{November 29, 2016}   complements

When I told my friends boyfriend about what my Little Guy said about him being the worlds best babysitter one of his replies was

just so you know…as sumone look’in in from the outside…you have 4 amazing young’inz…each one talented on their own way and that speaks volumes as to the job your do’in raise’in um…dont let anybody ever tell you different. !!

It was nice to hear and I told him that. I told him it was nice to hear when all I normally hear is how bad I am doing or what I’m not doing.

It really does because all I hear anymore is how this and that is wrong when what I need to be doing when Father of the year or my mom comes over. After the phone call with my mom today and all of her negative I needed to hear what he said.

It made Alison feel good. I will explain Alison in another post either after this or sometime this week.

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