{March 13, 2014}   Disappointed Not Surprised

I said in my other post I had been hanging out with a new friend and we been talking getting to know each other the last week or so. She is a friend of a friend we see each other over there at parties and things. But never really talked about our life and things. mostly just talked in a group and joked. She is the one watching my dog for me until we can have her again.

We went to breakfast and the flea market then took the kids to lunch last week and were talking. She was telling me stuff that the friend we met through had told her about me and things going on and about things between me and RC. A lot of it was untrue and didn’t happen the way she told her at all. I told her that and she even said when she was telling me that some of it didn’t make since to her when she was telling her it. She thinks my friend had a crush on RC and was kind of trying to make him look good in all this or what. It really bothers me and upsets me. That she would do that and then act the way she dose to my face. But at the same time it really don’t surprise me because you can’t hardly trust anyone anymore. This was the one I let be there with me when I had my daughter. I really don’t think she is lieing about what she told me because it wasn’t like she just came out and started telling me. We were talking about my divorce and how things were between father of the year and what happen with me and RC. She started saying what and that isn’t what I heard and was told at all. I had said something about yeah that is what pills will do to you and things. She had no clue about that. She was told that DCF was about to be called on us because things we didn’t and didn’t do. The people she was told was there and going to do all this stuff wasn’t even in the picture didn’t know anything that was going on or nothing. One person did say they were going to call but not because of anything we did or wasn’t doing. They were just going to call about how many people we had in the house. But there is nothing they could have done about that either they all had beds and things. We were looking at places to rent and it isn’t ok with them if you are homeless with your kids if you can’t afford a place. How could they say that we were in the wrong because we had a place for them it just wasn’t the ideal size and we were looking for a place. The only reason this person was going to call was a control thing. She thought if she said that then we would give her rides everywhere and give her money when ever she wanted it because we would be scared to have them called out there. But she found it didn’t work that way and that it just got her phone calls from someone she really didn’t want to hear from and almost a ass whip-pen from me. The last time she called and said that shit on the machine because we had stopped answering the phone to her. I got up from dinner got my clothes on got my idea and headed to her door. RC stopped me and begged me not to go down there and to let him handle it so I did. Handle it he did she was coming over and calling begging him to fix things and saying she wouldn’t bother us no more.

It just sucks that its like there goes another friend. I am sure I will still talk to her and things because are kids are so very close. But I know we won’t be as close as we were and I won’t feel I can talk to her like I use to about things. It isn’t like she got somethings mixed up or confused even it was just all twisted made up lies.

The other girl also brought something interesting up that I hadn’t even said to her. She was saying how she was friends with her and how close they were supposed to be and things but then how she turned around and is buddy buddy with her ex her kids dad and talks to him and more than her now. She also said that her ex husband that she had only met one time all of a sudden she is friends with and talks to all the time. Then her ex she came back down here with about a year ago who ended up treating her really bad and did all kinds of stuff to her. I was there I know what all happen and the friend I met her through and who told her all this stuff had been telling me how she was helping her and trying to get him locked up and how she as scared of him and scared for her and things. She is now friends with him and talks to him and was trying to tell her all about him and things. She said she found that kind of odd. I do to with that one because she was telling me the same thing she was scared of him and wanted him locked up didn’t like him and blah blah. She said she also thinks that she is giving her number to her one ex because no one has it but her who knows him and he always gets it no time after she changes it. I was thinking about it and I said you know I think she is still talking to RC some way as well just by different things she has said and she use to look at his page even when I didn’t or didn’t bring him up she would all the time and be looking at it. I don’t know why she had no reason too. When he moved it killed her to know where he was living. She went a drove around until she found his house. I was with her one day and she went and found it we drove by and he was sitting out front working on his bike. She was so glad we found it. I also think the fact that anytime we were together and I wanted to stop and say something to him or anything she always had some reason not to. Even her husband said a few times hell yeah I would have stopped to there nothing wrong with it. She oh no this and that. Anytime I say something about him she acts funny and when I say I am going to get someone to look him up get address and things for him she says oh I think I can get that for you but she never dose.

I all so had a problem with someone telling others stuff that wasn’t true and all twisted and things a few different times the last year or so. We were talking about it and she right a way started saying it was my friend J and he husband I had started talking to more and become friends with because I met them from RC and they were his friends first. But I really didn’t believe it and proved some of it wasn’t them but her sister. I know that part of what her sister said had to come from her as well because she don’t even live close and was talking about a bunch of stuff that she wouldn’t even know about. So she has told her some stuff too. I had someone else tell me before you have friends who talk and you be surprised what I can find out or what I know. The stuff they knew wasn’t right either. It was all stuff that I have no idea where it came from or stuff that was twisted and turned into something it really wasn’t.

The more I think about it and the more I hear I am sure it is all coming right from her. The more I think about it the less I really want to have to do with her. I guess I will just have to let it all play out and see where the pieces land. I am not going to say anything yet because the other girl asked me not to say anything about what was said between me and her. She told me stuff about her that wasn’t true either. And made her out to be way worse than she is. But in the end that is how she has made all this out to be that everyone is so much worse off than her or under her and she is so good. But it is all going to come out. I am going to get her to hang herself. Then she can’t say anything or denies it. She can’t get mad at anyone else for saying anything. I love how everyone thinks I’m just so stupid and have no clue what they are doing or won’t find out. A lot I had wondered about for a while but wasn’t to worried about because she don’t know anything to tell anyone that I wouldn’t tell them myself and anyone who knows me knows how things really are. The others do but just like her want to cause problems.

{December 28, 2012}   Over Two Faced People and Drunks

Ex’s sister in law has been running her mouth and talking behind my back the last couple months. She has made the comment that she would take my daughter for a while if need be. But that she didn’t want the other two. Like I am going to split my kids up and send one states a way to live and take her out of her school and a way from her family. I am trying to find somewhere to stay now so they don’t have to leave their schools.

Well then ex’s dad lent him money to get a place he has to pay it back at tax time. When his sister in law found out she got all mad about it and started making comments and saying stuff. Well now they have been down and staying with his parents for the week and started more shit. He took the kids and went over for a couple hours on Christmas and his dad was making comments about us getting back together and his brother was saying something about it. I guess they didn’t like it that he wants too get back together. I don’t he does that is nothing new or different. Then his dad was saying something about the money and he wants him to bring it back until we get the place and all this that he is affraid we are going to lose it or it is going to get stolen. As if we don’t keep up with our money all the time and never have any problem with it getting stolen. I guess he told him he would bring it back Wednesday. I don’t know I wasn’t there he just told me he had to take it back and that they wanted them to come over and have dinner. They also said something about him using my truck and not having his phone on. Not my fault he hasn’t fixed his truck we haven’t had time with everything going on and not like we can run them both right now any way. Just more gas to run it all the way down to where we are staying to sit. Mine is bigger we have more room and it has the stuff we need in it. We figure we will get the other one going as soon as we get things settled and have time.

Well his sister in law texted my phone last night and wanted to know if they could see the kids because they were leaving this morning to go home. They weren’t supposed to leave for anther day or so. We were 50 miles a way looking at houses and filling out paper work on one then taking care of the dogs and things. We text back said we weren’t around we were up there and that we still had to get home. Then they wanted to know if they could take them out for ice cream. I text them back told them that we still had to get dinner and that the baby was sick and went to bed already. That if we had had more notice yesterday or something we could have set something up but it was late and not a good time. as far as they knew it was ex. I said he was wore out he been going to work at 4 am and then not getting home til 7 or 8 and trying to get a house and things. They send something back saying they were so sad to hear that and blah blah and then they said that he needed to call his dad that he was supposed to be there the night before and broken promises had caused a lot of hardship and pain bull shit. Said he would call and that we had turned in paper work in on a place and put money on it to hold it. Then they really got mad.

He called them when we got home and was sitting in the truck. His dad started that he was jerking him around and screwing him around and how he was supposed to bring the money back. He told him the agreement was he would give it back at tax time. He started that he needed to make sure we found the right house and all this this shit. By now I was beyond pissed. I said I don’t need anyone to tell me what house to rent my family has to live there. His dad sounded like he was about to blow I could hear him saying what did she say. Ex just said nothing or something he was saying she did what did she say I heard her I want to know what she said. So then they got into it more. He was having a fit on the phone he sounded like a 2 year old not getting what he wanted. I tried to take the phone because he started talking about me and what I was and ex wasn’t saying anything like always. I was mad so then I said more. He was saying he needed to control the money and that was it he didn’t care about the money and something and that was what he got out of it he didn’t have to have anything to do with him or the grand kids and me out of his life it was worth it and shit. I said non of them have to worry about ever seeing me or my kids because after today not one of them will see or speak to my kids again. He flipped over that after what he just said and that he couldn’t keep them from him and all this. Then he started telling him he would just go take the kids and he had the means to and all this. Like because he has money they are just going to hand my kids over to him or something.

I said tell him that won’t happen ever that if anyone got called and they said my kids had to be placed I have a family who they will go to before he ever sees them and that he still wouldn’t see them. That he needed to look it up and check into it that grandparents have no rights the only ones that have rights are the parents. No and he would fight it and if they had to be placed they are the ones they would place them with anyway and all this. I said nope because even if they did that they would ask me who I wanted them to go with because I am the mom and still have say in who has my kids. But they aren’t going to take my kids I already know. I have talked to a worker before and I have friends who do foster care they all know how it works. They worker told me if the rest of the parents they work with did half as much and cared half as much about their kids as I did they wouldn’t have jobs because they wouldn’t be needed.

Like I told my friend they may have money and they really don’t we all ready know they have said things to my ex and his grandma has told him. Money isn’t everything and just because I don’t have money don’t mean I don’t have people who know how it works and who will fight for me. It isn’t always about what you have as much as who you know and how you treat people. I don’t screw people over and start drama and I know all kinds of people who I get help and get along with very well. When you don’t cause problems and help it isn’t all about money. But like I said I am not worried about it he can’t do anything any way. He will spend a bunch of money just to find out he has no rights.

Like I told my friend and ex one lives states a way do they really think they are going to take my child split her up from her family and send her states a way when there are plenty of places right here that she can stay and plenty of people here willing to. Do they really think they are going to take them and give them to the drunk who lives maybe at the most 40 miles a way and only sees them if they are lucky 4 times a year and probably not even that? I don’t think so. I know they won’t.

They really need to think about almost 10 years ago when I first met my ex where he was what he had and who helped him and things when they wouldn’t even let him come home and stay a few days or a month to get back on his feet get a car or anything. He was making $60 a week if he was lucky paying $50 out for rent and had $10 left for food and gas. He was borrowing a friends car and trying to fix it all the time just to be able to get around.

We got together I took him to a friend who had a company got him a job making decent money working full time. I took my money from my job and bought us a truck and I went and found us a place to stay and let him stay with me at a friends house I was staying out until we got a place.

Just like now as of the first if I had not took him to my friends house, my sisters house and now my moms to stay when I move around he would not have any where to stay either. He would be staying on the floor in that cold empty house with no fridge stove or anything or in his car. When his car broke down my friends husband ordered him the starter because he could get it for way less than what he could get it for since he works for a shop and tow place. He wouldn’t have gotten the part to fix his car because he would be trying to save money to get a place or he would have had to take that chunk of money out to get it and been set back that much.  

Not one friend or family member of his that is around here has offered to let him stay with them for even a night. Or said hey you and the kids could stay here why you look for a place nothing. But then they want to talk about me. I have sold my truck and everything else for us to have money and the things we need. I have helped him with gas and food my friends and family have helped him. But then this is how they want to do and talk about me and do knowing my kids their grand kids are going to be in the street. I promise they won’t be seeing or talking to my kids again. They can sit back and say well we will see them when they are with their dad or what ever but they won’t. Because if he wants to keep seeing them he won’t take them places I don’t want them to be or around people I don’t want them around. He knows I won’t play games after someone does something like that.

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