Today I was sitting there in the living room and the dogs had been put in the cage for something. The next thing I know I see out of the corner of my eye what looks like my big dog just walk through the side of her cage. Surprisingly enough the smaller dog really did not know what she had done and did not try to do it either. She seemed as confused as I was because she can’t just walk through the side of the cage like that, but she had. When I went in there and started looking the sides of the cage were taken apart. I have had this cage for over 6 years and never have I ever had that happen. I didn’t even think it would stand right if it wasn’t all hooked in together. Now I am wondering how it got that way and how she figured it out since none of us did and the other dog hasn’t either.

So lets recap the last few days, I am still sure that someone came in my house on Thursday unless the dog has figured out how to open my bedroom door, turn on the light, turn on the bathroom light, flush the toilet and look out the blind almost 6 ft off the ground. I wonder if that isn’t how she figured out she could get out of her cage maybe if someone came in and she wasn’t happy about it. I don’t know I would love to be able to explain how the rest of the stuff happen and feel better knowing no one was in the house but I can’t.

As for yesterday since I did not take time to go through the house and take care of things and didn’t take time to take note of how any of the rooms really looked or anything I can not say I am sure someone was in here yesterday. The only thing that stood out to me yesterday was the dog being out and now we know she is letting herself out that explains that. I was just to mad at my Little Bitty and the store to remember to make note of how things were once I got everyone out of the house. I was at the door telling them I was leaving they better get in the truck now, closed the door and left.

I have to take the kids to school tomorrow and go to class myself. I have to talk to the big kids teacher when I drop them off so I don’t know if I will be back before class or not. I am going to make sure I turn everything off like the other day. I am also going to try to put something up at the door that will move if someone comes in it. That way I can tell if they are coming in the front door or where they are coming in. If whatever it is isn’t moved and someone has been in the house then I know they are coming in some other door. I think I will also just snap a few pictures just to show that this is how I left it and this is what I came back to if someone has come in and done something. Maybe if I do that and then have something to show the cops they will make a report so it is documented in case anything else happens or we catch someone. The more documented times they have the hard it will be for them to get out of it.

Just wanted to update everyone on the latest news, and clear it up that I am not sure about anyone being here Saturday but that there are to many things that were done Thursday for me to say they weren’t then either. All the more reason I want to move. I have lived all over the county and this happens. Maybe if I just leave the state they won’t be able to mess with us no more. I still think a lot of it goes back to Stalked that I wrote before. Because they don’t take anything and it happens around the same times and things. If I move out of state and it kept happening I may lose my mind. That might just be to much at that point.

Today I dropped the little kids off at school and went to school with the big kids and spent the day. When we left there we went to therapy, the chickens and then to pick the little kids back up. They had fundraiser where one of the places brought food and sold and they get part of the money. I wasn’t going to do it but the kids talked me into it since I haven’t done any of the fundraisers this year. They had a bike a thon last Friday but they didn’t go. We are going to a dinner thing at the big kids school in a couple weeks. Well I thought I had picked up money I had put up at home before I left this morning but when I checked my pocket I hadn’t. So we got the little kids came home to get the money to go back and get dinner.

Today I knew I was going to be at the big kids school with them all day so I gave them keys to the truck told them to get in I would be there in a minute. They open the door, went out and left it open. We do this every morning whoever is first out leave door open last one out closets it. I always lock it on my way out so when they close it I know it is locked if I am not last one out. I have my light bill down less than $100 and money is tight so I been trying to keep things not being used turned off. I had my oldest turn the air up to 80 when she was standing in the hall talking to me before she went to the truck. She went out I turned off my light turned off the bathroom light and check to make sure the toilet wasn’t running because it is messed up. I came out open the boys room turned off their light and then checked the girls room. I checked the back door to make sure it was locked and went to go into the living room. I seen the one dog laying on the other in the cage I was hot, I said it is muggy in here I am going to turn the air down(yes I talk to the dogs). That way when it started getting warmer they wouldn’t get to warm. I went back down the hall closed my bedroom door so I could get to the control for the air because my bedroom door opens out into the hall instead of into the room. This the air control is behind it when it is open. I closed the door turned it down and left.

I left the kids in the truck so that I could just run in get the money and go to the bathroom. I open the door and started through the house. I got across the living room and my big dog came running from down the hall to meet me. I ran and shut the door because if the door is open she will run right out it. I almost didn’t beat her to the door. Then I looked for the other dog because she didn’t come running with her and she was still in the cage. That was the first thought I had when she ran over and met me from down the hall was how did you get out of the cage. We have two dogs they share a cage and the only time one is in it without the other is when we are home and one gets into trouble. We can not open the front door with them out or they will bolt and have to be chased down. They will run 6 blocks away and back and forth, no fun. At night we put a load of wash in the washer then when the kids get up in the morning they give dogs water, walk them and then put them in the cage so they can go to the laundry room and truck without them getting away. They stay in the cage until I get back from taking them to school and let them out. Before I leave they go back in the cage so they don’t bolt when I try to leave or when we are all trying to come in the house. Not only was the dog out of her cage, but my bedroom door was open, my light and fan was on, the bathroom light in my room was on and the toilet was running.

I have looked all over and can not find anything that is missing from the house, my tv, computers, money everything is still here. I ask the girl across from me if she seen anyone at my house today she said she was gone all day too. She just got home not long before we did. She ask me could one of your dogs just gotten out of the cage but not the other? Really one got out held the other one there to keep her in and locked it back up. And my 60 lb one got out but my 20 lb one couldn’t have? There is nothing wrong with the cage at all checked it over. But the dog had used the bathroom on herself and had it all over the cage and floor. I find that odd too because they both had and they normally don’t do that. I wonder if someone gave them something to them that would make them poop like that.

I went got the kids food and to take my friend to the store like I told her I would. She kept saying it was Father of The Year I really didn’t think it was. I called him on the phone and ask him what he did today and if he had come to my house. He said no. I told him I was calling the police so if he had I needed to know he still said no and wanted to know why. He said that he slept until 11 something then ran my mom to places she had to go and just barely maid it to work on time. I believe him because where he works is to far from my house for him to have been at work when I was talking to him if he had been to my house and then went. He knows if he says he was with my mom he had better been because I will call her and ask her if I think he is lying to me and she will tell me. He knows if I call the police the first thing they going to say is your ex where is he where has he been and they could call my mom and his job to see where he was all day. I know they will because they done it before when something happen at my house growing up. They wanted to know where my step dad was went to his house and got him out of bed to lay eyes on him to make sure it couldn’t have been him.

I didn’t call the police, I have nothing missing and can’t prove who it was or why. If I call they will be like why are you calling us if there is nothing missing and no sign of a break in. But there has never been a break in when whoever this is comes in my house, they come in the door and go back out the door. I have come home many times over the years and someone has been in my house. A lot when I had my house we were buying and me and the kids were staying there alone. I had someone setting off my alarms, letting my dog lose off her chain and they even hit her. I called the police they do nothing no way to know who done it call us if you catch them. But I would go in the house then and I could smell cigurate smoke all through my house where they had walked around my house inside smoking. I did not smoke no one who came to my house smoked. Other times I would come in and the house would smell like oil. If you live with or know a mechanic you know the smell I am talking about it is not a smell you just get easy or pick up randomly. It is a smell you get from being under a car or under the hood all day working. It’s a greasy oily smell. It be all through my house, it wasn’t like the air was pulling it in because you would not smell it outside at all not even a hint but once you walked in it would hit you like a cloud. Back then I hardly ever ran my air only at night when we were sleeping. Other times it would smell like aftershave. The same thing nothing missing just like wanting to let you know they were there. Today is the first time they were so bold and did things like turn lights on use the bathroom let the dog out of the cage. I find it funny still they let one out not the other. But the one they didn’t let out is the one I have only had a year or two since I moved in this house, she is the hyper one that will not stay off of you and jumps all over you. She is a puppy still and just wants to play. Not sure how she wold react if someone came in the house with no one home like today. The big one they did let out is the one that I have had since she was 6 weeks old, she is 10 years old now. She is the one that they hit, she is the one that they use to let lose off the chain the morning after my alarms were set off, she is the one that I could lay there and hear them outside talking to her. So if it is the same person or people she knows them and is use to them and/or scared of them.

I kept thinking all evening why let the dog out risk her maybe still doing something even if she knows you? Why let her out and be bothered with her at all? Why not just leave her in the cage like the other one and do whatever you came in to do. I it hit me tonight sitting here they let her out and left her out so I knew that she been out and that someone had been in here. I think they left her out to say look I was in your house, I had your dog out and done whatever I wanted to do and she did nothing, I can come in your house and your dog isn’t going to do anything. I do think if they came in and we were here she put up a fight just because of the way I seen her act toward people I let in the house she did not want here and because of the way she has acted toward others she knew when kids were involved. She don’t play when kids are around and someone does something or she don’t like someone. I have seen her get bad I told the people to leave because even with her in her cage I didn’t feel it was safe for them because of the way she was acting. she was trying to get out. I didn’t like them want them here anyway so that gave me reason to get them out and to tell owners not to send them back to my house.

But anyway this worries me and then tonight I was sitting here on my bed messing around with my computer, Little Bitty came in got up here and wanted me to play music vedio of her song she likes Roar by Katy Perry. She likes the music and loves the animals and that she brushes their teeth and paints their nails. That is her to a T, she would do it if she could and not think twice about it. I turned it on for her and she stood up on my bed and started dancing. I looked over in the mirror and noticed the window behind me. The blind was open. I have the big blinds that have the wide slats not the little cheap ones you get for $10 or less at wal mart or a dollar store that are in most rentals. These are the fake wood I guess they call them where the slats are about as wide as your hand. Well the one in my room I picked up at a rummage sale. I got it up and found it was broke. You can’t open it the sting has been pulled out or cut off. I left it up because I needed something until I got something else. Here we are years later it is still there. It isn’t a problem because I never ever open blinds not even in the rest of the house. It helps keep the house cooler, I don’t like the gliar on the tv and my little ones run around in their underwear most times and I am in whatever gown or long shirt. I don’t even look out that blind because there are tresses in the way when you look out there. Night or day I get up go look out the bathroom window.

Anyway I turned and looked and it’s so high up on the blind I would have to be on my knees on the bed to even try and look out it. Il would be over my head if I stood up by the bed even. I know it wasn’t open before I left. I had the kids go around and check all the windows in the house and make sure they were locked and all the door were locked before we got ready to go to bed. I think they heard something and looked out to see if someone came up. My friend said she wonders if they were in here when I came home to get the money and go to the bathroom. Maybe went into one of the kids bedrooms because their doors are closed and I didn’t even go in there to see if anyone was in there. I didn’t think they were because the dog didn’t act funny I think she would have.

I am just so aggervated that this is happening and now they are getting so bold to make sure that I knew they were here. I just want to know how they knew where I was and how long I was going to be gone because today was way out of norm for me. Well I guess not way out of norm but still not like it is often or set up I go every week on this day or that. Randomly for different things I go. Sometimes the day sometimes field trips sometimes just because and it isn’t all day just part of the day. If I am not at school I am here or I am in and out and around past the house all day. But I did think of something else tonight too when talking to my friend. Lately we have been coming home and I have been getting on the kids for going to my bathroom and leaving the toilet run before we leave and leaving my room open. They keep saying I didn’t do it we weren’t in there. I keep saying one of you must have. I would’t even let them use it a couple days and got onto them for sneaking and using it because I come home find it running. Now I am wondering if it isn’t whoever was in there today. That would be one thing I would notice. I am so bad about it I am always checking it, I will come back to the bedroom and check it if I think of it. With what happen with the washer those few times and it sitting there dumping and dumping water tons at a time running the water bill up. I have been supper careful about the toilet because I know others said theirs had problems and it cost them a lot. I don’t have money to pay for water to just be flushed. I need to fix it but the guts in the tank need replaced I don’t have the money to get new one. When I do I forget. I am really starting to think it was whoever this was today not the kids. I am just wondering why the bold I was here I want to make sure you know it without a shadow of a doubt that I was here moves all of a sudden when I hadn’t thought anything had been going on for a while now. I have not had a lot of problems since I moved in this house just a few random times it was mostly the smoking in the house. Today was just different but I think it is the same person. I probably won’t sleep for days or be up at every little sound. Oh and I find it funny this happen with in days of the dogs getting up every night at 3 am having a fit about something outside. They use to always come between 2 and 4 mostly 2 and 3 but sometimes as late as 4 in the past. It’s also funny that the 16 my friend Wanda and her boyfriend was here and we were talking about someone messing around and how way back when the police sent us a letter advising us to move because they could not catch the person and they were worried about our safety. I am starting to think that things I think nothing off or pass of as one of the kids doing maybe I shouldn’t have and that maybe I have let my guard down because we have been doing good for so long. I just don’t know what to do. I keep saying I am going to get a camrea but then he stops paying and I don’t have the money and every time I don’t get it something happens I wish I had. I looked around there is a good set for around $250/$300 but now I need a wireless set because I have no one to put them in so I have to put them up myself and it has to be as easy as possible because I don’t think I can run a bunch of wire around. It would take a lot of wire and splicing and things. I am going to see what I can figure out.

I found out about a job I can probably walk in and get I hope to apply tomorrow if not then Monday after school. I will tell you more about that later because my shoulders and things are starting to hurt from the way I am sitting here and I have some things I need to do before it gets later. But it will be a little bit before I can save the money to get them. But late is better than never maybe.

{December 30, 2016}   Creepy People

About a year ago when my dad was sick and I was dealing with that someone bought the house behind me and moved in. I never bothered to meet them or try to get to know them because as soon as they moved in code enforcement got called on me and a few others around them. The rest of us all have been here with each other for years and never had anything like. I figure it came from them.

Well when we came back after the hurricane I was outside looking around to see if there was any damage and what needed to be picked up and I walked down by the street and the fence line because it was dark I didn’t want to walk around in my yard because I know there is a big snake that is back there sometimes. I don’t do snakes no way shape form or for any reason. I walked down the street up to the edge of the fence and shined a light back there it was dark. Well the guy behind me came out and started talking to me.

He told me how he owned the house he was in one over a few blocks away and a few others. Just chatting really. Ask about the kids and things. He said he thought I only had the two, I don’t know how they are all out there all the time the times I have seen him go by but whatever. He said something about ex not living here anymore. I didn’t think anything of it because he had the tow truck that sat here every day and now it is gone and his truck is never here either. Few people who know us have asked me. No big deal. A few that I know well and trust I had told he was not here and if they seen anything going on around my house to call me or the police because it it is just me and the kids here.

Friday I got all my last minute stuff I needed to do from the stores done because I didn’t want to be out Christmas eve fighting the mobs of people and we were set to go to church I knew we would need to be getting ready for that it was early. Well I forgot I had found these picture frames that I had in some trunks here, they were brand new I never used them after I bought them. I was going to get some pictures made give them to my mom, grandma, sister, friend and let the kids give one to their dad. If I had money to get the pictures for them. I was so busy with other stuff I forgot about them until last minute. I had money from babysitting them few days and took part of that to use for them. I tried to get them and there was a mob of people around them all and only three were working. I left and went back later. When I went back I seen this guy behind me there with his son at one of the machines. His son was sitting on the stool and he was standing behind him looking over his shoulder like. They were going through their pictures blowing them up picking different ones and things. I walked right up to the machine a couple over from them. The son was talking to the dad they were doing this together and talking.

All of a sudden the dad looks up and see’s me and just kind of gives me this weird look and grins at me. He backs up away from his son facing me, he never turns around away from me or anything and backs up like two machines and over in front of the counter where you go to pick your pictures up and pay for them. He leans against the counter facing me watching me. Meanwhile the son is still talking to him turns to see why he isn’t answering him or helping him like they were and he is just ignoring him watching me and the kids. The son looked confused I don’t know if he even knows he was watching me and the kids or not because he was turned looking at him trying to figure out what he was doing and why he wasn’t over there. I said come on kids I don’t see what I was looking for and left. I went back over there later once I seen they were gone and did what I had to do. But it was just really weird the way he did. I felt so unconformable and I am not one to get bothered that easy but I really felt like he was going to do something right there in the middle of the store. I couldn’t figure out why he was or what or what to do if he did. I just felt like he needed to get the kids out of there. And he lives right behind me.

I don’t know anything about him other than he is Columbine, he owns a few houses around, him and his son who is about to finish high school and I guessing his wife live there. Some or all of them smoke some really strong weed because I can smell it and see the smoke rolling with in seconds of them lighting up a yard or more away.

I am wondering if he isn’t my landlord I don’t know why I keep thinking that. I know mine is supposed to be out of state but he could have moved and I know that he has more than just my house around this area. I am wondering if he seen this one behind me go up for sale and decided to buy it and move in it. He always has this I know something you don’t about him the few times I have talk to him or seen him in the yard. Even the other day when he was watching me at the store it was almost like he was laughing or trying not to laugh and just smiling. It’s not like we are close in age he might be interested or thinks I might be interested in him or would be. He is probably late 50’s or 60’s I am guessing. This is his youngest still at home and he has grown kids as well. As far as I know his wife over there but I never see her hardly ever. The few times I have she looks older too and she has her head all covered like they do in other countries. But you can see her face, it’s odd. I seen her walking around her house one morning and then outside talking to the boy before he left for school one day. I have thought about offering to give the son a ride to school a few times when I was talking the kids and seen him walking. It isn’t horrible far but it is a good little walk to it. I was already out. I figured it be nice to offer but I never did. I don’t know why I didn’t I just didn’t something just said not to. Kind of Glad I didn’t now.

I asked the girl across from me over there the other day when I went out and was talking to her about the money she had stolen the night after Christmas when they were around my house. I ask her if she every seen the guy behind me or talked to him what she thought of him. She said oh him he gives me the creeps I only every really seen him out there once and I think he was taking picture or trying to take pictures of my girls. I was like what the fuck really? She said yeah about a year ago but I haven’t seen him out much or hanging out much since then. He just seems very odd to me. I told her what he did to me at the store the other day she thought it was strange too. So now I have to watch out for him and wonder if he isn’t who is messing around my house and who maybe got her money that night as well. Who ever it is seems to be getting pretty conferrable with my house and coming around even when everyone is up still not just when we have the lights out they think we are in bed. If it was him he just say he was trying to catch his dog or car or something stupid why he was in my yard or walking over to ask me something. He lives right there he wouldn’t be doing anything odd he probably figures they would think if I called the police. I got news for him I catch him in my carport, laundry room or messing around my window I will shoot and ask questions later and he will be lucky if he is a live to answer them. I am not going to play around and have my kids scared. I will wait up for them, I will go sit in the laundry room with the light off wait for them. They do not know me and who they are messing with. I wish I could have gotten the camera’s, every time I thought I was going to go get them something happen I wasn’t able to. Maybe soon if I can start making money doing this ebay thing or find a job. It’s late kids went to bed a few hours ago I better go to sleep because they probably won’t sleep in that late tomorrow or let me sleep like they did today. Wish they would it be nice.

{December 27, 2016}   Someone’s Out There

I am not sure what is going on I have been having people messing around my house for a while now. I do not know if it is the same thing that we had going on in the past Stalked, A Night I Won’t Forget, something different or if it is all related in some way.

I have noticed little things here and there like my laundry room door being open at night and hearing things outside. The dog will wake me up at night and be barking. I look around out the windows but I can’t see anyone. They hide I am sure they seen shadows in the house or hear the dogs barking.

Last night Little Bitty flooded the house, the bathroom and hall were swimming in water I had to use towels to clean it up. It was getting late I needed to stay up and wash them so they didn’t get nasty from sitting wet all night. I made her and Little Guy go to bed because he went in there and was part of the problem. Then me and the older kids sat down to play their Life game they got for Christmas. We set it up on the little kids table and sat in he living room to play. I have my blinds open about 6 inches so the dogs can look out and not mess them up or pull them off the wall. So sitting on the couch where I was I could see out into the yard the way I was sitting. We have our Christmas decorations up still, nothing much just some lights on the house a couple of them little deer and our manger we built with our people in it. Well the manger is about 4 feet from the house right in front of the window. It has about a dozen people animals in it and the people all light up. They are set on a timer. I don’t like them on all night they shine in my window and I see no point in the being on in the middle of the night when no one is really around to see them. So when I remember to turn them on in the evening I turn the timer to go off in 4 to 6 hours depending on what time I turn them on. I turn them on between 5 and 7 when I think of it and by midnight they go off.

Well last night about 20 minutes after we sat down I was sitting her looking out the window while the kids were taking their turns. The manger was right there but I was just kind of staring through it, like when your looking at something but your not your thinking about other stuff. All of a sudden the lights in the people came on. I told the kids someone is in the laundry room we got up and made sure the doors were locked and looked around. Of course we couldn’t see anything or find anything. I was texting my friend we text off and on all day and we had been talking. I text her and said someone is in my laundry room. As we were getting up and locking doors and things. So she would know if she couldn’t get me to find out why. She said call the police but they do nothing they come out look around and then say we don’t see anything. I told them before someone was in my room out there and doing something sounded like climbing on the washer or hitting it with something. They came out said we don’t see anyone or footprints and acted like I was just scared to be here and heard the wind blow. It wasn’t this went on for a few minutes why I was calling them and waiting on them to get here. I have two guns I am not scared because I will shoot if someone comes in my house or tries to come in my house with my kids here. But I want to know who it is and why they are singling us out and messing with us. I want it to stop they are scaring my kids. We sat here for a little bit longer and all of a sudden both dogs jumped up raising hell and trying to get out the front door. The one was jumping up and scratching at my door and everything else. This went on for a few minutes. I don’t have a window over there to look out just the peep hole and you can’t see a lot out of it. Its kind of high and where the door is compared to the side of the house it’s just not worth more than seeing if someone is at the door. I text my friend again and said they are right outside my door. She was scared I think more than I was. But I know if I call they don’t make a report and they don’t care. They told me when they were out there on my carport and in my laundry room last time there was no footprints. There isn’t going to be foot prints on concrete. The cop that came that time is the same cop that was at my accident Christmas day who did nothing and I knew he was on duty and this is his area so unless they tried to come in there was no point in calling. Now that he is mad about me calling his boss because he didn’t want to do his job it would be useless. If It had been later the other officer probably would have been on duty and he cares and tries to look around and see and drives around and looks.

They were out there a few minutes or more the dogs carried on and then stopped. We went on playing our game and I had to leave the towels and stuff to sit all night anyway because I couldn’t go back outside to the laundry room to take care of them with whoever that was out there. I have to go out the kitchen door into this area then into a door into the laundry room. When I open that door if someone is standing on carport they can push me back into the house and come in the house or if they wait until I walk in the laundry room they can step in right behind me and shut the door and I am stuck. Knowing that someone is out there and been in there and being here by myself with the kids I will not go out there.

We finished the game and went to bed since we couldn’t finish washing all the mess I needed to wash. It was after 230 in the morning and the lights were still on. There was no way if we turned them on at 5 something for 6 hours they would still be on. As soon as we turned everything off and went to our rooms the dog started freaking out again and refused to come to the bedroom where they sleep. She sat and watched out the window for a while. Finally about 20 or 30 minutes after we went to bed she calmed down and came to bed. I looked around out the windows but didn’t see anything.

This morning I woke up to the lady next to me asking if I seen anything or heard anything outside last night. I told her yes that there was someone out there messing around I was going to come out and talk to her. She was at the doctor with the kids so I went over after she got back. Someone got in her car and took $400 in cash. She forgot her purse in the car and her husband left it unlocked.

I wish I had the money to put up a camera so I could catch whoever it is messing around. Just to know who it is and put a stop to it. I want to know who it is more than anything and try to figure out if it has something to do with the past or what.

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