{March 27, 2017}   Part of The Mystery is Figured Out

Today I was sitting there in the living room and the dogs had been put in the cage for something. The next thing I know I see out of the corner of my eye what looks like my big dog just walk through the side of her cage. Surprisingly enough the smaller dog really did not know what she had done and did not try to do it either. She seemed as confused as I was because she can’t just walk through the side of the cage like that, but she had. When I went in there and started looking the sides of the cage were taken apart. I have had this cage for over 6 years and never have I ever had that happen. I didn’t even think it would stand right if it wasn’t all hooked in together. Now I am wondering how it got that way and how she figured it out since none of us did and the other dog hasn’t either.

So lets recap the last few days, I am still sure that someone came in my house on Thursday unless the dog has figured out how to open my bedroom door, turn on the light, turn on the bathroom light, flush the toilet and look out the blind almost 6 ft off the ground. I wonder if that isn’t how she figured out she could get out of her cage maybe if someone came in and she wasn’t happy about it. I don’t know I would love to be able to explain how the rest of the stuff happen and feel better knowing no one was in the house but I can’t.

As for yesterday since I did not take time to go through the house and take care of things and didn’t take time to take note of how any of the rooms really looked or anything I can not say I am sure someone was in here yesterday. The only thing that stood out to me yesterday was the dog being out and now we know she is letting herself out that explains that. I was just to mad at my Little Bitty and the store to remember to make note of how things were once I got everyone out of the house. I was at the door telling them I was leaving they better get in the truck now, closed the door and left.

I have to take the kids to school tomorrow and go to class myself. I have to talk to the big kids teacher when I drop them off so I don’t know if I will be back before class or not. I am going to make sure I turn everything off like the other day. I am also going to try to put something up at the door that will move if someone comes in it. That way I can tell if they are coming in the front door or where they are coming in. If whatever it is isn’t moved and someone has been in the house then I know they are coming in some other door. I think I will also just snap a few pictures just to show that this is how I left it and this is what I came back to if someone has come in and done something. Maybe if I do that and then have something to show the cops they will make a report so it is documented in case anything else happens or we catch someone. The more documented times they have the hard it will be for them to get out of it.

Just wanted to update everyone on the latest news, and clear it up that I am not sure about anyone being here Saturday but that there are to many things that were done Thursday for me to say they weren’t then either. All the more reason I want to move. I have lived all over the county and this happens. Maybe if I just leave the state they won’t be able to mess with us no more. I still think a lot of it goes back to Stalked that I wrote before. Because they don’t take anything and it happens around the same times and things. If I move out of state and it kept happening I may lose my mind. That might just be to much at that point.

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