I keep thinking I need to put this up so that everyone knows who everyone is or who I am talking about since everyone has some off the wall name or what. So here goes and I will add to it as new people get brought into the mix.

My kids are

Oldest or big girl

2nd oldest my son is My Big Boy

3rd oldest is My Little Man

4th and youngest is Little Bitty

R.C.—-Little Bitties dad. Had the 2 boys I took care of her brothers.

Bff—-my best friend with all the kids and the boss from the shops wife.

Starfish/Sleeping Beauty—–the guy from the shop I have been talking to for a little while.

J—-my friend that was friends with R.C. She moved away last year.

Mr. To Broken—I met from Bff, the stalker creepy one who loves me and wants to do and take care of everything.

My “friend”/Special K— the one that I have known since we were about 14/16 that I have been seeing off and on since me and Father of The Year split up.

My Good Friend—-the one that I have known since 3rd grade. He has the 4 little boys and wife. Helps with my truck, gave me a ride on my bday.

Mr. Responsible/An Old Friend/Old Friend—the short fling I had with the guy from the past.

Father of The Year/peter pan/the ass—- My ex husband, the older 3 kids dad

The whore, Wanda, Wendy—–father of the years wife. Friend i let move in i was going to help she was going help with the kids.

juggernaut—–my friend that lives a county or so away. The one that has a wife. Bff’s friends cousin. Everyone got all bent out of shape because we talk. They just knew we were going to hook up. We are not interested in each other in that way at all. He is only like 30. To young.

The yard guy—the kid who came and cut my yard and wanted to take me out. I find out he just turned 20!!

Pop/Pops—-The one owner of the sharpening shops dad.

Mr. Auto/car lot guy/guy wanted to buy my truck

T sr. Owner of the car lot

T jr. Owner’s son of course

Sailor—-the stalker guy i met at the concert i went to by myself.

I know I am forgetting some people, I will add them as i think of them or come across them. I will also add others as they come up so you can always check here for someone you are not sure about who they are or how they tie into things.


et cetera
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