{February 11, 2017}   A Night at Home Depot

Last nights post that didn’t get posted I just found.

I took the kids to school hung out there until about 12 and then picked my friend up. We took the cage back to Tractor Supply and I got my money back, we then went to two feed stores and the pet store looking for a cage. They didn’t have anything that would really work. The girl at the pet store knew all about the pigs because her sister has some and she takes care of them and works for the pet store. She said first thing make a cage much cheaper. Then she was showing me hutches on line what ones would be good for them and what ones wouldn’t. Hutches on line start at around $75. I thought surely the feed store would have one and maybe a little cheaper since it wasn’t being shipped. It says free shipping but you know they have it figured into the price any how. Nope they didn’t have a one. Tractor Supply had one but it was $120 and after the two cages I got there I was not taking it home getting it out to find that something was missing or broken. We went to two pet stores and two feed stores not one pet store. I told my friend I could take some pallets and make a cage and she laughed at me. She said you see where the one you just unfold and snap together in one minute is that is going to take longer. I don’t see you doing that. And the girl at the one store made a good point they are going to be heavy. I told her that I knew it would take longer but I could plan.

I dropped her off picked up the rest of the kids and came home. We sat here for a little bit and I decided to go over to Home Depot and see what it would cost to buy stuff to make my own hutch. I knew I could do it wit the pallets but I don’t have saws to cut it and I don’t want to take them all apart and things. It is just to much work trying to gather them take them apart and all that. We walked around there for a while looking at different wood, things to use for a bottom, sides, legs and all that. We were checking prices to see if it would be cheaper to build one or to buy one as well. We finally decided what we wanted and I looked for the guys I had seen walking around there and who had answered a few questions for us, I couldn’t find them. This guy came up and asked if we needed help. I told him we needed wood and needed it cut. He said could do all that.

We ended up with 3-2×4’s one longer skinnier piece it’s nothing big just to hold things up really I think is what they are used for. I have some at home but I do not have a way to cut them so since they were only 87 cent I got one. I had him cut two of the 2×4’s into 3 two foot pieces so that I had 6 of them. I had him cut the other in half at 4 foot so I have two of them also. The other strip i had him cut me 4 2 foot strips out of it as well. We ran into a few problems because they were supposed to be 8 ft long 2×4’s and they weren’t. He ended up cutting two different ones to get me the two 4 ft pieces I needed and putting what was left in the messed up wood pile. Then with the other we had to cut one of the 2 ft pieces off of one of the ones that went in the messed up wood pile from the 4 ft ones. Like I told him if they are 96 inches that is 8 ft then they are coming out at 6 ft or somewhere in between 6 and 8. It clearly said they were 8 and one we got was but they didn’t have anymore 8’s on the rack but that spot was full of wood with that size and tag. He said don’t worry about it we will use what we have to do get you the pieces we need because this isn’t right they put it up like this. That is when he got the extra pieces and cut the other out of it. The boards were even said on all their stickers that they are 2x4x8 so not just the sign was wrong but each ticket for the register was tagged that way. He said they come in that way they just stock the shelf. I said so how many people buy this stuff get it home and then short and have to spend money to get more when they already paid for what they needed and was told that is what they got? He said I know I said then they want me to buy more than what I need to get what I need when the tag says I already have it with these three I picked. He said that’s why I am just cutting what you need out of whatever it takes and charging you for what it says. Neither of us were rude about it or anything like that just talking how messed up it was people are being told it was one thing and it isn’t.

He laid it all out and finally got it all cut up he talked and joked with the kids the whole time he was doing it and things. They talked about what animals they have and all that stuff. He got done cutting it all and asked if that was all we needed? I told him I needed screws to put it together where would I find them and what ones would be best. He said he could help me find screws and we went over to get them him and the kids just talking away a mile a minute. He said I feel like I have met you all before I know yall from from where. In a minute he said did you ever shop at Wal Mart in X? I said it’s right by my house so all the time. He said you were the little girl that was all upset and crying and I was asking you why you was crying and why you weren’t happy? Talking to Little Bitty, he said I use to work there for a little bit and now I’m here. He asked what kind of screws I wanted? I told him I had no idea just whatever was cheapest that would get the job done and not fall apart? He laughed. I told him it was for the kids that I was trying to build them one to save them money and we aren’t trying to do anything over the top of fancy just simple and done. He found some and made sure they would go through both boards good and have a good fit. We went to go up to the front and the kids said bye and thank you and things. He said oh I’m going with you. He had said he got off at 8 so I figured he was just walking up to the front so he could clock out and go home. We were walking along the kids were still chatting up a storm with him. When he said he was going with us my Big Boy 11 year old said you can come to visit but you can’t stay!! I guess he thought he meant that he was going home with us not just upfront with us. I don’t know what made him say that he never said something like that before. As we are walking to the front and they are talking he ask what time it was I said little after 8 he said oh I’m off see you later and kind of ran off then turned around and came back said just joking. The kids were laughing. Then he starts talking and says maybe we could all meet at a park or something and play some Pokemon Go or hang out have lunch. My older kids said we don’t play that. He said you don’t play Pokemon? Why? They said we don’t have phones mom says we can’t have them until we have jobs and pay for them our self. He said good, good job mom and gave me a high five. They started talking he said maybe we could go to the movies or something like that. I went to get in line and he said no come up here with me. I wondered why because the guy was leaving and the line was clear. He took us to the service desk and ask the lady there if she would take care of us and to something for him. She said okay and came around ringing our stuff up for us. Then she told me it would be $26 and some change. I had slid my card and already and she pushed for it to go through then stopped it fast and said no that isn’t right hold on. She pulled the order back up and started doing something it came down to $24 and change she said no wait why isn’t this working and started doing something else. She said okay there you go it is good now. I looked as I slid my card trying to figure out what she had done, it said my total was just over $21. He had said he had to go get clocked out because he was on overtime and would get in trouble. He came back up there when he was done and we were still there. He asked her if she had taken care of us for him. She said yes, I didn’t look at it but I guess he had her give us his employee discount.

When we first went back to cut the wood I had ask him how much it was to get it cut because I knew the first two cuts were free but the charge after that. But I have never had them charge me before, I wanted to know so I could figure out how many cuts, how much a cut and all so I could add it into the over all price of the cage. He said it’s free, and we got the wood and went back. My oldest said oh mom it says it is 25 cent a cut after the first cut. He stopped and looked at her and said do you think I am going to charge your mom to cut this for her really? He said besides that what time is it? She said 715. He said and I get off in 45 minutes I am cutting all this for you all ready do you really think I want to stand around and fill out all that paperwork it takes to charge for them? He said not me we do more than two cuts all the time and don’t charge most them I’m not charging you all your already spending money and all.

So now I have everything I need to put it together and it is all cut out but the bottom I have to cut. Other than that I just have to drill the holes and screw it together. Hopefully I will get that done tomorrow.

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