{May 11, 2017}   Wasted Time Once Again

I took the kid to school and went to legal aid to see if they would just look over the papers I have make sure I have everything and filling it out correct. I get there the women says you have to be in the system we do that on the phone, have a seat. I sit and wait for a while then she calls me up and starts asking me questions. I answer them, then she says I have to get a lot of information from you a lot of personal stuff you can go home and I can call you. I said we can do it now that is fine. Oh well okay she say. I tell her all the information she is asking for then she says okay we can see you in a week you can come to an advice class we have. I went ahead and took it figured if I still have questions then it may be use full.

Then I decided to go to the court house see what they had to say. I talk to the lady told her what I wanted what was going on that I needed to file to get him paying again, tell me his address and phone number and to have it raised because he is making a lot more now. She said I don’t know if you want to hit the courts with all this at once? I said why would’t it be better to come in get it all done with at once and not keep dragging this out? She just looked at me and said well I can print you the packet you need but it is going to be $12. I said what packet is it I can print it at home. She told me, she also told me that to file to get it in court show he isn’t paying and things that I did not have to have him served. I could just file it all, mail it to his job and then get a court date set and mail him the notice of court hearing. She said if he showed up great if not that was fine too because it all had been done before this was just to enforce the order already in place and have it go through child support.

She said if I go in to have it raised and all that then I have to have him served and wait the 20 days for him to answer and then get a court date. She said I can have him served at his job for that as well.

I am thinking I need to get all this filled out turned in for them to start taking it from his check. I will do that turn it in tomorrow, mail it to his job tomorrow as well. Give it til Wednesday or Thursday to get it in the computer at the court house. I will get a court date hopefully next week mail it out to him as well. Then I will work on the paperwork to have it upped, turn it in to the court house, have him served, wait the 20 days then go down and get a court date for that. By then the first court date should have come and gone and jut have this part to deal with. With what he will pay weekly or monthly for then will help get me by until they up it. But it will get this coming back in right away. She also said he will have to give me address and all that as well if he wants to pick the kids up. She said that to file a motion for them to start taking it out of his check and make him pay would not cost. She said that it would cost me to reopen the case, a filing fee and service fee to file to up the support, but I am still going to file indigent so I hopefully wont’ have to pay all that or I won’t be able to get it all going anyway.

it sounds like a lot of work on your part but worth it if he will pay and you get the benefit of it. xx

Yes it is going to be a lot of work, if he keeps his job he will not get to pick if he pays or not, they will take it from his check before he ever gets it each week and send it to me. The thing is he isn’t good at keeping a job or finding one so if he loses this who knows how long it will be he is without one. But I am doing it all anyway and see what happens.

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