I go get the white tree from last year and parts were missing. We couldn’t even put the legs in it. I told them to toss it in the trash I would get one the next night on my way home.

Today Pops came in and I asked him if he was missing anything. He said he didn’t think so why? I told him what happen. He was shocked and confused. Then started telling me he was sorry he didn’t know. I laughed told him not to worry about it. He was upset.

In the meantime a friend knew we were going to put it up and asked about it. I told him what happen. He asked if I had got one later this after noon. I told him no I was going to stop at the stores on the way home last night.

He said let him see what he could do. I told him I would take care of it he didn’t have to do that. He just got his own place and he is trying to get things and a car. I knew he didn’t have away to run all over.

Well tonight about 8 p.m. he sent me a picture of a Christmas tree. He said I had to work some magic but got you one. He said it isn’t the one you wanted (before I knew what he was doing I told him about the one I was looking for) you can take it back but it’s all I could get.

I said no it’s great I wasn’t sure I would even find what I was looking for. I am just happy to have one at this point. I told him thank you and ask him how much it was. He said nothing it is yours I am happy to help. I told him I would come by after work. He said a friend he knew from work came in he told her he needed a tree and ask her to run up the street to the store and find one. She ended up at the big store before she found it. I gave him a hug told him thank you again.

He said I know you work a lot and trying, this keeps you from having to run around all night after work in the cold. I’m glad to do it.

I am so thankful, I was so tired and truly didn’t want to go to the store. It was nice to have someone do something so simple for me as run and find that and get it. Even if I paid for it. It just takes something off my to do list and that never happens unless I have done it.

We were talking about it and he said I like to see you smile and if I could do that and help make you smile I’m happy. Mind you have not seen or spoken to this friend in years. That is another post.


{May 12, 2019}   Christopher Robins, Movie

I promised the kids movie night they decided to watch Christopher Robins.

Am I the only one that notices Pooh is walking around with a red balloon? And then Christopher Robins follows him into a tree with it?  So many questions?

{December 17, 2014}   Looking More Like Christmas


I thought I posted around Thanksgiving but I guess I didn’t. We put our tree up a day or two after Thanksgiving and it has sat here since basically empty. It has some of them big plastic ball ornaments, they are pretty but they are just to big for the tree and it just looks so bear compared to normal. October through December is when we do a lot of our decorating for the holidays. We love decorating for Halloween/fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Christmas being our biggest one. When we had our house the kids each had their own little tiny tree in their rooms, the big tree was in the play room they could put what they wanted how they wanted. I had a little 4 ft one I sit up on a end table. I like the smaller tree. The kids love the big one. I always liked my grandma’s big tree she had for years when I was little.

We were so excited to get our tree up and put all our ornaments on it we have collected over the years since my kids were babies and I still had some from when I was a kid. We got it up and I grabbed the tin that had all the ornaments in it and it was EMPTY. It was the wrong tin. All this time I thought I had our stuff for our tree and it was the wrong tin. I have searched the house over, made him search the attic, laundry room, closets and anywhere I could think of. They are just gone. I am guessing they got thrown a way when the storage place through my stuff a way saying I left it after I called told them I hadn’t. But I can’t be 100% sure because I could have been seeing the wrong tin all that time. I wish I knew what they really done with my stuff I had just a few things I would give almost anything to get back. My grandma’s cross, an our Christmas stuff.

We did still have our outside stuff to put up and some new stuff from the last time we were able to put stuff up. A guy gave father of the year a big bin of lights and things. They were moving and couldn’t take it. They are going out of the country. There were two of them two little deer in there and a bunch of lights. We had our manger scene as well. So they were thrilled about that.

The last week or so we have been looking for ornaments and making them. We found a few little things we had still that got packed somewhere else besides the tin but not much. We went to a few thrift stores and found some really nice one.

We took cornstarch and baking soda and made home made ornaments. We used cookie cutters to make stockings, bells, gingerbread men, soldiers and others. After we baked them we painted them. tree1tree4tree3tree2

We finally had time to get them together put stings and hooks on them and get them on the tree. You would be surprised what $2 worth of things from the thrift store and some home made ornaments will do for a tree. We ran out of room. but we got them all on there.

We had a larger gingerbread man cookie cuter we made a bunch of them and gave them as gifts to friends, teachers and therapist. The kids got to paint all the ones for the people they were giving them to. My little bitty wasn’t up when we painted the little ones I painted a set for her. She was when we painted the big ones I had a extra one so I let her paint one it came out so cute. They put little googly eyes on their big gingerbread men.

this is my little guys he made for his teachers

this is my little guys he made for his teachers

The three my oldest boy made for his therapist

The three my oldest boy made for his therapist

The one my oldest made for some friends of ours.

The one my oldest made for some friends of ours.

The one my baby girl painted for me

The one my baby girl painted for me

et cetera
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