{July 28, 2018}   Deadbeat Sighting 2

Today me and the girls ran to the store before work. Oldest ran in and she called me in a little bit said she was in line and he was at the bank at the store. I drove around to see if he came out but he did not. She did and as we were leaving she said there he is coming out of the store. I pulled up by wjere he was parked and ask him what happen, why he hadn’t come or called in the last week or two like he said. He couldn’t he jad bills blah blah. I said and so do your kids and needs. To bad they come first. I will get a hold of you tomorrow he said. I saod that is what you told them last weeknor week before and a year and a half ago when you walked away and left them.

I said I told you I am going to have you arrested and go after your dl and turn your boss in if you didn’t the other week and you walk away now I am doing it and I am going to call your boss and let him know what is going on. Is that what you want? No no O don’t I will call you tomorrow. I said no your here now was just at the bank go get them what you owe them give them. I can’t I don’t have it. I have to go I have stuff to do. I said I am calling your boss to let him know I am turning him in and that you have known for weeks what you had to do in order to keep it from happening and did not bother. Guess that is what you want right? No i will get with you tomorrow. I said you will deal with it today or I am calling. I said better yet I do it right now. Pulled my phone out said @$!= @$!!÷ service, city state. Google started spewing the address and phone number. I moved so he could backout got his boss on the phone. Held phone up so he could see someone was on it i was talking.

His boss answered and we had a nice long chat. I told him everything. He said as far as he knew he was taking care of it he ask him about it before. He said i give you $150 a week from his check $600 the first of every month. $500 for his monthly and $150 for back pay. Write me a letter and I will be going to take it to him let him know this is what is going to happen. I said he says he can’t afford to pay that much I know is a lie. He was like well he can and if that is what he says then I will work him on saturdays. He said he pays him rent and he is paying him for the truck that he is driving and now he will make sure i get the $650 a month. We will see, i would love to be a fly on the wall when he goes tells him this is how it is going to be. If he don’t agree to it then he risk losing his house, ride and job. He already lied to him about it all once. So their true colors are going to show through or they are going to suck it up and do it and she is going to make life hell for him once the boss leaves.

He said I am a Christina and he needs to take care of those kids and their needs. I have told him that and that it isn’t right. His dad left them and skipped paying as well. So he knows it isn’t right but he not all on the up and up either and he ripping him off on the truck and trailer deal. But hey he is getting what he gives. I just wrote it up on my phone and sent it to him. So he should be going over there sometime between now and Monday. He wanted it as soon as i could get it to him so it could go into effect.

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