{June 27, 2018}   The Possibilities

Bff messaged me last night and said one of the carlots by us is going to be looking for help. The guy had just messaged boss and told him he was done with the drama and had to find someone else. Boss told him I really needed a job, was a good worker, drama free and knew what I was doing. He was going to stop by and see boss sometime today and talk to him.

Bff said it is $400 a week cash and a company car. I told her he probably couldn’t give me a car because of the points and things on my licence.

She said don’t even say anything he isn’t going to ask. The other girl didn’t even have one he still gave her a car. I said then he probably will then because I am less trouble than she if something happens. At least I have one. That is better than none at all.

I am not getting my hopes up or counting on it. Like I told her, boss found it and they never work out. She said yeah she knew. But she knew he gave him my name. I said don’t get me wrong I want it and really need it but not counting on it.

It is closer to home, I could do it and the one I have until end of July. Get things caught up or paid ahead. Get my truck sold or fix it sell it or even have him send it to auction for me if I get this job. Hell maybe have him sell it on the lot. If I get it there are possibilities.

I told her I would meet him today but have no way. I couldn’t walk because I would be to hot sweaty and nasty. It is about an hour or hour and half walk. May be not that long but I don’t know. I know it took me 40 minutes to walk to the shop the other day and its a few miles from there. And that is the longer way around to the lot. I would take the other way.

Okay because I am weird about things like that and it would of bothered me all day trying to figure it out. I mapped it. It is 2.9 miles to the lot and it was 1.8 miles to the shop. Says it would take 37 minutes to the shop it took 40. Says it would take 57 minutes to the lot so probably just over an hour.

I am going to pray and leave it at that. This I think is a better deal than the repo job. Less stress for the money and right now a car to drive as well. We will see.

I had no clue where it was when she told me about it. On the way home I was asking her about it she was telling me. I said I thought that was called something else. When did it change ask if she was sure? We went by there and sure enough it was where she said. It is funny it is right across the street from where my “friend” works. It is in town or on a main road it is just in that area there isn’t a lot of stuff going on or what. So for it to be right there was surprising of all places it could be. All that is there are specialty type places. It is hard to explain.

Hoping it pans out

Me too they didn’t talk today but supposed to tomorrow. I have to work a few hours tomorrow afternoon, I am going to take the bus home so I can figure out the route. I tjink I will stop at the shop and print mt resume and have boss give it to him when they talk. Or drop it by to him if I can get back over there.

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