{February 11, 2017}   Death By Guinea Pig

These little two pound furry rodents may be the cause of my death after everything I have been through in life, this is what may take me out once and for all. Not the 4 accidents I have been in, the over dose the hospital gave me, the infection the doctor’s office gave me at a few months old that they thought I may die from, no none of that did it, but these two guinea pigs may do it.

I have been sick all week, it started with the right side of my throat hurting and one side of my sinuses draining the next day it went to the left with right side fine and then yesterday just my nose stuffy and running. I had some coughing but not horrible and not dry. Last night and today I have this horrible dry cough and it gets worse when I am home and my throat feels like it is trying to close. Not just hurting and I’m sick but closing. It dont’ hurt anymore either one day each side that was it. I guess it just so happens that I am allergic to the hay they have and it is the hay they have to have they eat all the time it is always in their cage for them good for their diet hay. They are in my bathroom in the shower with the door closed but I feel it get worse when I come into my room. I am not even sure I can sleep in here tonight. I woke up off and on all night last night. I had had a cough but it was not dry and scratchy like this one. I can’t wait for them to go to the boys room. I hope and pray I can get the cage done tomorrow and not have any problems. I can’t keep doing this.

I was at the store with my friend today and she was like get these cold pills they will dry that stuff in there up. I bought some not even thinking about it. Then tonight when I got home and started putting stuff away I thought of it and called her. I said I don’t have anything in there that needs dried out. I don’t have that wet cough like I had its dry and itching and my throat feels like it is swelling. She said yeah your right I didn’t think about that it is really dry. I think I need to take something for a reaction tonight sine I don’t have to be up and go anywhere tomorrow. I think if they put them in their room I don’t mess with their cage or go in there I should be ok. If not they may have to go in their hutch outside. Nothing I can do about it or that backroom for a while.

{July 26, 2015}   Day One at The Barn

Yesterday was mine and my big boys first day working with the horses. We only got an hour in because bad weather was coming so they started early turning the horses out and bring the others in. We mucked a stall or two and took hay to most the horses. We mostly got the hay in the barrel so it could be brought to the stalls since most has horses in them. The girl that was showing us what needed done and how to do it took it in to the stalls. They don’t let anyone in the stalls unless they have been there a while, really know what they are doing and know the horses. Like she said some are great and give you no problems others sometimes will give you problems try to push and get out or take the food not want to get out of the way for you to do what you need to.

I can see this is going to be a good experience for my big boy to really get down and do the lobar not just riding. He did some before but not a lot just enough to show them and for them to see what it was like and they did it in groups so it wasn’t on just one. That was good because they were smaller then too. But I think this is going to be good to help with his upper body strength that he really needs to work on and with balance and coronation. There is a lot of work taking the wheel barrels back and forth to move stuff. He had a few slips yesterday trying to push it and get it under control making it go where he needed and things but he was doing pretty good by the end of the day. He loved it and wanted to do more and stay longer.

The only problem I had I’m worried about is the hay, Yesterday I noticed once we started messing with it my nose drove me crazy. Just very itchy and uncomfortable, I figured because I wasn’t use to being around it, it would get better the more I am out there. But then I noticed when I got home that my throat felt tight and my face felt puffy. It bothered me the rest of the evening, but today when I got up I feel fine. My nose isn’t bothering me and my nose feels fine. I didn’t mess with or get into anything out there that I have not been around before or wasn’t the day we went out for orientation other than the hay.

When we went out they showed us where the hay was, how much to give and things like that, but we didn’t touch it or get that close to it. When we were around the horses before I never messed with it or got into it like we did when we were working yesterday. Yesterday we were pulling it off the bail, getting big arm full and putting in the barrel to take to the stalls dumping out into the stalls. That was enough to cause a problem. I am going to keep going, I just have to try and find something I can take before I go or when I leave to help with the allergies. I just hope I can find something that won’t make me sleepy. Benadril makes me pass out even the smallest amount. Most everything dose because I take nothing ever until it is like this and I have no chose.

If it seems to get worse or I can’t control it then I will have to tell them and find other stuff to do other than mess with the hay. It shouldn’t be a problem if I can get there to get my training because then I can work with the horses in the back and that is more training and things than feeding and cleaning stalls. I guess we shall see.

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