{February 16, 2014}   RE: Do Guys Really Think

I didn’t hear anything from this one almost all day Wednesday. Even when I sent him a message he didn’t respond. Then about 9 that night I got a message from his girlfriend. She said she just wanted to let me know that X I was talking to had a wife and 3 kids and one on the way. That she didn’t know what I was trying to do with the conversation we were having but she thought it needed to stop.

I already knew he had her that he had 3 kids so he said and didn’t want anymore. But I knew they had one on the way as well. Even though he didn’t tell me. I couldn’t decide how to respong back to her. I sent him a message and said a girlfriend 3 kids and one on the way thought you didn’t want anymore? I finally responded back to her later when I was able to sit down and think about what I wanted to respond and make it sound like I wanted.

I said: I’m not trying to do anything and did not mean anything by anything that was said. He made it very clear when something was said about a wife that he was not married but had a girlfriend. Said you all had been together for 8 years. I told him that long gf/wife same thing. He told me he was interested I told him I was not and he had a gf I wasn’t like that I’m not going to mess with anyone who was with someone else. I told him we could be friends and that was it. He has made comments I tell him he has a gf and I’m not looking to be with anyone or to even be talking to someone with anything in mind or thinking it may turn into more even. Just like when he keeps asking me to meet him I tell him no. There is no reason for us to meet at all. I tell him then he has you he is going to piss you off. The conversation really was nothing at all. Just that sorry it bothered you its not anything I wouldn’t talk to any of my other friends about male or female gf or wife. We all are just very open and talk about anything and everything. Like I said I am not interested or looking. If I was looking he wouldn’t even be on the list. I don’t want somebody that is going to sit here and tell me he has a gf talks shit behind her back and tries to get with someone else. He does it to you he going to do it to the next one. Or stay with you and keep doing it. It isnt going to be me. I can do better than that. I told him I’m not looking for what he has to offer.

She never said anything back at all. I was going to tell her if she didn’t want us talking that was fine with me I didn’t have a problem with it. I figured she was going to get nasty or something but nothing. I hadn’t heard anything back from him either until yesterday.

He sends me a message that says so i guess your mad at me right? I said no why would you say that? He says because you haven’t talk to me in days. I told him I send you X messages through the day wednesday and didn’t get a response so I figured you weren’t allowed to talk anymore I wasn’t going to get into all that. He said no. I said something about her and that she sent me a message. He swears he didn’t know anything about it but I really don’t believe him. I don’t know. I sent him what she said and everything and he said sorry and he didn’t know anything about it. That she has guy friends too so she can’t really say anything about it blah blah. I don’t really care. He said he was going to have to start erasing our conversations. I am not sure how she found out we were talking or what we were talking about. Because I would think that if she had seen what all was said she would have been pissed off from the stuff that he had said. I know if it was my old man I would have been really pissed about the stuff he had said not what we were talking about. Unless she didn’t read all of it for some reason. Oh well I don’t know and am not worried about it. We are friends and that is it I really am not interested in anything with him. If she has a problem with it then that is something she needs to take up with him.

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