{March 13, 2019}   I Got The Job

Tuesday morning at 8:30. I go up and got ready and headed down there a little after 7:30. I wasn’t sure how the drive was going to be going down there seeing as it would be work traffic and school traffic. I was a little worried I was going to be late because of it. I ended up getting on 95 at my exit instead of the one I planed to use. I thought on the way there that that the way I was going to go I would run into 3 school zones.

I ended up getting there at 8:10 and going in shortly after that. I was in before 8:15. I went in and told them I was there for an interview they asked with who? I told them and she said oh, he isn’t even here. I said well it isn’t until 8:30, I am early. She said let me text him and remind him. He showed up about 8:40 a.m. He took me in and we talked for a while.

They transport mostly seafood in and out of the state. They travel to 30 states doing this. He said they have a big mix of guys mostly family guys. He said some have some impairments and things. He said we are a group of misfits really. Then he says tell me about you. I picked you because you have such an assortment of jobs and training. Bail bonds, dv services, sales and repo. You seem like you are or would be good fit here with our array of different people. I never really got to tell him anything about myself because he went on talking from there. (Interviews with guys are so easy. Because they do talk so much. You don’t have to say much they ask something and keep talking or answer their own questions.) Anyway when we first went in he said your a busy women, working two jobs. How long have you been doing that? I said um forever. I laughed and said well about three years.

He said aomething. I didn’t want to say it but I finally did. I had a pretty good feel for him. I said the thing is I am a single mom of 4 kids and I do it all on my own I get no child support or help. So I have to in order to get by. So I am use to it, it is not something I am just starting or trying or doing for the time being. I have to have two to get by.

He said you seem to be determined and a go getter, well organized. He said I can place an add looking for help and get tons of responses but not a lot with substance. He said why sometimes I like to just go look at resumes people have posted putting their self out there. He ask how that was posting like that. I told him not bad you get a lot of do you want to make $100 for an hour or other perverts and things. But that I found the job I am at now that way and one other I did part time for a bit. He said yeah when I call adds like that I make sure to leave my full name and company name things like that. So people know it is a real opportunity.

He gave me the application at the end of the interview told me to fill it out scan and email it back to him he would get the ball rolling on the background check and all that. He said the only thing that will keep you from getting the job would be a felony charge. I said I have none. I have no charges for anything. He said good I just like to be straight and upfront with people. I said no I understand. I asked when he wanted someone to start? He ask how soon I could start? I said how is Monday? He said that would be great.

He said I will have a month to month and a half of training with the person I am replacing. He said he is buying his own truck and going over the road. He said we want to make sure we train you good and figure that in that time just about any situation that could happen or come up probably will. He said if your on your own and something comes up you don’t know or not sure about then you call one of the day shift people or me. I’m always around and don’t mind helping.

He took me and introduced me to the guys that do the job in the day time and the ladies in the front office. Not sure what they do. There are three of them and then his wife does accounts. There were 4 or 5 guys in the back and then there is the one I will be working with he comes in at 2 I think. So, I didn’t meet him yet. The one guy was older 50’s I am guessing. One I am guessing early to mid 30’s and then 3 that are I am guessing mid to late 20s. They look like the Sand Lot or um gosh I can’t think of the other movie, its right there too. Misfits fits them for sure. But it is cool that he gives everyone a chance or considers everyone not just dismiss them because of a impairment or the way they dress, look or what.

When we were talking before he took me out to meet everyone he said it was 25 hours a week $16 an hour. I was figuring what I was making at the car lot maybe $9 for what I am going to be doing. I was trying to decide if it would be worth it to drive 20 miles there and back and in the night. When he said that I was like it will be more than worth it really. I will make more in 25 hours than I make in 35 at my day job. But between the two I should do pretty well. I think they will take away about $170 of the check that I get for my oldest son, but that is okay. I will still be able to keep the bills paid on time and not run a month or two behind, once I get caught up. I will have money I can put away and save as well in case the truck breaks down the kids need things or anything like that.

I went to pick my check  up at the lot and tell them that I was going to be leaving. I didn’t know if I would be finishing out the week or not because I didn’t know how it was going to go when I told them. I picked my check up from Sim and asked if T was in. He said yeah he was upstairs. I went up there knocked on the door and told him I needed to talk to him. I went in and sat down. I just told him I got another job I was going to be starting Monday. He asked if I was or could finish out the week there. I told him yes if he wanted me to I would. I still don’t know if I am going to do Saturday or not. But I have not told them that. He asked if I told Sim I told him no he said he would talk to him and have them put up a listing. I went down and told Sim I just figured I should tell the other first.

The one guy came up when I was talking to Sim we were joking and talking. I said I am going to be night support to the truck drivers who are out and run into problems. The sales guy said yeah the things you are going to be dealing with or they are going to be calling you for was making jokes about having lot lizards in the truck and things. I walked out to the show room and was talking to the girl that does collections and things. We were laughing and joking she said wait your leaving and then the sales guy said wait your leaving it isn’t on your days off or what? I said no it’s Monday through Friday 5-10. I get away from the Saturdays and I get to have two days a week off with my kids and have a life.  They understood. I am sure I am the talk of the lot right now and will be the next few days. No one asked why or anything like that. I have no problem telling them. But if I am going to work the next few days I don’t want to say anything really. If or when they ask I am going to tell them. They don’t like it to bad they need to change things.

I need to find a small truck to drive back and forth. I want to get started and start saving and getting things caught up. I figured out even if I made payments I could pay a few months at a time and get it paid off really quick. But I would rather save and buy something cash outright. I don’t want to make payments. But I need to get something before my truck breaks down and I have to get all that way to and from work. I am thinking about trying to sell mine for whatever I can get and just making payments for a month or two. I don’t know. I have to figure something out.

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