Last Sunday I drove my 9 and 11 year old’s 2 hours away and dropped them off at camp for the week. This is the first time they have stayed any where that long other than with their dad or grandma. And never that far away from home. My oldest went back and forth on if she wanted to go or not the last week before. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that she stayed with grandma and grandma thinks it is horrible I would let them go to camp like that on their own and that far away. I feel it is good for them both it will let them get use to doing things on their own, show them that they can take care of their self and do things with out having to have me or their dad right there all the time.

Growing up I was never allowed to go to any kind of camp even with the people from the church I grew up in. Wasn’t allowed to do girl scouts, 4h, vbs, dance classes or anything like that at all. I went to school, home, my dad’s or my grandma’s that was it. I can count on one hand how many times I even got to stay with friends at their house even in high school or go to the mall or movies. My mom was very over protective and would never get involved in something like that so that she could go to or see what it was like get to know the other people involved so that I could maybe go with out here. So when I do this stuff with my kids and let them do things I get told all about all the negative that could happen. I think she put all this in my daughters head as well because until she went over there she was excited to go and couldn’t wait. I hadn’t told her they were going and wasn’t going to tell her just to avoid listening to her and having the coversation to start with. One of the kids told her when they were seeing their dad and she started on him how he shouldn’t let me send them and he should tell me to keep them home. He just told her he thought it was good for them to go and he couldn’t tell me what to do I would do what I wanted to and there wasn’t much he could do to put a stop to it. There really isn’t unless he wants to take me to court and bring it up there and try to put a stop to it that way. By the time he got it into court they would be there or back already so pointless. He could try when we go but I don’t think he will. He knows how she is.

I have been told how the consolers do stuff to the kids, how they will drown in the pool, fall out of the paddle boat or kayak and drown or get eat by the alligator, they could get that flesh eating stuff they are saying is in the water around us right now from the lake, and the list goes on and on. I was called in the middle of the night last night and told i need to call and tell them to keep them out of the lake and away from it because the flesh eating stuff is in the water up there now and they didn’t know it until some guy got it. I am sure they know all this and are taking precautions to keep the kids safe. There are other things that cause problems with the lakes and things around here as well every summer so I am sure they have to keep a close eye on it and take the right actions and have plans put in place. They have a ton of other stuff they can do there as well so if they can’t let them on the water it isn’t a huge big deal they will shuffle them to something else to do. She acts as if they have never done this and ran a camp and took care of kids before. We went to family camp and met the full time staff they have and they were so good with the kids and watch out for them.

They have been there for going on 5 nights now and I am really starting to miss them the last few nights. I wonder how they are liking it and what they are doing. I worry about my boy because he has his little social things and hard to make friends at times. But the man there introduced me to one of the cabin counsellors and we talked. He said he had family with asspburgers so he knew about it. He didn’t think it there would be any problems. They said they would call or let him call if there were any problems. Father of the year went with me to drop them off he said he talked to the other adult in his cabin when he took him to put his things in his cabin. He said my boy and him hit it off and was talking about the books they like to read and how they both like robots and things. After they got checked in dropped their stuff at their cabins and it was time for the parents to leave in a little bit we had to drop them off in the gym. We went in with them for a few minutes I took a few pictures of them and things. We were sitting there my big girl said mom will you tell him to stick with me why we are in here until we see where we go after this? She was a little unsure not knowing anyone. She did meet one of the girls who was in her cabin. I had to walk back and put something with her stuff and she was in there when we went in. She said it was her 4 year there. I hope she met some other girls and made some friends.

two more nights counting tonight and I can go pick them up. I have to be there bright and early Saturday morning at am. I can’t wait to see them and hear all about it. I am sure they won’t stop talking the whole 2 hour ride home, unless they are so tired and wore out they fall asleep.

My baby girl was upset the other night at my little guy, she came laid on her bed and was telling me she wanted her other brother. I said he at camp he won’t be back for a week. She upset crying saying bring my brother home to me now. Then yesterday we went to lunch she seen their picture on my phone and she was kissing it. My little guy I don’t think really cares either way, I think he likes it being just him and his little sister for a change. They have never really had that. It’s kind of nice having just my little two. I wish I had my truck so we could have done more this week. The van has no air and it has been so hot we haven’t wanted to get in it and do anything. I was going to take them to the movie but they won’t get up in the morning and missed it. We went to see a friend today and to the pet store and looked at the animals. We hadn’t done that in a while and they enjoyed it. They rescued a fish we found laying in the floor and then a turtle who got stuck in his cage and couldn’t move. They went and found people to help take care of them. They thought that was neat. My boy got a blue ninja turtle figure to put in his and his brothers beta fish vase and little girl got a little mermaid to put in the frog tank. She got upset and wanted me to take it out when I first put it in. then she spilled her drink on the floor and her foot. She went to wash it off and ended up taking a shower. I think she has forgotten it for now. Hope she don’t want it out when she thinks of it again. May take them swimming at the pool tomorrow I just don’t know, We have never been and it isn’t in a good area don’t know if it will be full of people or kids that are going to run them over or not. I may try going up by my friends and trying the pool up there. I guess we will see.


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