{September 7, 2015}   20 Day Count Down Ends

Last month I told you me and father of the year had talked and I was giving him time to get the papers for the divorce done and then get a court date or I was getting a lawyer. You can read it here 20 Day Count Down Begins .

Well he has not bothered to find out what paperwork needs to be filed, much less getting it taken care of and turned in. Not really surprised I knew he wouldn’t. But I couldn’t do anything until I get my money. I get it this Friday and when I do I am going to talk to someone to get it taken care of. I am going to talk to someone Friday and see what they advise me to do to get it taken care of as quick as I can.

We got into it again tonight, I am trying to figure out the boys birthdays coming up in a few weeks. I want to take them to this place he talking about going and all this but he has no money to go. Then if I tell the kids he can’t go then they get mad at me and upset because they don’t understand.

I am trying to decide what to get them for Christmas and start buying and putting away so that I have it done. I was looking at stuff on line and I said something to him about Christmas. He responds with I thought we were getting stuff together. I already knew what he was going to say. Has he said I can give you so much or can we do this how much do you need anything? Nope not a word, he figures I just do it and that will be that his name will be put on it. Then when I said something he starts about well I haven’t had money I don’t have money I am trying to make sure bills get paid. I have to tag my truck and get it moved or I’m going to get in trouble, I thought, you, just on and on like always.

I told him this was my money to pay bills and get everything I need until I find a job and that I’m stretching it the best I can and that I need to be able to pay my bills to and that I am making a point to make sure they have something that he hasn’t helped with the first thing around here yet and that it isn’t right. He just acts like it is no big deal and it isn’t his fault or problem. I just don’t understand how he looks at things this way. How he has no care in the world how it’s not his fault nothing ever, how he just see’s nothing wrong with any of it and that he will help if or when he can and if he can’t or never dose it is not big deal. I should include his name on all the gifts and everything else. I just blows my mine.

Again tonight telling me why dose he need to take care of this and he don’t want the divorce. I said fine then I’m not either I did once and I am not fixing the mess you made so I guess I have to get a lawyer and let him tell me everything I can get and ask for when we go to court. I don’t know if I can figure out and fix the mess. I probably could but it would be a lot. This point I would rather just get a lawyer. He’s all no don’t do that I guess this week when I am off I have to get it taken care of no matter what. This that and everything else has come up. I said it’s like your job if it needs done you make time make sure it gets done no matter what or it will never get done if you don’t. He says he is going to go do it. I am sure next it will be he needs a way over there and all this. To bad I am not his ride I gave him a truck if he can’t tag it and insure it I can’t help it. I have plans he knows I have had plans for weeks and things to take care of he has had a month to do it in. He better find a way. But ride or no ride I am sure he won’t do it anyway.

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