{March 26, 2017}   Back Today

Today we finally did something for my oldest birthday. We are really late doing it and I feel horrible but I tried to do something sooner and was going to surprise her with a sleepover with her two friends but they could never get a free weekend to come. They both do dance and the other is in plays, chores and a bunch of other stuff. Their weekends and weeknights until Summer are slammed full. Then we were all sick for so long. Today we went down south and had lunch at her favorite place to eat. Father of the year and my sister and her kids went. My mom was supposed to come with father of the but she decided she didn’t feel good and didn’t want to go that far just to eat. We were going to go years past and she always complain until we done it closer to home. Today I just told her we were going. It wasn’t like we go all the time and she been wanting to go. She said she knew she just didn’t feel like going. I said that’s fine. Less stress for me I was thinking the whole time, I been stressing over seeing her and dealing with her. Anyway we went to the store ran home got ready and left here around 1230.

I meant to do a couple things to the house just to see if anything was messed with or what but I forgot to I was running late the store didn’t bag part of the stuff I had to go back there before I could turn around go the other direction to where we were supposed to be going. I had already given her, her gift but the kids wanted to get her something so I gave each some money and let them shop while I grabbed the things I need. Boy my mom would have a heart attack over that if she knew. I let my 6 and 11 year old go shop on their own. Anyway Big boy picked out a nice choker necklace thing and my little guy picked out a pair of sunglasses. Little Bitty wanted to pick something out so when I was done I gave oldest the buggy and my bankcard so she could checkout why I helped her find something and help the boys pay for theirs. Little Bitty picked out owl necklaces one says best and the other says friend. I told her they are for your best friend you give one to your best friend and keep one maybe we should get something else. She said sissy is my best friend I want these. So that is what she got. I think oldest was a little disappointed but liked it all the same. I know the choker thing is a little big but it is pretty it would look nice with a back or blue shirt and her jeans and boots. If she just wears it a few times he will be thrilled he took his time to really look and find something nice. She did ask him if she could trade it for something else he said what you don’t like it? She said yeah but maybe I would like something else a little more. He said well you don’t like it that is fine you can get something else I thought it was nice. She said no I like it I will keep it. He don’t understand he really does take time and try to pick out something nice for the money he has and the person he is getting it for. He told her he thought it would look pretty on her. She couldn’t say anything else she looked like she might cry. I think she thinks they just grab the first thing they see sometimes but I know they don’t. He is my aspie so he don’t understand if someone likes it but it just isn’t for them or likes something better. If they don’t like it it hurts his feelings. He feels it is against him not that it just isn’t your taste or what. I try to help him understand but it is a work in progress.

After we left from eating my sister decided to ride back with me so we could go across the street and look around at the store. Then she drove us back to her place that was so nice because I didn’t feel like driving. I have drove a lot lately and I just wanted to ride for a change. Then me and the kids came home. There is something all over the winshield of the truck horrible to see out of. I told the kids to get everything cleaned out of the truck and sent one in to get soap to wash the window. He took the key went to go in, he hardly opened the door came out and said the dog is out of her cage. She is at the door I can’t get in she is pushing out. I went got in and moved her so he could go in. Sure enough the other dog was still in the cage. again I know that both were in there because anytime we go somewhere the door is opened and it takes a few minutes for everyone to get the last minute whatever and get in the truck they go back and forth. Again she would have bolted. They are so bad about running that we do not even answer the door without putting them in the cage first. And we have been doing this for three years with the two of them and have never ever had this happen. Now two days two days apart. I am really starting not to like this because they seem to be getting bolder to me. I do not know if they did anything else or not because I do not know how things were left today. I was in to much of a hurry and to pissed off from dealing with Little Bitty and the store that I just got everyone out and in the truck and left. I didn’t really check lights and things. The toilet wasn’t running and there was a towel and clothes sitting on it and they were still there. Other than that I don’t know what doors were open or closed what lights were off or on nothing. I know the air was up but it still was. I do know without a doubt that both dogs were in that cage.

Like to just let me know hey how you doing, I was back again today and hung out with your dog. She is getting really use to me. Maybe not what they are thinking but what it seems to me. I don’t like it I am going to be going to a range and practice with my handgun and then go to get my concealed carry. Then to buy a holster and things for it. I have wanted to for years just never did but this is going to a new level it seems. If they are going to step it up a level then I need to as well. My kids safty comes first and I am not putting my kids safety on pepper spray or stun gun. I had pepper spray when I use to work nights and walk to and from. One time I tried it in to see how it sprayed and it was a little stream I would have been gone if someone tried to grab me because I could have never gotten close to their face. Who is to say how long a can will work right or may have something happen. Plus other factors that go into using it. Stun gun unless your able to hold it on them really don’t do anything but make them madder and even if you can it don’t mean it will work. If I am close enough to hit them with it and or hold it on them I am close enough they can take it from me and grab me. With a gun I can get them before they get close enough to grab me and know that if I get good enough shot I can most likely stop them from getting close to me. I am calling around Monday to see where I can go practice how much it is and things like that. Then the gun show should be back soon and I can go there to get the class to carry. Then just do my fingure prints and background check. I am not worried about that because I can pass anyone they want to put me through.

I have bullets here for the gun two different kinds, one to practice with and ones to use when I carry. I am not even telling the kids or anyone else I am carrying so no one can start about that and no one can say anything to anyone else. No one needs to know the less that know the better.

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