{April 13, 2017}   Spring Break

I have been around but not posting all that much right now. I really haven’t felt like writing or had a lot to say. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Not a lot going on good or bad right now just life happening. Kids are out on Spring Break and sick. We were at the doctor again two days ago, one has croup again, one has double ear infection, one is wheezing and the other has sines stuff going on.

Father of the year has been here three times this week. He came Saturday and dropped money off about 7 and left, said he had things to do. Then calls at almost 10 to see if he can come over. I told him fine the kids were supposed to be cleaning their room getting rid of stuff, so not headed to bed being a holiday. I told him to help the boys go threw their toys and get rid of some. He was here for hours I was in my room doing stuff on line. The kids are getting ready for bed I come out and the only thing that got done was the bedroom floor sweep. He said he been doing that all that time. It’s a bedroom full of shit there isn’t that much floor to sweep.

Monday he calls and wanted to know if he could come over at almost 630 pm. I told him yes go ahead, my friend Wanda was here she come to stay the night with me. We were going to do her hair and go threw some things when the kids went to bed. I was surprised he showed up in no time. I said I am leaving dinner is in there make it and feed the kids. Me and Wanda took his truck since mine isn’t fixed yet and went to see our other friend J. Then we stopped grabbed something to eat and came home. By then it was midnight he still sat there for two hours or more before he went home. I picked something to drink up on the way home and me and Wanda say outside and had a drink waiting on him to leave. He came out there and hung out for a bit before he finally did.

Then tonight he calls at dinner time again and wants to come over. I picked us up a couple pizza’s and told him stop and grab one we were about to eat if he hadn’t eaten already. Of course he showed up without it. Said he didn’t have $5 to get one. I said well they just sat down to eat if there is any left when they are done I guess you can have some of it. But I wasn’t telling him to eat until they were done and I wasn’t going to buy more pizza if I was going to spend that much on pizza I would have gotten them somewhere else and gotten others we wanted instead of what we got. Besides it isn’t my place to feed him.
He is working normal day time hours since all the kids are on Spring Break and they are working on schools. Normally they work 3 pm, to 1 or 2 in the morning. I like when he works that better, he isn’t calling wanting to come over all hours of the night. It still gives him time to see the kids because he has three day weekends as well. Not that he see’s them then anyway but he has the time if he really wanted to he can’t say he works all the time. I will be happy when school starts back Monday.

Tonight when he was here he said the guy at work told him he is going to talk t the boss about getting him a raise. He said he was going to try and get him another $2 an hour if not at least another $1. Not that the kids will see anything more when he was making more at the other place he still had to be forced to help. I have to hound him to get him to pay what he is supposed to and it is less than he should be paying by at least half or more.

I am just trying to buy my time and get things lined up for me and the kids to move and just track everything and have record of it all for when I have to go to court and ask the judge if we can leave the state. This way I have a good case built as to why being here vs. somewhere else isn’t going to matter when it comes to seeing, and doing for his kids. Because he don’t take them when he is supposed to and hardly see’s them at all. How he pays when and what he wants.


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