{July 20, 2017}   A Free Minute

I can not believe it has been over a month since I was on last, I lost internet at home and just got it back on last Friday. Then I had lost the cord to my lap top and had to find it. Life has been a roller coaster of shit going on. I don’t know if I told you all or not my mom has finally moved in with us about a month ago, have see father of the year once but had a few updates on him here and there from others, still working at Mc Donald’s and the shop, hadn’t went to therapy for a month or more either until last week and this week. I am still trying to get things here settled and find a new normal since she came. We had gotten things settled and into a new normal about the time she came since I had taken on these jobs and things, but things have been turned upside down. There is so much to catch up on and that has happened I am not sure where to start and there is way to much for one pot. I am going to try to get caught up the next few days and post more often again. Not sure how long that will last with school starting back and taking on a intern or whatever they call it for school on top of my other jobs and everything else I have going on. I guess we will see how things go, play it by ear for now.

I just wanted to say I am still here and hope everyone is doing good and still around. I hadn’t abanded anyone just life gets in the way sometimes and with no service I could not do anything. I was doing the stuff I had to do at the shop but mostly just things that had to be done like school, looking for jobs or what. I can’t believe it’s 1 am right now and I am still awake and have to work in the morning. Thank God I don’t have to be there until 9 am. I can sleep until about 8 and then get up.  I am going to go write a post or two if I don’t start falling a sleep if I do I will be back tomorrow or Friday. Tomorrow is a busy day with work, getting one’s teeth cleaned and then stopping over at my other job to talk with the boss and clear somethings up.

socialworkerangela says:

I was wondering how you were doing thanks for letting us know

good that your back. I wondered where you’d gone. Sending hugs. xx

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