{May 2, 2019}   Where Do You Draw The Line?

Where do you draw the line with how involved to get in things when it comes to your best friend? Where do you draw it when they are doing things you don’t agree with? Is it different than if they aren’t doing things you don’t agree with? What if it involves others? Children as witnesses? Do you assume adults are adults and will do the right thing because there are children involved or there?

Not sure the last time I posted about Bff and her mess. She told her hubby when he came home for Easter they were done they were getting a divorce and he had to move out. He said he would and that he would do it agreeing on things. He told her he didn’t want it he wants to give her the things that she wants and wanting her to give him a chance to fix things and all that of course. She told him no.

He ended up being here for a few days after Easter and stayed in his truck at the truck stop. She had to meet him at one point to get money and he kept trying to get her to give him a chance and things. He tole her that if he found out Sleeping Beauty was staying there and things he would get a lawyer and he would fight her for the kids and things. She keeps telling him he isn’t there and things. The kids have told him he hasn’t been staying there too I guess. She has told them not to tell him. They have said they aren’t going to because they don’t want him to get mad and they don’t want Sleeping Beauty to not come over anymore or what.

But others where sleeping Beauty was supposed to move into the camper and things told them he was done there a lot and that he had stayed there at least 4 or 5 times but not that he was living there. I have told her over and over not to let him move in there and that she is going to cause herself more problems because he is there and that he is just taking advantage of her. He been there almost two months and not paying anything. She was saying her lights are going off today if she don’t pay it and that she has no gas money to get to work tonight. I told her tell him to pay it, tell him to give you gas money. Tell him to get off his ass start paying. He is sitting there and blowing his money why you struggle and you don’t make him pay anything. I told her as soon as she starts asking for money he will be leaving so not to keep him there now and cause herself more problems. Where all his money is going she just don’t listen, I think it all comes down to she is To Scared To Be Alone.

I have not seen him and he has not messaged me yet still. I say still because I have a feeling this is going to get really ugly and he will before it is all over. He is supposed to be home mothers day and graduation. He is supposed to put his stuff in storage Mothers day weekend. I don’t know if he is going to stay in his truck or get a motel.

So now this weekend that just past I got a phone call from Mr. Auto, he was asking me what was going on and telling me what he had heard. He said he heard from the one guy who worked with all of us at the transmission shop and then was working at the car lot told him to start with. He said you know how he is you can’t believe what he says or most of what he says so I just brushed it off. He said but then that day or the day before he had to go to Mr. T’s office for something and he started telling him that Sleeping Beauty and Bff had come in and talked to him. She took the key to the truck that got repo back to him. She said she was going to do it when I was there and never did. Not sure why she made it a point to do it now after all this time. I think just to say he wasn’t there and that they are getting a divorce and things.

Any way Mr. Auto said that Mr. T told him that they were there talking to him and that bff went down stairs for something and that Sleeping Beauty was telling him how they were together and he is living there, that her hubby don’t know. Mr. T said he asked him what was he doing and that this is his wife even if they are getting a divorce and this is his house what is he going to do when he comes home? He told him he leaves and stays here or there until he leaves again and then goes back. He said what are you going to do if he just walks in one night and hasn’t told anyone he was coming and your there? He told him that was a bridge he would have to cross when it happen. Just like it was no big deal and what he is doing is nothing. Even told him, when the kids go to bed he sleeps with her and gets up in the morning and goes to the couch before the kids get up. I know for Sleeping Beauty it’s a game and a dig he is “getting one over” on our old boss, her hubby.

Someone else asked about them and him the other day and what was going on there and that they seen or heard this or that. Her daughter was talking about them and what was between them or what. Then these two people talking to Mr. Auto. And with Sleeping Beauty saying this out of his own mouth to people.


Monday when I was walking to work she called me and we were talking. Some how all this mess with her and her hubby came up and things. I said look you better really think about what you are doing and having him there. I told her how he is going around telling people they are together and how he sneaks out and leaves before he comes to town and how he will worry about what to do if he comes home and hasn’t told anyone. She said he sleeps on the couch, he is renting the couch. I said oh no he “sleeps” there until the kids go to bed then comes to bed with you and goes back to the couch before you wake the kids up. She said no no that don’t happen blah blah. I said well whatever is happening or not happening I don’t care it is none of my business but I am telling you that this is what he is telling people and what is going around town. I said when you take him places and see people out and about and your not standing there to hear him this is what he is saying.

I said think about it, it is the same shit everyone came and was telling me when he was at my house and left. That he was telling them we were together and then jumped my ass said I was and you know I was not saying it and telling people we were not. I said and I said they said the same thing he says he sleeps on the couch until the kids are sleep and then…….. She is like no that isn’t and she don’t he said it or is or what. But then a few things I said she was like stop and thinking about it. I said just like sex he told me back when it had been a year and a half and he just lies about it so everyone don’t give him shit about it. I said who do you think he is lying and saying it is now or who do you think everyone thinks it is now if he is staying there and if he is telling people you all are together? I said it’s you your the one he is lying about now. I said just like telling me “yall” were in for the night when no one asked him. You didn’t need a man. You were only “allowed” to go out once a week. I said what business is any of that to him?

Last night I finally made it to my second job and was looking through facebook what little I could with the service I get there. Old boss showed up, it was just a post with a color background and our area code. My first thought was he was home or on his way or that something was about to happen. I debated on calling bff and asking her about it or telling her about it. I took it as meaning he was in town or maybe in town soon he isn’t telling anyone. Just going to show up at home and see what is going on and catch him there.

This is when I went back and forth on if I should tell her or not tell her. Because I do not agree with all that she is doing and how she is handling things. I as I said I think she is being taken advantage of and needs to get him out of there between that and his problem. But if she is going to have him there that is fine, but she needs to be honest and tell him he is there and figure it out and go from there. She needs to stop telling the kids to lie and that it is okay not to tell him if he ask. This is all where I have the problem with the kids being involved and put in the middle of it all. When this is nothing to do with them. So the way I look at it is oh well if he is back or coming back and don’t tell her then that is on her what happens. But then I feel that that is my bff I should give her a heads up. But then I feel it isn’t right I don’t agree with it then I am helping her lie about it by telling her. I should just stay out of it and what happens, happens. She will have to pick up and go from there. I can be there and support her then.

Then I think about what would happen if he shows up and he is there or he is there sleeping there so he knows he is staying there? Are they going to fight or how bad is it going to get? Then all the kids being there.

While I was on my way home she called and wanted to know if I was texting her? I said what are you talking about? I said I am on my way home from work. I have almost no service at work and now I am talking to the girls bringing me home from work. She said someone was messaging her said they got her number from the place we go out to all the time, that he knows her and that she goes with two other girls. I said I have no idea, I said give me the number I will call them see who they are what they want. I told her I thought it was the guy with the car lot old boss was working out that tossed him out. There was a guy there with that name.

When she was talking about who this was and what was going on I told her maybe it was old boss even. I then asked her what the post was all about? She said she had not seen it. She looked and said she didn’t see it to screen shot it and send it to her. I looked and it was gone. I looked on both of his pages even though I knew what one it was on could not find it. I said he either took it down or blocked me from seeing it because I can’t see it. But it was there and on this name’s page. I said he probably blocked me from it when he thought of it because it has been hours and I seen it when it had only been there for two minutes.

Today she said she asked him about it and he says he don’t know what I’m talking about he didn’t post that. I know what I seen and I know who posted it because I looked to see who posted it because it was an odd post with just our area code. And I looked to see when it was posted and I seen it had only been two minutes. The color it was all just very odd post and for him it was. I remember looking at it again and sitting there looking at his profile picture and the post thinking what to do, what was it about, why he posted it and should I tell her. I know it was there. She is going to have extra kids there this weekend. hopefully he knows and things don’t get to bad if he shows up. Sleeping Beauty should be there because he is supposed to be helping watch the extra kids. I don’t know I told her because she had this guy messaging her and she didn’t’ know who it was I figured maybe it was something to do with that. He figured he see if she would talk to this guy if he just messaged and said he knew her from there or seen her there and was trying to talk to her.


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