{December 2, 2014}   The Dating Game Er Version

Last night I had to take Little Bitty to the er. She got a Christmas ball broke it and was trying to eat it. I am not sure if she swallowed any before I seen her. I am not sure how she even done it, it happen so fast. I was standing at the stove cooking dinner the kitchen dinning area are all one area she was like two feet a way from me. She was sitting at the table talking to me I turned to the stove to take care of stuff for a minute. When I turned around she was gone. I thought she went to the other room as my other oldest was sitting there too. Guess she was watching something on her tablet. In a second I heard something crunching and looked down. She was under the table with it broken and a bunch in her mouth. I made her spit it out and wiped her mouth out. I couldn’t believe she didn’t cut her hands or her mouth. The good thing is after 3 1/2 hours in the er they said they don’t think she swallowed any of it. Looking at the x-ray I don’t see anything either. They had one from April and it looked the same. Can’t even remember why we were there in April.

I had to take all 4 kids with us because father of the year was on 1st out and on calls. Just as all this happen he got a call 50 miles or more a way. He could have passed it but he claims it was to late into the call. He showed up right before they did the x-ray and let us go home so he was there a few minutes.

The place was packed when we got there and the back was full they had people in the hall on beds. A lot of people left after they had waited for hours and still had hour or two to wait. The nurses kept coming out and calling people and they wouldn’t be there, some they would call and they wouldn’t say anything and they would call the first name the people would be there they just messed name up. The girls came out to get us and she said some last name that sounded nothing like my daughters but it was hard to hear so I couldn’t hear clear either. I was waiting for her to call the first name. She just called the last a gain and it wasn’t anything close to us so I didn’t turn around or say anything. Then I heard her ask someone if there had been anyone in there with a baby if we went to the bathroom outside or something. The others hadn’t done that but I guess since it was for a baby and her eating glass. Someone said she has a small kid or baby over there. I was sitting with my back to everything. She came over asked her name I told her. She said oh I messed that all up. She looked at the rest of the kids and asked if they were all mine. I said yeah they are all mine. She was surprised.

We start walking back to the room my my big boy says yeah I am the one who likes science, robots, the color green, side boards and wants to be a science teacher. My little guy not to be out done I guess why he is still talking grabs her hand and tells her his name and he likes the color blue and dinosaur.

I laughed I said wow it sounds like yall are on the dating game and trying to convince her who to go on a date with. She laughed she said they don’t beat around the bush they just jump right in and get to the point. They just looked at us they didn’t really have a clue what we were talking about.

My kids are very social and love to talk. My little guy is in this phase where he likes to hug everyone. The bell ringers are in front of the stores. We went to get some stuff the day before Thanksgiving and gave them each a $1 to put in. They all ran up and put it in. I go to walk a way and my little guy walks over and gave the man sitting there ringing the bell a big hug. The guy smiled so big and said that just made my dad I sure needed that. Last night the lady came to take me and the baby down to x-ray and he hugged her. He’s got such a big heart.


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