{March 15, 2012}   It’s Been A While & I Met Someone

I feel like I have been so busy the last week or so and looking back thinking about it I can’t really think of with what. Just so much little stuff here and there been trying to catch up on. Looking for places to move and helping out a friend. I took my dad some places and things too. The last two days I have spent A LOT of time on the phone.

But one good thing did happen. Why I was over talking to my friend and helping him out the last week or so I asked him if he had any friends that were single and decent lol. He started out telling me no or that the ones he had weren’t any good. Different times we would be talking and joking around I would say something about finding me one of his friends. So the other night I was over there and he asked me how I felt about something I said it just depends on the person and how they are like everyone else. We went on talking and in a little bit I got up and came home. Then I thought about him asking me that so I text him and ask him why he asked me that and he said he had this one friend. I said what makes him not a loser like you say the rest of your friends are or what makes him more special than the other losers or something like that. He said he’s just not and that was it and we stopped talking.

Tuesday I was out with my dad and soon to be ex taking care of things. We all had to go to a bunch of the same places so we went together. On the way to pick up my big boy from school I got a call and it was my friend. He said hey I talked to my friend about you and he said to give you his number tell you to call him. I said I can’t talk but he can text me if he wants too. Then he said he is probably going to send you a friends request. When I got where I was going I went on to see if he was on there and he had. Then he sent me his number and things. I sent him mine. Later I got a call and had to go to my dads unexpectely. On the way there he sent me a message on facebook. I got it an replied and we talked like that here and there for a while. then he said he was off work could he call me. Of course I said yes lol. It was kind of awkward talking with soon to be ex there and my dad and a friend of ours. But I talked to him until we got in the truck  to go home then I asked him if he would mind calling me back later or if I could call him back after i got the kids in bed.

He did and we talked for hours. We have talked off and on all day today and talked for hours tonight. He said he had to come over to our friends house around the corner from me today after work he would like to meet me in person. I said ok buy I couldn’t stay long because I was going to try and go to church . Then he said well what if I come tomorrow so I said ok. Then today he tells me he has to go over to the Island and do something and he is going to be stopping over there . He got over there and then our friend wasn’t home. He text me said he was heading back home. I told him I was in the store but that I would be passing his house in a bit on the way home. So he waited and I stopped over and we sat and talked for over an hour until the baby started to get mad and want out of his seat. He called me later after he got home and we talked. He wants to go out tomorrow once he gets the boat dropped off to our friends house. He wants to get together Saturday and do something before I have to go to Jacksonville that afternoon. We had been talking about me having to go up there when we first met and was talking. He asked when he called me if I was going to be going by myself and why I had to go. I told him no I had to take soon to be ex with me. He was disappointed he said he was going to offer to go with me. I thought that was pretty nice of him it is a drive and I am going up there for a hour maybe two and driving back home in the night.

I really like him already, he is really nice he has 3 boys and a girl. His two younger boys live with him. He goes to church and things. We have a lot of the same interest. He has made it very clear what he is and isn’t looking for and things. We have talked just about everything and anything. Few things we touched on but he changed the subject lol. Kind of cute he is a little shy when it comes to somethings. But that’s ok just give us something to talk about later right. He keeps saying where have you been. He is 3 years younger than me and I was kind of worried about that as I have never really dated younger guys. But he seems to really have it to together. It has been a good two days.

I’m happy for you!!! 🙂

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