{November 29, 2016}   Babysitters are Hard to Come By

And I found two of the best according to my Little Man

As you all know Saturday night when I went out my friend watched the kids. They had fun and my Little Guy told me she was the best babysitter ever and wanted me to go out again so she would come back. Yesterday I took her boyfriend to a meeting and then dropped him off at the hospital to get his foot looked at again. He is larger and diabetic so he has trouble with things healing. He was in there for a week or so couple weeks ago but it still isn’t healing. I picked the older kids up and then picked him up. He was waiting for his mom to send him money so we came back to my house and hung out joking and carrying on. After we picked up the little kids we went to get the money his mom sent him and pick his medications up. They didn’t have one at the store we went to the other it had a drive through. We dropped it off and they said it would be an hour and half. They live past the store one way and I live past it the other way. It was late and I had to get kids home and feed them and they needed to get home. I ask the lady if we came in if we could get it faster she said yes. Me and her went in and he sat in the truck with the kids. We came out and they were laughing and having a good time. My Little guy said that he was a good babysitter they had fun.

Today when I picked him up from school on the way to the truck he ask if I would go out so my friend and her boyfriend could watch him again. I said why? He said because he is the best baby sitter in the world. I told him maybe in a week or two. I ask him tonight why he liked him so much and wanted him to babysit him? He said because we chattered all night and had fun. All night was about 15 minutes.

I told my friend boyfriend and he laughed. I am just copy and paste what he said——we had fun…I just tried to pick up on things each of’um liked so I could include each of’um in the fun n keep’um engaged….I reckon it worked

I told him he sure made an impression on him and he said—–Well good…he dang sure made one on me to lol…very creative kid with a heart for God already…wouldn’t be surprised at all if he grew up to be an artist or writer and worked with kids himself

I told him he wanted to draw picture of the bible, be a rock star and a farmer. Farmer most of all and that he joined 4h garden club in school. He said when he does his next year he would have to let him come over to help. My little Guy would love that.

My Little Guy had only met him a couple times but never really spent anytime with him. Just as we picked my friend up or dropped her off wave mostly. But he told me when he was talking about his birthday he wanted to invite them because they were family. I am glad he see’s that family isn’t just blood already. I know he will always have family if he keeps that in mind.

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