{August 6, 2019}   I Color To Much

For someone who has two jobs and all the other crap I have to deal with. My oldest showed me these apps that you can download and color pictures. They are color by number.

I don’t know why I do them other than they are a distraction something to keep my mind and hands busy. The racing thoughts at bay to a point. They creep in but then I can push them out quickly most the time.

I use to play this block game like tetres but it gets old after a while. The coloring does to a point but I finish a picture pretty fast and move on to the next. There are all different ones from hard to super easy to people animals holidays art and more.

I was doing then at my night job to pass time when there is nothing to do. Now I find myself doing them more and more during the day at that job. If they did not cone out with a handful of new ones everyday I would of probably ran out all ready.

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