{July 11, 2014}   I Am Not Less Than Or Below You

I’m so fucking pissed off right now I am shaking. My oldest son is autistic. He is high functioning but still has his share of issues and problems to deal with. He is in a private school and gets two different therapies twice a week to help with things.  He is supposed to be getting a 3 rd we are working on getting for him.

He came up a few months ago for review for SSI to see if he will keep getting his check or not. I knew nothing of it until one morning I woke up to a phone call from this lady telling me she is calling to inform me that she is going to be closing his case in 15 days because I have not complied with them. I have no clue what she is talking about I tell her I don’t. She says she sent me a letter asking for information. I tell her I didn’t get the letter if I had I would have got in touch with her. She starts telling me well I sent it who checks your mail, have you been a way, did someone else check your mail all this like I am some kid that has to answer all this to her. Then she says I sent it out on on um then just changes the subject and goes on to something else. I am guessing she never sent the letter she was supposed to send. I asked her about it and she changed the subject again and said well I am sending you a letter to get this and this. I told her I didn’t have it she said that she would just get it from the school she had to get some stuff from them any way and that she would be sending me a couple letters with appointments to take my son for a speech evaluation and a IQ test.

I got the letters for both test called told them we would be going to them. I get a phone call asking if we would be going I again tell them yes and that I called to let them know. I later get another letter and call yet again to tell them we are coming. This all coming from the same women. I don’t know what she is trying to do but I just keep calling each letter I get and call I receive. I don’t know if she is trying to make it look like we are not complying now or what. We went tot he speech eval and for the IQ test. When the doctor was done with the IQ test he called me back and talked to me. I told me he was going to let them know he felt he needed to come back for more testing.

Today when she called she again started about sending me a letter to close my case for not doing what they asked. I asked her what it was we didn’t do that I had gotten the reports sent, we had made it to both test and was waiting for them to let us know when and where to go for the other test.

She says I have not turned in his IEP. I told her that she told me she was going to ask the school for that because I did not have a copy. She said well they didn’t send it to me and you haven’t gotten it to us. I didn’t know she hadn’t gotten it because she has never asked for it since we talked about it the first time. If she had told me she didn’t get them I would have tried to get them. I was then trying to tell her I would try to get them and turn them in right a way, but that it was summer he goes to a private school and they are closed for the summer . She starts talking over me telling me that he goes to private school he don’t have a IEP and they would just mark that he don’t have one. I am trying to tell her he dose I go the meetings with his school the school board and everything else. I was trying to ask her if there was a way to ask for more time since I didn’t know they didn’t get this and was working on getting it and if the test that he had done and still needed to have done would work if I couldn’t get it. Why they were going to close the case if we were still waiting on farther testing. She just keeps telling me I didn’t comply and that he don’t have a IEP they would just mark him as not having one. Just going around and around talking over me. I asked her again about when they were going to do send him for the other test. She said we don’t test for anything else we just do the ones we sent him for. If you want to get more test and follow up with it on your own and send us the results then you can do that. I told her the doctor said he felt they needed more testing to decide everything. She got nastier and just said well we are not going to do it if you want to that is up to you we just wanted him to do the IQ test not any thing else from him. I said I am just trying to understand how this all works. She again just cuts me off.

I had enough of her being rude and talking to me like I was just the lowest of the low. I said can I talk and say what I have to say now with out you cutting me off and talking over me? She said we can’t both talk at the same time. I said no we can’t but that’s what you keep trying to do. Every time I try to ask something or answer you even you cut me off or talk over me and don’t even listen to what I am saying. I said you have been nothing but nasty and rude from the time I answered the phone, talk to me and treat me this way and I am not going to be talked to and treated like this. I do not have to be I want to talk to a supervisor. She says oh so you want to talk to a supervisor now. I said yes I do your boss I want to know why you think you can call people and treat them this way and speak to them the way you have me from the first time I talk to you. She lauges and started to say something. I said no I’m done talking to you, you’ve had your say I will be talking to them and dealing with them from now on or someone different. she puts me on hold I was on hold for a hour and fifteen minutes and no one ever picked up the phone again. I just let the phone lay there why I was doing other stuff that I needed to take care of. By 4:15 I figured they were probably closed and hung up.

If she was in the right and I was so wrong why did she put me on hold for so long and not get a boss? Seems she knows she has messed up and was in the wrong. The phone calls are all supposed to be recorded if they are it will show right there how she talked to me and treated me. It is also going to show that she left me on hold all that time and never got a boss or came back to the phone. She is going to have to explain that. She says she send me to the bosses line and she didn’t answer she will have to explain why i didn’t get a voice-mail and again why either of them left me on hold that long.

I don’t normally complain or go over someone to a boss very very rearly will I. But I have never been treated or come close to being treated and talked by anyone as she did me. She talked to me like they talk to the inmates at the jail or worse. I use to hear it every day at work when I had to call up there or they would call me. You could hear them in the background yelling at them and talking to them like they were no body. It isn’t right for them to be doing it no more than it is for anyone to do it to anyone else. For her to talk to me that way I haven’t done anything wrong. She just on this power trip no one is going to do anything or say anything because she has the power to say yes or no to if they get that check. Well there is someone over her and someone over them. I am one who will show her just because you think you have power don’t give you a right to treat people any way you feel like it. She better stop and think that if it wasn’t for these people who are disabled and get that check every month there would be no need for her job. Then where would she be? I think they need to pull more of her phone calls and see how many other people she is doing this way. I am sure that I am not the only one. I bet I am not the only one who has complained. Another reason she didn’t want to put that supervisor or the phone. She is probably already in trouble or being watched.

He also came up for a review at our local office just where you turn in your pay info every year and things. I went right to that meeting and got them everything they needed and am still sending them stuff and working with them. Why would I comply with them and then not comply with her. I have told the lady in the local office about this lady already so she even knows that we have had a problem from the start.

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