{October 11, 2018}   Re:Poor Oldest

Last night while I was at work she messaged me a picture of a message she had gotten from a lady.

It said she was left a huge aviary and has over 100 birds like the one that got away. She said she would love for her to have some since hers had gotten away. She ask her how much and she said free. She said she felt bad about hers getting away and she didn’t want her to be sad. That they had plenty to share. She was asking her how many she would like, what colors, how old everything. She has from hand held babies to years old. She sent her a bunch of pictures of all different ones.

But she is about 2 hours or more away. It would cost as much in gas as it would to just buy one. I told her to tell her thank you but at this time that was not a trip we were able to make. If I was and I was better prepared I would see if I could may buy a few from her and make the trip. If she gave oldest one or two and was interested in selling a few for a better price than pet stores it would be worth it. We could get baby ones and pick colors we wanted and she has a better selection than stores all around and hers are held and played with so tamed more than pet stores who just “hand feed” them.

Oldest told her it was not a trip we could make right now but thank you so much for such an offer. She wrote back and said she comes north of us about 15 mile away, a couple times a month. If we could tell her what she wanted age and color she would pick them and bring them. We could just meet her. I told her tell her we would talk about it she would get back with her she said okay great.



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