{May 24, 2017}   Sometimes More is Better

When I left work earlier he said he bring me some cash by later in case I needed money. I figured he pay me Friday or next week, not sure if they get paid every week or how, I didn’t even know if I was being put on the payroll or getting cash. I just needed the hours and the money I wasn’t going to complain either way. He said that I told him that would be great and thanks a lot. I left at 1230 and they were getting ready to go to lunch so he had to go to the bank and things.

This evening I was going to make dinner and his wife messaged me ask if I was home, I told her yes. I figured they didn’t see my truck in the driveway and thought I was gone. She said they were out and on their way over to bring me money. She came and gave me $50 cash. I was surprised because that is over $6.50 more than what I was told I would make. But he went and got it and was with her and gave it to her to give me so I know it was right. It helps, I can get gas, oil and maybe have a few dollars left over. But we will have what we need. I know he knows the situation is why he did it. It was nice of him.

That is one thing I miss about my old job doing bail bond, I use to get all kinds of bounces there in addition to my pay when business was doing good. I got a lot more bounce money than the owners mom who worked there even. They use to give it to me when she wasn’t there, have the other owners wife give it to me at church or give me an envelope when I was leaving ask me to mail it or do this or that with it. It would have money in it. One day we were about 5 or 6 months into the year and she was complaining that they never give us anything extra and all that WE did around there and things. She had a book she kept her stuff written down in because she had some jobs that were commission, I guess she wrote down any bounces she got too. She was having a fit that she only made $200 that year what they had given us. I was sitting back in my head thinking and figuring I had gotten money three times that years all added up to $600. But I also went in and really cleaned and deep cleaned the office, I cleaned the office and storage/file room out and got rid of tons of stuff that was all over. I wrote a lot of bonds and one very large bond for one of the guys that had been in prison for almost 30 years and then they found he had nothing to do with it. But they still made him post a bond until the formal paperwork and hearing could go through. It was over a $100,000 for one bond the people had called 3 or 4 other companies they told them to come in after lunch and things like that. He ask me if I was in the office if I was going to lunch soon. I told him yeah I was in the office if he was on his way I would wait to go to lunch and he then told me how much the bond was and that he would be there in a little bit.   Just different things I did over my normal job or what I had to do. When I did they were grateful and showed it.

I don’t expect it every time but it was nice tonight with things being so tight. It was nice at my last job to working for someone that cares and see’s you as more than a body to keep the door open and knows what you bring to the company. Treats you like a person and not as if your job is the first and only thing in your life.

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