If I won the lottery I wouldn’t tell anyone. I would go buy the truck I have wanted for a long time. I would take it and have it checked from bumper to bumper top to bottom for anything that maybe wrong with it and have it fixed. Then I would pack just the personal things me and the kids wanted to keep and put them in storage. After that I would load the kids up and we would go on a road trip we could all pick a state we wanted to see and go check it out. Make some stops in whatever states we had to go through to get to where we wanted to go. Really check it out and all the different areas. We would check out schools, and places to live and what it had to offer. Once we had checked out all the places we wanted to go we would come home decide where we wanted to live. Get our stuff out of storage and go back. I would want to be out of town a little bit so that we could pretty much do whatever and not be bothered. I don’t like living right next to people. I would buy a very large piece of property and have my dream house build on it. Then I would set up areas for other houses and things to be put on it as well for family and friends. Who ever wanted to come up and live by us. We could have out own little town. I would bring my dad and get him his own place and my mom and my grandparents. My sister and things if she wanted to come.

I would also like to donate and help other people or start some kind of place to help people. I would like to help teens and teen mom’s young families who are working and trying to make it. Maybe build some kind of apartments or living places they can stay in for so long to help them get going.

I would make sure that all the kids in the family had collage funds set up. That way when they finished school if they wanted to go to collage they could. If they didn’t then they could use the money to buy a house or car. I wouldn’t have it set up where they could just get the money to do whatever they wanted to with it. I would want it to go for something to help them not just to spend to party or on new games clothes or whatever else they may find to spend it on.

I would put a lot of it a way for and save it and only put some much a month to be spent. This way it would last a while.


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