{November 17, 2014}   First Day of School & New Puppies

My baby boy 4 years old has been having trouble with speech. He has a great vocabulary but very hard to understand. We did some testing over the summer and they show some delays in other areas as well. I know there are some but I wasn’t really worried about it. But he is getting bigger and we need to work on it before it gets worse or takes longer to correct then it has to.

His first day of school was last Monday and he did good. I am so proud of him. He was a little scared about going but he was excited as well. We live a couple houses a way from the school so I walked him over and to his class. We met his teacher and got to see his class. It didn’t take long and he forgot all about me. He was off playing and looking around.

His teacher was really nice we talked for a bit. The other kids came up and the fact that I was home schooling them. She said her mom home schooled most all her brothers and sisters all the way through. She said she could sign any of the paper work that I needed her to for their yearly evaluations as well. She said if I had any questions or anything that she would be happy to help any way she could.

When I picked him up the teacher said that he had a really good day. She said that he even asked if it was nap time and if they could take a nap. She had showed him a picture that had the days activities on it and he remembered when nap time was. It’s funny because he don’t take naps most days at home. The teacher told his dad when he picked him up Friday she could tell he had brothers and sister at home because another kid tried to take his toy and he held his own and didn’t back down or let the kid have the toy.

That evening ended up being as eventful as his day was. The dog started having her pups at like 9:30 pm. It took her about two hours and she had only had 3. I was very happy that she only had 3. She had gotten really big and we figured she was going to have at least 5 or 6 probably. She had 5 last time.

Tomorrow they will be a week old and they still have their eyes closed and paddle around the cage. Once in a while one finds a way to slip out. Me and the kids are going to keep one I let the older kids pick what one we kept and let my little one name it. He decided to name it Sprite.  The biggest one is going to a good home. My friend called me when she was in the middle of having them and said her friend wanted the biggest female she had. Funny thing is she had 5 females in her first litter and 3 females in this one. No boys at all. We were looking for a home for the 3 rd one and Father of the year has so far decided that he is going to keep it and have it at his house. I’m not thrilled about it seeing as he is gone so much and it is going to be alone so much. I have a feeling that he is going to decide that he don’t want to keep her by the time they are big enough to go to new homes. I would rather him keep both of the other two if he was going to take one. I guess we shall see.

sprite2This is our little Sprite last night 5 days old. Normally we would keep the one that was left after all the rest found a home. But I told my little one he could name it since the older kids named momma dog when she was a pup and she has grown up with them over the last 7 years. We had been talking about getting another dog to grow up with my two little ones, since our other dog passed away last year. The older kids were mad because I told my little one he could name it so I told them to go ahead and pick out the one they wanted to keep instead of waiting for the others to find a home.

They are so thrilled about having the new pups they want to pet them and play with them all the time. I keep telling them they can’t take them out and touch them so much. Lucky momma don’t mind. My little bitty loves to watch them. She was leaning in the cage petting them then leaned over “hugging” them. It was so cute. Can’t wait for them to open their eyes so we can see what color they are.

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