{January 25, 2017}   If I Go Missing

No need to send the search party to look for me, it will be, because WordPress won’t let me on. The last couple times I tried to pull the site up it wouldn’t come up. Just a big circle with a w in the middle. I think this is what Tabi said hers did and she had trouble posting and things. Hopefully someone knows how to fix this and I can get it taken care of rather quickly here. I wonder if there is anything I can do to fix it before it blocks me all the way. I do not have time to look for it this morning but I will look more tomorrow. I will try to get on from my phone but then it is a mess and pain to do. I have hard time seeing I really need to get my glasses. But anyway I will try to be back after I get kids feed bathed and in bed tomorrow. They should be tired from getting up early and spending all that time walking around on our trip. Just thought I would let you all know I may get sucked into the wordpress pit and not be around for a bit. Crossing everything and hoping not.

If you’re using chrome internet browser try starting it in incognito mode.

Open the browser, press control + shift + N

It will look similar but with a icon in the corner that represents a spy.

This mode ignores many system caches but should still reference your internet history.

If it works better in this mode you just need to do some spring cleaning of your computer.

Respond and let me know if that works.

Thank you I will have to try that if it happens again. I probably do need to do some cleaning of my computer. I always hate doing it worried I am going to get rid of something I need or shouldn’t.

If you have a gmail account upload any documents and photos there. That should backup the important stuff.

Then when u go into add/remove programs. Sort them starting with the oldest date. Start with those.

If you are unsure google the app name. That should give u an idea if you need if it not.

That’s more than what geek squad will ever do. And that’s what we nerds would do.

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