{August 1, 2016}   The Wrong End

The dog was sick yesterday she had about three accidents in the house, just peeing but it was a lot. Looked like a river. The last time I was in there when she done it and it smelled like she had pooped everywhere. I got up and looked and it was a river, more than I have ever seen her pee in her life. Mop and bleach and old towels that could be thrown away and a cleaning we did again. Today I called and got her in at the vet to be seen because this is not like her. In 9 years she has never been sick, has been house trained since right after we got her. My Big Boy wanted to go to the vet with me so I said okay. The nurse comes in and takes her temp. Big Boy looks horrified and when she leaves says do you think she knows she took it from the WRONG END lol. I said no she didn’t that is how they do it with animals and even with humans sometimes like little babies. He looked even more horrified and said are you sure did you see where she took it? I’m telling you it was the wrong end. I assured him it was right and he looked disturbed and went back to reading his book.

I never take even my babies temps that way never felt comfortable doing it that way. I will take it under the arm and add to it when they are little. They have done it at the hospital or doctors office a few times with my little ones but he don’t go to the hospital with me when one of them goes and at the doctor he will wait in the waiting area and watch tv, so I guess he had never seen them do that before. I laughed so hard. He did not find it funny.

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