{June 15, 2018}   Good Thing I Didn’t Go

To work deliverying pizza’s tonight. Since I didn’t I picked the kids up to go get their hair cut. From there we went to get gas. I went to the newer station I normally do not go to. I normally do not even go that way at all. I like the store just out of the way because I don’t go that way for anything and I don’t like the road it is on. To much traffic takes to long to get anywhere going that way. For whatever reason I went out of my way to go there.

I noticed my air felt warmer than it should. I check the heat gage it seem fine. I got gas started it it still seem warm. But the gage was reading fine. We left and headed home. I was maybe a couple miles up the road and looked down my heat gage was from cold/normal to all the way up and the oil light was on. I pulled over to turn around to go to the shop since I passed it about a mile back. The gage went down and the light went off I thought maybe it was a fluke. I couldn’t get across to turn around so I pulled out to keep going the way I was. A few block’s up it all happen again. I pulled in a parking lot. I shut it off started it in a few it all went back to normal. I seen it was after 430. I finally was able to get across the street where I was at and go back the other way. I got to the shop pulled down the side in front of the bays. I thought they had closed early some were closed but oldest seen a couple were still open. I pulled up got out walked in the bay the newest guy was sitting there. I ask him where boss was he said he went home. I ask him if he could look at my truck told him what it was doing.

He came out looked at it and it was out of water. That isn’t good because I had just put water in it yesterday. He seen me because I did it there before he plugged the two spots in my tire. I checked the oil why he was hosing it down so he could check the water and get the engine cooled too. It had to much oil. We were talking about how it was out of water when I just put water in yesterday. He said something is leaking here, over there and there. I said the radiator was leaking but it stopped.

He said why don’t you talk to boss I could go through this truck and have it in good shape for you in about a day. I said I just have no money to do anything to it. He said yeah but you help out up here and things right. I said yeah, he said I can’t see he wouldn’t or couldn’t help you out. I said O know but he has, he has a lot. He said oh but still. I said yeah I just don’t know what to do with it. It is a mess. I wish someone would help me out and go through it and fix it. But I don’t even have the money for parts right now.

Yesterday I asked the other guy if he put air in the tire it was almost flat and if I bought plugs today when I got paid if he would plug it. He said yeah. In a minute I look the other guy is at my truck he is plugging my tire. He got the patch kit from work and done it. I had a screw and nail in my one tire. He was telling me then he could put the oil cooler on and the starter in an hour or less how bad kt was and if it got worse the water could go in the oil and it would be ruined. I told him I knew. But I was at the hands of everyone else and when they could or would do it. He was saying then ask boss and he would do it. He seems nice and I think he knows his stuff and i think he do the job and not half ass it but like I told him I have no money and boss has helped me a lot. I have always paid for parts but not labor. But I still owe him $400. He knows what I have going on he hasn’t said anything about trying to help me so. I figure maybe the newer guy might say something to him, ask him if he can bring it in one day they are slow or what and go through it. If he offers and brings it up he will probably do it. But I am not asking him anymore right now. They have so much going on and things.

But it is a good thing I didn’t go to deliver pizza’s. Who knows what may have happened. If I had I would of been stuck on the side of the rode or blew my truck up maybe. I should of been on my way to work when it happened. I would not of been close to the shop help or anything.

thank god you didn’t go! praise god! you are safe! the truck is ok! you have transporation still! yay! xxx

I just had this uneasy feeling all day about going. I finally about 4 hours before I was supposed to be there I just text and said I wasn’t coming. Last time I had that uneasy feeling like that was my last delivery a few weeks back. I didn’t want to go and started to give it to someone else. I didn’t and ended up in the ditch.

You had good intuition then 😗

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