{February 15, 2019}   A Long Two Days

Yesterday I started the day off taking the little kids to the doctor and being an hour and half late for work. The little kids have had a cold for a little over a week now. I keep telling them it is just a cold or vires everyone at the lot has had it and it just has to run it’s course. They act fine other than a cough. Well Monday night we were going to bed and big boy said it hurt to breath and he really didn’t feel good. I decided I would get up and take them to the doctor then drop them at school and go to work.

We got to the doctor at 8:45 and didn’t leave until after 10. By then they were already having lunch at school, I would of had to take them get them lunch or take them home get them lunch then go and I would of been later to work. They would of gotten to school with not much time left. Not really been worth it. I took them dropped them off at home and went to work.

When I got to the doctor they hit me with a $90 bill that had to be paid. Father of the Year said he was going to pay it. I know I am stupid for thinking he was or did. I really didn’t think he was but thought maybe something that big he might and I have so much other stuff to deal with I forgot to follow up on it and he hasn’t had to go so. I paid that and missed work. Over $100 gone that was for other things that needed to be taken care of. It just never ends

They finally see the doctor and they have double ear infections. At no time has either of them said they can’t hear or their ears hurt or anything like that. Mom of the year over here. Well she said little bitty had double infection and that Little guy was on his way any day he was full of fluid and clogged up. So she was treated them both.

Then this morning I go get in the truck and I am waiting for Oldest to come out so we can go to the store before I go to work. She runs out to the truck and says I need to come inside something was wrong with the dog. I go in she got up from being a sleep all night stood up pooped in the floor and fell down. Had her foot in the poop and wasn’t moving. I sat down in front of her and talked to her and tried to get her to get up and things and she would. finally I got her up and into the truck but she was still walking around like she was drunk or something. She got in laid her head on the back of the seat and just sat there wouldn’t move or look at us nothing. I took her to this Vet place that is supposed to help when you don’t have the money to pay and let you make small payments until you get it paid off. They said they were operating they wouldn’t see her or help me.

I ended up taking her to our vet and they said they were getting ready to go into surgery but they would fit us in. We waited an hour or more it was like 9 when we got there. I had to tell them at work I was going to be late again. They just said no problem. I said I am going to be late when it rains it pours.

We finally got in to see the vet and she checked her all out and said she thinks she had a seizures. They said they could do blood work that would be $150 in addition to the office visit. They agreed that it would be okay to just watch her for a bit and see if she did it anymore and decide from there. They said the type of dog she is, are known to have them and them to just come on out of the blue. I am just watching her and seeing what happens from here because I don’t have $150 to spend to be told she is fine and we really think she is even the vet said she thinks she is okay. The blood work is just the first step in looking for anything that maybe wrong.

last night I get home and little bitty is in tears telling me her leg hurts. I look at it and move it around and see nothing wrong with it and she says she has not hurt it in anyway at home or school. I take her and lay down I can see she is tired and figure she is over sensitive because she is. We prop it up and she falls asleep in a little bit. About 1 in the morning she wakes up hysterical crying it hurts and can’t stand or walk on it. I look at it again and still see nothing at all wrong. Where she says it hurts is really weird as well, she says it hurts on the top of her leg mid way down her shin. Right on the top it is the bone there. When I say Little Bitty she is tiny so you can feel the bone very easily and if there was a broken I think you could see or feel something off. She is only like 32lbs at almost 6. I get her dressed and take her to get it looked at. I figure if she is still this way today or I wait until today I am going to take her to he doctor she is going to send us to the hospital for x rays because she can’t do them in office. I am going to have to wait there for hours and who knows how long at the hospital then for the test. Miss most today of work if not all day and be late if I didn’t miss. I have been late the last two days. I can’t do this. I decide to cut the middle man and all the running around. Take her to the ER hope they are not busy and let them xray it and see if something is wrong.

We got there and they were not busy at all hardly. They got us right back ordered the xray and sent us on our way. We were in a room 35 minutes I think is all and in the waiting room maybe 20 I think it was more like 10. We were back home again. they said nothing wrong broken, fractured or sprang, she should be fine with in a few day. If not then to take her to the bone doctor and let them check her out and see what they want to do from there.

I am at work now and I am so tired I could just put my head down on the desk and go to sleep. I am really fighting not to. The guys were already gone on the road when I got her this morning and Pop’s called and said he had the tv guy coming out this morning he was going to be there between 11 and 12 so he wasn’t sure how long it would take him or when he would be in. Its not a big deal it is slow we have not had anyone come in yet today and everything from yesterday is dome. There wouldn’t be anything for him to do if he did come in. I am about to take everything off my desk and clean it. There are stacks of papers all over. Some mine some theirs and some for the shop. There is a little bit of everything from everywhere and the dust or what from them working is thick. I didn’t realize how bad it was on my desk until right before I was going home yesterday. They have this thin rubber like film over the keyboard on the computer and I seen something on it, I went to get it off and noticed it was where something scratched it like. It was a mark in the dust stuff. I am going to take it off wash it and put it back and organize all these papers and everything else and find a home for it all. My desk is the collect all for everything from mail to paperwork and things the guys need to take care of. Since we have the one computer we all use everything collects around it.

That has been my week from Wednesday to this morning so far. I just want to hit the pause button on the world for a few hours so I can sleep and get caught back up. in the last 48 hours I have worked 20 and spent about 6 at the doctors and only about 8 sleeping. It is no wonder I am so tired. Little Bitty has been hell on wheels and I been in tears a couple times dealing with her. I need a vacation away from everything.

You know I am use to only getting a few hours sleep each night or what. But it is different when I am laying in bed and can’t sleep than when I am going, going, going and can’t relax at least. Lately I am going to bed with a couple hours left to sleep and crashing but it isn’t good sleep because I am not relaxing I am just crash up and go again until I crash again. where a lot of nights I will lay there for hours before I fall a sleep but I will do things on line or talk to a friend or with the kids or something. Not stressing.

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