{August 31, 2016}   Talked Into It

Little bit of helpful advise for you all. If someone has to talk you into it, DON’T DO IT!!!!! I promise you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Nothing good has ever come from anything that I have ever had to be talked into.

I don’t mean in situations where you want to but your not for whatever excuse to not do it. I mean I didn’t want to get my hair done when I stopped to see my friend. I really just wanted to check in see how things were going. She been going through somethings. She talked me into doing it. It wasn’t I didn’t want to do it, I just didn’t right then because I knew I didn’t have the money. She knew didn’t bother her but I don’t like it. She really wanted to and wasn’t doing anything else so I told her ok but I was paying her when I got my money.

Things like that sometimes we need to let our self be “talked into”. Just like cutting it. I wanted to but was scared to. I finally just said ok.

Buy if it is truly something that from first talk of it you think, say or just feel and know this is just not something I want to do. Stick with it and don’t do it. Don’t let anyone talk you into it, because it’s this that or the other. Because its not. Just because that’s what they think or feel about it don’t mean you have too feel the same way. It could be a great deal on something and be nicer than what you have and you know it. But if it don’t seem like its for you even though its a great deal, chance or opportunity don’t get talked into taking it.

Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for not doing it or make you second guess yourself.



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