{November 27, 2017}   A Night At The Beach

The kids have been on my nerves today, I was so tired and had to just get out for a while. I cooked dinner and and was working on my school work. My friend messaged me and I talked to him for a little bit. I told him I was running away I had to get out for a while. He asked where I was going I told him I didn’t know and ask if he wanted to go. He said yeah to let him know when I got ready to leave he would get ready. I finished everything told the kids I was going to get the stuff for lunches and look for a gift I needed to pick up.

I picked him up and we rode around for a little bit. I then went and parked by the pear, we went and walked down the beach and talked, we sat down and talked for a while longer and left. We talked about a little bit of everything and just joked around mostly. We were walking back down the beach and some how age came up and he said how old are you anyway? I told him 37 in December. He said whoa what? I said yep how old did you think I was? He said I don’t know at least like closer to 40. I laughed and ask him how old he was? He said he was 44, I thought he was 43 so I really wasn’t surprised.

After that we went to the store and walked around shopped and talked. I said something to him about what he wanted in life what he wanted to do in life? He said the store wasn’t really the place to have that talk. I said why not we are just walking around talking. He said well I don’t really have plans I don’t have anyone to make them with I don’t like doing things on my own or alone. I said you have to get use to doing things on your own and just live make your plans and then figure out what you want once you meet someone. He didn’t say much after that.

After we left the store he asked me to stop at the place so he could grab something to eat. We ended up sitting there in line forever. I said something to him about what he wanted again he said I don’t have like set plans to do this or that or anything that I want to do. He said I just want to find someone to be with who isn’t going to leave and who isn’t going to be in it for what they can get and just walk away. He said I want someone who knows what a relationship is and is supposed to be and what love mean because it seems that no one knows what that means anymore or what it is to be in a relationship with one person. I said yeah I know how that is. He said I get with someone and I just do and do and give and give and forget about myself and then I end up alone in the end. He said I am tired of being alone I just want to be with someone and enjoy my life. He has been married twice I know and then I think the last girl he was with he was with for a little while. But I am not sure what happen between them.

We talked some more and I took him and dropped him off. I am supposed to pick him up after I drop the kids off at school tomorrow. For some reason he got a text from the boss saying not to come in tomorrow. He asked me if I knew what it was about I told him no I didn’t. He said he didn’t either, because he knew there was work to be done. The only thing I could think of was maybe because he was sick the other day and they don’t want him coming to the shop and making everyone sick but I don’t know.

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