{July 6, 2018}   No Word Yet

I have still not heard anything about my truck. I gave him the vin number last night was hoping to hear back by now. This guy is slow too. I hate it, he takes his time getting back to you. I told Starfish I need to get this done as soon as I can. I told him I am about to lose my job and everything because of it.

I don’t want to bother Starfish more I know he is really busy working and can’t just drop everything to help me. I know if the guy contacted him for anything he would answer and let me know if he needed anything. But he can’t just stay on top of him to try to get him to take care of things any faster.

Why do guys have to be so stubborn and pigheaded? Why won’t he just deal with me? Cut friend out of the picture and him not have the bother of being the go between. But when I called and tried before he wanted to act shady and like he had no idea who i was or what we talked about. But then ask how Starfish was doing. Then he don’t remember me and crap who I am he was after Starfish to see if I still wanted to rent my back room out. He had my number, he could of called or messaged me. But again have him be the go between. He hardly talked to me about it when I was there sitting in the truck but one time.

Hell maybe I make him nervous or scare him too. I know to much for him to deal with me, because I don’t walk in stupid knowing nothing about cars or their value and he has to come of of some real numbers not low ball me hoping I think its a great deal and take it. If I don’t he can add a few $100 still have a low ball offer and get it for nothing. He knows he has to start with a decent offer and I already told him not to waste my time with low ball numbers. I have to get enough to replace it with same kind of truck or I won’t sell. That isn’t cheap.

I was just hoping to be done with it by today and have money in my hand. Guess we will see it is straight up noon so still a full day and he works late most nights.



{May 8, 2017}   Impatiently Waiting

So far 3 out of 4 teachers have turned final grades in and I am very impatiently awaiting the 4th one to get his in. Have 2 B’s and 1 A so far.

I thought I had a C in one of those classes but she went back and regraded the final and graded it on a curve, that brought my grade to a B. The test was two parts multiple choice and essay questions. She had already told me the other day I got all the essay questions right but missed some of the others. I received an email today she sent to everyone saying she changed the way she graded them. She said she didn’t really like the multiple choice questions and that she felt they were not clear on what some were asking and that the things they were asking for were to close and easily confused basically. She said everyone did really well on the essay part so she knows we know what we are doing and that is why she went in and regraded them. She said she felt it was a better representation of what kind of students we were. It was nice she did’t let one test mess our grades up when we had really good grades through out the hole class. The way finals are tied in it can bring your grade down a letter grade or more. For her to see that it was everyone that was having problems in the same area but knew the ones we had to answer our self and fix it is great.

I had one other teacher that will do the same kind of things. She will look at how many people missed the same question if it is close to half the class or more then she says that either we did not cover it enough or she did not make it clear enough for us to understand. If we had covered it enough or she had made it clear enough then half the class or more should not have gotten it wrong and will give credit for it or grade to make up for it.

I keep going back and checking my grades to see if this last teacher turned in the grades or not. I checked with him the other day to make sure he had all my work and everything was okay. We email or work to him so sometimes things get lost between us emailing him, his office and everyone else. He said he had it all everything looked good. I am a little worried about the project I had to turn in and the final paper that needed to be turned in. The project was a video that Wanda was supposed to help me with and then left that weekend. I had to use my oldest and because of my mom we ended up being up supper late working on it. I don’t think it came out all that good but with what I had to work with her not wanting to do it but doing it to keep me from failing. Then my research paper I used the same paper that I did for one of my other classes and turned in. We had to do a paper on working with a group and what practice or theory we would use and why, they wanted to know what we felt would be rewarding and difficult to work with them. I did mine on single parents, well single mothers for the most part because like I put in my paper there wasn’t really information on single fathers. In the other class we had to pick a group and write about what we needed to be aware of and things like that when working with them. Pretty much the same stuff when it came down to it. I had already picked the topic of single parents for that class then seen it was also a group we could pick for the other class so I ended up picking it there too. The other class I had picked a different topic to start with but got half way through it and just wasn’t feeling it so then went back and did the single parent topic and wrote the paper in an hour or two. I got five or ten points off for little things like formatting the paper and missing a word or something but that was it nothing wrong with the paper its self.

{April 7, 2017}   Starting To Think It’s True

This is how I have spent my day just waiting for my money to hit the bank. It zeroed out between 3:10 and 4:10 this afternoon and still hasn’t hit the bank. For the life of me I can’t remember how long it took before. I know last time it was just there before I expected it. I thought it would go in between 8 and midnight but still hasn’t hit. Now I am being told it will probably be between 4 and 8 pm tomorrow. I pray it is sometime between now and when I drop the kids off at school in a few hours. I go for a interview in a few hours and don’t have shoes to wear. I have a pair of slip on dress light shows, but I don’t like the way they are made and if it rains they will be soaked and like wearing nothing in just a few seconds.

I have needed dog food for two days now so they have eaten hot dogs the last two nights and whatever the little kids left on their plates. My lights are due tomorrow if they are not paid they will go off first thing Saturday morning. I also have another bill due that needed paid last Saturday and I put them off until tomorrow hoping to get the money to take care of it all.

I even went so far as to try to pawn some of the coins my dad left me and one of the guns. But they just changed the laws about pawn shops well not just pawn shops but anywhere that buys and sells jewelry coins fire arms and things like that. So no one is wanting to buy or loan on things anymore. One guy even told me he was thinking about closing up shop because he felt it went to far and over stepped and invaded his rights at this point and it would be hard to make money because you buy it at one price and then have to hold it so long before you can sell it and then price goes down. Plus other things they are going to make them do as well.

I was shocked, my friend J and my other friend that has been sick and in and out of the hospital went with me when I was trying to pawn it. I dropped them all off picked up the kids and went home. My friend that has been sick sent me a message and said her boyfriend was trying to get a hold of a guy has been wanting to buy his truck so he could sell it to him. I asked her why because they had money and he don’t have any other car or truck. He can’t drive it right now but he will need it later when he can. She said to get me the money I needed since I couldn’t get it. I was floored. I told her to tell him not to do that I would work it out and get it. I only needed $100 that day I knew the rest I had until tomorrow to figure out and get. I just knew if I was pawning stuff to get it I needed to do it all at once instead of doing two or three different pawns. I wanted to get all the money at one time. The $100 I didn’t end up needing that night any how because my truck started having problems and I wasn’t able to take the kids to their activities anyhow. She said just let him he couldn’t drive it anyway but I couldn’t do that. I would never let someone do that unless I just had no other options and could not do without it and I don’t think I could even let them do that then. I still kill myself trying to figure out how to get it without them doing something like that for me.

When I looked later my debt to the school had zeroed out so I figured I would have my money by this past Wednesday but I didn’t. I thought for sure today and still nothing, then when it all zeroed out I figured by now it would be there. I thought that when it zeroed out all together it went right in, but I guess not. I am surprised because they are not open tomorrow. I pray it isn’t held up somewhere until Monday.

{June 23, 2016}   No Court Date

I called today to get a court date to hopefully get this divorce over with. The judges JA said they were not giving anymore court dates. She said that as of the 5 of July they will be going to only criminal court and my case will be going to a different judge. She said they are not giving no more court dates for family court. I asked her if I could get a date for after the 5 and she said I would have to call the new judges JA and ask them if they could or would go ahead and set up a date. Of course I called and called them and they never answered so I am going to try and call back tomorrow. I am hoping they will go ahead and give me a day instead of making me wait until the 5 to even get one. I would think they would go ahead and start setting dates now so that when the 6 and things roll around they have cases to hear but who knows. I am sure if they already know this is happening they have send the cases over probably so the judge will have time to go over the case before then too. I don’t really think they look at much and probably just have the JA check to make sure everything is there and legal.

I am still worried they are going to say something about the child support worksheet since our income didn’t meet it then we couldn’t do it. The only other thing I am worried about is my little bitty and they are going to want a paternity test on her. I don’t have a bunch of money to spend on a test. I just pray that it isn’t a big deal he signed saying she wasn’t his I did and I wasn’t even living near him I was living with RC at the time.

I know to put them on the birth certificate it isn’t hard if you get married and there is no one on it whoever you marry can sign saying they are the father and no one questions it they put them right one. I don’t see if we are both saying we know she isn’t his then why we should have to get a test to prove she isn’t.

I know this judge he was pretty fair in criminal cases and not to hard so I am hoping that he is the same way when it comes to this. Now I am stressing because I just want it done and over with. I had prepared myself to wait the ten days to get a date but then when she said I could call today I was glad thinking I could be in court in a few weeks now I am back to waiting. I just don’t want him to change his mind or start getting nasty and cause problems. Or change his mind once he has time to think about it or bring it up to others and they start telling him he needs to do this or that. Once it goes to court and final I am not worried about to much because I know he isn’t going to go to court and do anything he don’t know how and even if he got help or wanted to the way he takes forever to do something he would never “find” the time to do it. It would get put off and put off.

{June 23, 2015}   Counting Down the Minutes

I really want to go to bed but I am counting down the minutes until midnight. I have 5 left right now. But really I will probably have to wait until 12:30 am. My money is supposed to be here today so that I can go get my truck back. I really pray that it comes today like it is supposed to. I have been told it can take up to 3 days to really come. But I noticed Thursday that on my school records instead of saying I had no credit or balance it said I had a – credit and balance for the full amount I am supposed to get between tomorrow and the 7 th of July. My friend said Thursday I would have it within 24 hours of it showing negative but I didn’t get it. I was hoping because I could have gotten my truck back last Friday. But didn’t think it was going to come. When my grand money was supposed to come it said negative for weeks before the money finally came. I don’t know if I will get the full amount tomorrow or if they will hold part of it and I will get it the 7 th even. I really don’t care I just want at least the half I am supposed to get tomorrow so I can get my truck. The rest is pretty much for bills and rent so it don’t matter if I have it now or later I can’t use it for anything else but bills. I keep being told that it probably won’t go in before 3 pm tomorrow even. That kind of sucks because I have my sons therapy from 3 to 4. Then I have to go to the school, the store and a bank in order to get all the money for the truck if they won’t take my bank card for payment at the pawn shop. That is going to cost me around $20 give or take to just get my money if I have to run around all over to get the money. I am watching my email too because they are supposed to send me a email when they put it into my account. Well it is 5 after 12 and no email yet, but who knows how long it may take to get the email once they do it. They had to send me a text the other day and it took forever before I got it. I think I will call and see what they say and go to bed. If it isn’t there when I call I guess I will check when I get up in the morning and then later after therapy. I really want my truck back I don’t want to run out of gas again in this van or worse have it just stop working for some reason.

{December 20, 2012}   Still Waiting

They wouldn’t run the credit check or anything until we got the papers showing proof of income in. We finally go all that turned in yesterday around 3:30. I figure they didn’t start running anything until today. I pray they call us sometime today and tell us we have it. We really need to get our stuff out of where we are tonight they need to get ready for company that is coming this weekend. If we could get the key tonight we would move the stuff we have here and go over there and stay. Then start moving the rest of our stuff tomorrow. It is going to be a pain because I have no more money to rent a truck or trailer this time. I have a little set aside to go buy the kids stuff for Christmas. I can’t take the money I have for that and do it. Plus I have to do something about food and things once we get in there until we get checks next Friday and they are going to be short because of the holidays. It is going to be a ruff few weeks until we get into next year but I think we will be ok. I just have to get everything changed and paid to get in and see where I am at that point. I just hope that they take his paper from work and use it. He has been part time the last few months but just went back to full time. The boss was going to give him a letter saying he was full time. Then they said it had to come from home office in another state from people who just bought the place and really don’t know what is going on. She said she couldn’t put that he was at full time all she could put was and avrage of what he had been working. Then she just sent a letter saying he worked for that company working at $X an hour nothing about how many hours. His boss said just put on it he is full time and that if they have any questions to call him and he would explain because the other women didn’t know what she was doing. He has been trying to get her to send him income info for months. The only reason he got it yesterday was because one of the big guys from up there was down and heard him telling his boss that he wasn’t trying to be a pain or cause problems but that he had been asking for this from her for months and that he had to have it right a way or his kids were going to be homeless. He got on the phone and sent it. I think that is why she sent what she did because she was mad that she got in trouble. The guy had left by the time she sent it so she knew she wouldn’t have to deal with him. Our lady we are dealing with seem to think it was fine and said she was going to tell them to just talk to his boss here if they needed anything. That this girl hasn’t been doing her job and got in trouble and still isn’t doing things right. She said the vet thing they will give me so long to get once I get into the house. I am on pins and needles waiting to hear back from them. If we don’t get this one we have to start all over with another one. That means not getting into somewhere until after new years probably since it is Friday just about and then holidays. I really don’t want to go to my moms all the way in palm bay. But we can’t stay here either. We been here for like 3 weeks now. We have to do something. it was for a week maybe 2 when we started. I really hate waiting. I hope it don’t take 48 hours like they said it could take. They said 24/48 but that we were local and it shouldn’t take long at all. The kids can’t wait to get in and put all our Christmas stuff up. They will be really disappointed if they don’t get to do it this year. We have it up by the first most years sometimes before. We have never waited so late to put it up.

{August 17, 2012}   Waiting Game

It’s barely 7am and I am sitting here waiting to to get dressed and take the younger kids to school. The two older ones have been up and ready they just left a little bit ago. Normally I would be gone taking them to the bus and school. But RC got the other job yesterday and he starts today. He has to be there about 20 minutes after my last one goes to school. To save gas and time he is going to drop them in the morning and I am going to drop his two off since they go close to the house and not until like 8.

I hate to wait it’s ok if it is a few minutes but when I have to wait hours it drives me crazy. Like now I really don’t have anything else that needs to be done. I don’t feel good and didn’t sleep good last night. I would like to lay down but as soon as I do and get to sleep it would be time to be getting ready. Plus even though they don’t have to get up early they are already up and the baby has gotten up. Once I take them to school I spend the rest of the day waiting for it to be time to do what I have to do next or mostly just for everyone to get home. Normally I would go out to the flea markets or yard sales things like that just to get out of the house and waste a little time. But we are trying to save money and that takes a lot of gas and I would find a ton of things I want to buy. Today I have one of the kids home with me since they don’t have school on Friday. I got news for him when the baby goes to take a nap we are all going to be taking a nap since I don’t feel good and didn’t sleep last night.

I am so glad RC got this other job and not the one at the tire place he was going to go to. He is going to be making $5 more and hour at his new job. He works 8 to 6 through the week and 8 to 1 on Saturday. That still gives us time to go out and do stuff with the kids when he gets off and things or to go out and do something together if we don’t have the kids. I don’t think he has to work Sunday’s at all. They rotate Saturdays so he will have one or two off a month but he told them that for right now he would work them since we are trying to get moved and things like that. He wants to get moved pay the car off and a couple other things. Then he wants to get some money in the bank. That’s good because our bills are going to be going up when we move we are going to be going into the holiday season and things may get slow at work so he won’t be making as much a week. Good to make as much as he can now so that we can have it if it gets a little slow here and there and if something ever happen and he needed to take time off.

Well I thought I would do this and pass some time but that really didn’t work out very good. It sure didn’t take as long as I thought. I am back to waiting again guess I should go referee the kids since all they want to do is fight this morning.

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